Review: Jones Soda Pineapple Cream (Crema de Piña)

Jones Soda Pineapple Cream / Jones Soda Crema de Piña

Whatever you call it — Jones Soda Crema de Piña or Jones Soda Pineapple Cream — this Hispanic-influenced drink is a great flavor for those looking at a non-alcoholic, clean piña colada flavor. There’s a heavy done of creaminess added to the pineapple, producing an innovative taste.

Review: Turkey Hill Sweet Tea

Turkey Hill Sweet Tea

Turkey Hill Sweet Tea is a smooth sweet tea experience, with an emphasis on the sweetness over the core tea flavor. The taste quenches your thirst at an affordable pricepoint, using a unique balance of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Review: Jones Jumble Soda

Jones Jumble

A limited edition combination of 4 pre-existing Jones Soda flavors, packaged in 3 different style bottles, Jones Jumble presents a fun combination of flavors which leave you guessing just which ones you’ll find in your mouth!

Review: ViB Mango Lime

ViB Mango Lime

Looking for a “vacation in a bottle”? ViB Mango Lime is light, refreshing, and different. With an interesting blend of cane sugar and artificial sweeteners, we liked the flavor of this drink. However, we strongly encourage ViB to reconsider the packaging and label design on its lineup, as they hurt the marketability of this distinctive drink in an aluminum bottle.

Is Pepsi Clear the return of Crystal Pepsi?

Pepsi Clear / Diet Pepsi Clear / Crystal Pepsi

Recent trademark filings and other chatter hint at a product called “Pepsi Clear” and “Diet Pepsi Clear”. Though these names were used in Mexico in the mid-90s, could they be leading the way to a revival of Crystal Pepsi?

Review: Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet

Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet

Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet is a rather tasty entry in the Diet Mtn Dew cannon of flavors, hinting strongly at the retired Revolution flavor.

Throwback Comeback: Pepsi, Dew Throwback to return in December for 8 weeks

Pepsi Throwback & Mountain Dew Throwback Comeback

Pepsi confirmed via Facebook and Twitter that both Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback will be returning for a limited 8-week run in December. Same formula, but with new package design!

Review: O.N.E. Coconut Water

Review: O.N.E. Coconut Water

O.N.E. Coconut Water is definitely a refreshing, natural alternative to quench your thirst. The real question remains whether the distinctive flavor is something that you’ll like or not. It starts out sweet, with an almost creamy sensation, then turns somewhat mellow, with an interesting milky follow-up.

Winner announced in Pepsi Natural “Au Natural” Giveaway Pack contest

We’re excited to announce the winner in our Pepsi Natural “Au Natural” Giveaway Pack contest. The winner receives a nice combination of natural-themed stuff, including a branded canvas bag, hat, yoga mat, and yes, a 4-Pack of Pepsi Natural. Check to see if you’ve won!