Review: Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet

Back in April, we were searching the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database, looking for mentions of new beverages that might be appearing.

Diet Mtn Dew UltraViolet

Diet Mtn Dew UltraViolet

At the time, we came across the following listings:

Diet Mtn Dew White Flash / Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet

Diet Mtn Dew White Flash and/or Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet?

Diet Mtn Dew White Flash
Filing Date: December 2, 2008
Published for Opposition: February 24, 2009

Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet
Filing Date: December 2, 2008
Published for Opposition: March 3, 2009

Since that time, while White Flash seems to have been a dead end, Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet actually became a reality. In the months since that finding, we've tracked the development of this drink, from sightings to package designs to official confirmation. That came on August 5 when PepsiCo issued a press release confirming what we discovered back in April. Every now and then, it's fun to get stuff like this right!

That said, yes, Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet has arrived. It's a limited edition flavor extension for Diet Dew, the first "shorttermer" for the brand. Available for 10 weeks, from August 10-October 19, it's available in 20 oz. bottles and 12 oz cans (in both 8- and 12-Pack packaging).

1 word or 2? "Ultra Violet" or "UltraViolet"?

1 word or 2? "Ultra Violet" or "UltraViolet"?

We've seen a lot of Dew flavor extensions in recent years, but this is the first that's just a diet flavor… there's no regular version. Why would the folks at Mountain Dew go that route?

It's no secret that Pepsi's been having a rough go in the marketplace these past couple of years. That's part of the reason they went through a massive rebranding campaign that kicked off last year… including their new logo. Has it worked? Well, the Tropicana redesign was scrapped and reverted back to the pre-redesign look. Gatorade's "G" campaign hasn't really done anything to help sales (The Wall Street Journal reported that "Volume sales of Gatorade for the first six months of this year dropped 17.5%, and market share slipped 4.5%, to about 75% of the sports-drink market."). Mountain Dew rebranded as Mtn Dew, even though the new Mountain Dew Voltage flavor stuck with the old look. Pepsi generated a lot of positive buzz with Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, only to botch the marketing of those drinks with horrible package design (something they look at fixing in December, but talk about a missed opportunity). Oh, and they fired their head marketing guy.

Which leads us back to Diet Mountain Dew. Despite the fact that things look less than positive for the beverage company, Diet Mountain Dew was the #9 top selling soft drink last year, and among just 2 products in the top 10 that saw growth year-to-year (Diet Dr. Pepper was the other, per Beverage Digest). Thus, it makes sense that PepsiCo should try to grow this brand a little. After all, while there seems to be a zillion regular Dew spinoffs out there, there's only Diet Dew, Caffeine Free Diet Dew, and Diet Dew Code Red for those looking for something with no calories. With this context, it makes sense that Pepsi would start experimenting with diet-only extensions of their Dew brand.

Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet — or Diet Mtn Dew UltraViolet, depending on which press release you read in regards to the spelling — comes to us featuring the new "Mtn Dew" logo spelling. The labeling is shiny, with a silver and light purple color scheme embedded in a design that seems like sharp shards of glass/ice in the background. Emphasis on the label is placed on the phrase "Zero Calorie Dew", while the flavor of Ultra Violet is explained as a "Flash of Natural and Artificial Mixed Berry Flavor."

The drink itself is colored light purple, unlike any Dew flavor I've seen before. I can see how the color would be attractive to a female market, though the label design is rather edgy with the revised "Mtn Dew" look. Upon opening the bottle, you are greeted with the standard sweet scent associated with some of the recent Mountain Dew spinoffs… see Voltage, Revolution, Supernova, Alliance Blue, and Horde Red/Game Fuel. You know the smell I'm talking about? The one that has a somewhat berry/cherry element to it, yet hints at way too much syrup? Yeah, that one!

So what does Diet Ultra Violet taste like? To be honest, I found a lot of similarities with the now-defunct DEWmocracy flavor, Mountain Dew Revolution. Sure, the beverage is purple and not light blue like Revolution, but the flavor profiles were close. It's a light berry flavor, not as over-the-top and sweet as the DEWmocracy-winning Voltage drink. It's actually pretty good, and I must admit that I preferred Revolution to Voltage in the DEWmocracy voting, so it was nice to see a bit of that flavor return.

That said, this is a diet drink, after all, so you are expecting that diet aftertaste… and unfortunately, there is no escape from that! Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet is sweetened with a combination of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K). This is where I include my classic BevReview disclaimer that I'm not a fan of diet drinks, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. That said, Ultra Violet was more than tolerable in this area, which surprised me quite a bit. The decent flavor profile and tolerable aftertaste leads me to believe that this flavor could have longer legs than the limited edition it was launched into. If nothing else, it provides a good bit of variety in the Diet Dew offerings, which as we've previously discussed, is sorely needed.

Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet
Carbonated water, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, potassium benzoate (preserves freshness), potassium citrate, aspartame, pectin, caffeine, gum arabic, acesulfame potassium, brominated vegetable oil, Red 40, Blue 1

This is diet, thus there are 0 calories. In fact, the folks at Pepsi want you to remember that. Over on their Product Facts website, they note that "Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet combines the light citrus flavor of Diet Mountain Dew with a refreshing juicy flash of mixed berries without the calories." Sounds tasty when they put it that way, doesn't it?

A 20 oz. bottle contains 0 g of fat, 50 mg. of sodium, and 0 g of carbs. Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet breaks down to 4.5 mg/oz of caffeine, the same as original Mountain Dew.

Overall, Diet Mountain Dew Ultra Violet is a rather tasty entry in the Diet Mtn Dew cannon of flavors, hinting strongly at the retired Revolution flavor. The aftertaste is surprisingly tolerable and a good tradeoff for those looking for a zero calorie beverage that still has that caffeine kick associated with Dew.


  1. Steve Brown says:

    If anybody in Louisville has any they don't want I'll take em!


  2. Matt Matilainen says:

    Still have a couple of cases left but it will be bad once I run out. This is insane – keep it in production.

  3. Best diet drink ever!!! bring it back!!!! NOW

  4. Please bring back Diet Ultra violet it is wonderful. It does not tast like diet soft drinks

  5. I tried this and its so much better than the sugar loaded New Voltage. If Pepsico was smart, they would put this in 2 liter bottles and stock the shelves with it! This is a winner and they would be rolling in new revenues.

  6. I found this diet drink and I love love it. GREAT. WHERE CAN i FIND MORE? OH' by the way up til now I hated diet drinks. My blood sugar thanks you to.

  7. Diet Mountain Dew Ultra is the best thing going! Where can I still find it!

  8. I'm a UV addict and need to find sources!!! CVS in northern Virginia is my only supplier. Need more!

  9. Please bring back Diet Mountain Dew UV! It's the best Dew ever!!!

  10. fantabular says:

    Love it Love it Love it !!!
    Unfortunately, I found it too late. Stores have already run out & I need to find more.
    Foodlion had plenty, but they were all expired =(
    Anybody know a good place to find it in the Hampton Roads, Va area??

  11. fantabular says:

    FOUND IT!!!
    Use this locator to find Ultra Violet in your town:

    brian =)

  12. My husband and I both love the Diet Mountain Dew Ultraviolet and are SO disapointed that it is limited time sensitive. We have looked everywhere around the Fenton, Missouri area and cannot find it as the stores are running out. PLEASE keep this as a permanent flavor!!!

  13. fantabular says:

    I wrote to Pepsi about keeping UV around permanently, here's their reply:

    Dear Brian,
    Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Pepsi-Cola regarding Diet Mountain Dew UltraViolet, which had been introduced for a limited time only.
    Currently, there are no plans to bring back this product, but I'll be sure to share your feedback with our beverage team for future consideration.
    Thanks again for your message. We appreciate your interest in our company and our products.

    Margaret Corsi
    Consumer Relations Representative

  14. I would buy cases of this for my daughter if I could find it! Why is it so hard to find? You can't make money if it isn't available! I thought money was so important! Please get it out there in the stores!

  15. Please keep manufacturing this product! Okay….I'm addicted to it. I live MD north of Baltimore City and have travelled to sooo many in search of the diet purple dew. I'm hitting stores in PA now (yeah, my mission has come to that) – the one flavor I get addicted to and they discontinue it. PFFFT!

  16. @ bob carlson: too bad I didn't stumble across your post or this blog even, a few months earlier. I could've told you that most Speedway's in the mid-Michigan area were selling UV. I myself only had it once, not being the one to "need" to drink diet sodas but it was still delicious, and I hope the people make their voice heard and get it back permanently. I'd also like to see Pitch Black and Pitch Black II come back.

  17. I really LOVE Diet Mountain Dew Ultraviolet and got hooked on it…now I cannot get it anywhere! Why do they do that to us??? Someone else said the diet soda industry needs a new one! I say YES!!!! I am tired of the same ol'Diet Coke. Even though that's my favorite…Diet Mtn.Dew Ultraviolet took over when I could get it. Now I can't and I am very sad :(

  18. I got some of this. It was sooooooo good. Please bring it back
    as a permanent flavor.

  19. I just want to know from Pepsi will there be after market purchased available. I absolutely love the diet berry dew. I am not a fan of diet of mountain dew. Please bring it back

  20. Is there some kind of petition or something to bring it back i want it soooo bad! :/

  21. Please please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Dew ever.

  22. I hope you bring Ultra Violet back! I tried it and LOVED it! I drink only diet soda and cannot drink colas. This is the best diet soda that I have tried. PLEASE bring it back on a full time basis!

  23. i got one and loved it! pregnancy cravings for caffeine come every once in a blue moon but this is all i want and i can't find it anywhere :( wish they would bring it back!!

  24. OMG!!!! i got hooked on this back in the fall and i look for it everywhere i go now just in case i find some random leftover can or bottle. this was by far the BEST mtn dew EVER!!!! i soooooooo hope they bring it back permanently!

  25. boopster says:

    I loved it. Bring it back I'm 67 and gave up soda. I tasted it at my daughters and loved it. a diet drink that looked good and had a great taste. I want MORE said the little old lady from NJ

  26. I love it.. this UV is GREAT.. but it`s hard to find here in Northen Ca.
    The place that I buy it from only gets a case at a time…

  27. I'm diabetic so what little soda I do drink HAS to be diet. I can't stand original diet mtnDew or whatever it's called these days, but Ultra Violet was fantastic. It didn't give me the heartburn that most caffeinated diet drinks do. I really, really miss it.
    I wonder if we could sign a petition to the company to bring it back…

  28. Gribble says:

    I loved this stuff. I like Marie, the poster just one above me, am diabetic. I was on a trip to Tennessee (from Delaware), and pulled off of the interstate somewhere probably halfway through Virginia to put some gas in the tank and grab something quick to eat. I came across an Exxon station and they had it. I hadn't even seen or heard of such a thing prior to this. I figured what the heck, it's only .99 so it can't hurt. I wasn't too crazy over it during the first few sips, but I started to like it more and more after each sip. I only ever had maybe seven to ten of the 20 oz. bottles. And of course a few months back I was cleaning out my car and found an empty bottle of it, only to throw it away. Damn, I wish I would have kept that! It's a shame that this drink was discontinued. To me, Diet Mountain Dew (regular Diet Dew), and Coke Zero are my favorites, but had they kept this on the market I wouldn't be buying Diet Dew or Coke Zero. Why?!?!?! I wrote to Mountain Dew and am currently waiting for a response.

  29. I wish that Pepsi would leave Mt. Dew alone …I'm a true fan of the original and drink a 2 litter a day…stop messing around with my Dew…when they came out with Code Red I said ok I'll try it…it's still not my Dew…I will never drink this other junk they are selling and neither will my family or friends I know…they can't perfect perfection…leave it alone!!!!…..if it continues maybe we'll become Coke fans and start drinking Mellow Yellow

  30. THIS IS THE BEST MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did they have to take away a great tasting soda? It is the only good diet mountain dew (in my opinion). They really should make this a permanent dew.
    This dew is the spew. Sorry to spew. lol random end. :)

  31. phyllis talley says:

    BRING BACK DIET MTN DEW ULTRA VIOLET…the best pepsi product so far and you only have it for a limited time…what's up…if you can't keep it on the shelves all the time…just have another 10-12 week promotion like you did before…either way…really need diet ultra violet…as a diabetic…i can only have sugar free…low carbs in the ultra violet helped too…think it over…pepsi has alot of customers that would like to see it come back…if only for a little while…think about it …ok…

  32. Pepsi should bring Ultra Violet back in regular form, keep the same design for it,and get rid of live wire.

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  1. BevBoard says:

    Diet Mtn Dew White Flash / Diet Mtn Dew Ultra Violet…

    Would you believe that I started this thread all the way back in April based on a trademark search? How far we've come :)

    I was able to track down some Ultra Violet today (by the way, what's the o……

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