Review: Hansen’s Natural Pomegranate Soda

Hansen's Natural Pomegranate Soda

Guest reviewer George Tsakiridis notes, “the Pomegranate flavor contains a slightly sweet finish that may take a bit of getting used to.” Sweetened with cane sugar, this light drink has a “flowery” taste and is not overly powerful, but still a nice niche experience.

Review: Elations Raspberry White Grape & Elations Cranberry Apple

Elations Raspberry White Grape

Elations Raspberry White Grape and Elations Cranberry Apple are liquid versions of the nutritional supplements glucosamine, chondroitin, Vitamin C and calcium, designed to promote joint health. However, we were not a fan of either flavor or the pricepoint.

Review: Zola Energy Smoothie

Zola Energy Smoothie

Zola Energy Smoothie features a blend of caja fruit & acai. The taste is similar to the Antioxidant Smoothie, but better, with less aftertaste. Does it truly add a burst of energy? That is debatable and definitely a matter of taste.

Is this the new Mountain Dew Throwback design?

Mountain Dew Throwback

A speculative image that may be the “cooler vintage look” of Mountain Dew Throwback, slated to return for a limited 8-week run in December.

Review: OOBA Hibiscus

OOBA Hibiscus

Every now and then you get to taste a drink and really like the experience. I’m happy to say that OOBA Hibiscus falls into that category. We really loved the sparkling cranberry-like taste, creative packaging, and clear market positioning of this drink. If you get a chance to track it down, and are looking for something just a little different, OOBA should be on your list!