Review: Zola Energy Smoothie

Guest reviewer and natural beverage enthusiast George Tsakiridis returns with another review.

This is Part 3 in a 4-part series reviewing the Zola smoothie line. Today’s review covers the Zola Energy Smoothie. To learn more about Zola, why not take a look at our Zola Açai Superfruit Juice line review, as well as our first two Zola smoothie reviews: Zola Immunity Smoothie and Zola Antioxidant Smoothie.

Zola Energy Smoothie

The energy smoothie is described as a “Tropical Blend of Caja Fruit & Açai” with “Guaraná & Yerba Maté.” It contains 80% juice and 70% organic ingredients (as opposed to the Zola Superfruit Juices that are certified organic). This smoothie follows the same label format of the other smoothies, using a reddish motif.

As far as sensory qualities, there is a fruity smell, but it is not overly strong. The drink itself is thin, but not runny, and contains some sporadic, visible particles, which I assume are from the fruit. It has a light purple color, which is not out of line with many of Zola’s drinks. The taste is similar to the Antioxidant Smoothie, but better, with less aftertaste. Does it truly add a burst of energy? That is debatable, but it does taste fresh.

In general, Zola Energy Smoothie is not bad, but I hesitate to jump in with both feet in recommending it, which is an opinion I share with many of the Zola Smoothie offerings. It’s good, but definitely a matter of taste.

Full Disclosure: These beverages were provided compliments of Zola Acai