Review: Jones Soda Lime (Limón)

Continuing our look at the 4 Hispanic-themed flavors from Jones Soda, this time around we get a taste of Jones Soda Limón, or in English, Jones Soda Lime. We’ve previously reviewed Jones Soda Mandarin Orange (Naranja Mandarina) and Jones Soda Pineapple Cream (Crema de Piña).

Jones Soda Lime / Jones Soda Limon
Jones Soda Lime

If you want to learn more about the “whats and whys” of this new line, I recommend reading our first review for more background information.

While there are a lot of lemon-lime drinks out there, you don’t find many that are specifically lime. Jones Soda Lime is a refreshing exception. The color is a light green and the scent strongly hints at the lime-flavored origins.

However, when you actually taste the drink, you’ll find that the lime isn’t as strong as the smell may indicate. It’s a lot less bold, lighter, and frankly, pretty tasty. The use of cane sugar produces a very clean experience.

Interestingly, Jones Soda Lime reminded me quite a bit of a 2006 Dessert Pack flavor that the company featured for a limited time around the holidays. Specifically, Jones Soda Key Lime Pie. Here’s an excerpt from that review:

Green River was a soft drink developed in the early 20th Century in Chicago, named after the traditional coloring of the Chicago River for St. Patrick’s Day. It was a light, citrusy drink, highlighted by a strong lime flavor. You can still find it in places today mostly for the nostalgic value (I had a milkshake flavored with it a few years ago at a local greasy spoon). Jones Key Lime Pie Soda has a very similar taste.

Jones Soda Key Lime Pie Soda (2006)
Jones Key Lime Pie Soda (2006)

… The drink smells much like Canfield’s 50/50 or Cadbury Schweppes’ Squirt. You might associate it with now-discontinued dnL from 7Up. Overall, it’s fruity and fun, but has a tad bit of fakeness in the scent.

…The flavor is fresh, light, and slightly sour. Think of Sprite, but heavy on the lime rather than lemon.

The photo on this bottle of Jones Soda Limon is #10406 and was shot by Frank Barbarra of Encinitas, CA. Again touching on the Hispanic theme of this beverage series, color image showcases a pile of brightly-colored blankets of local origin.

Jones Soda Lime / Jones Soda Limon
How colorful!
Photo 10406 by Frank Barbarra of Encinitas, CA

Speaking of the bottle design, we see the standard Jones Soda white/black label color scheme in place, with the flavor name written in green. This label is bilingual, with the Spanish title given prominence, while the flavor is translated into English below the photo. The nutrition facts, descriptive text, and ingredients are also presented in both languages on the back.


Jones Soda Lime
Carbonated water, inverted cane sugar, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sodium benzoate (as preservative), acacia gum, potassium sorbate (as preservative), modified food starch, ester gum, SAIB, Yellow 5, Blue 1

A 12 oz. bottle packs 170 calories, 35 mg of sodium, and 42 g of sugars… and is caffeine free.

While not a very strong flavor, Jones Soda Lime (or Limon, if you prefer) is a refreshing break from the ho-hum flavors typically associated with soft drinks. The clean lime flavor is subtle, but tasty, with just enough citrus feel to liven your step.

Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Jones Soda Co.