Review: Zola Acai Daily Wellness Shot

Guest reviewer and natural beverage enthusiast George Tsakiridis returns with another review.

In the past at BevReview, we have discussed multiple drinks from Zola Acai, ranging from Superfruit Juice to the many smoothie varieties. In this installment, we look at the Zola Acai Daily Wellness Shot. Because of the many reviews already on Zola, for information about the Acai berry or the Zola company, it may be helpful to look at the Superfruit Juice review.

Zola Açai Daily Wellness Shot

The Daily Wellness Shot is an intriguing idea. It combines the positives of the Acai berry into a small, quick shot that can be ingested daily for supposed health benefits, such as (they claim) protecting the body from free radicals, helping the immune system, and giving energy.

The shots come in a large 32-ounce bottle, and the recommended dosage is one ounce per day, although according to the label more can be taken each day. The active ingredient list is as follows: “26,000 Proprietary Organic Acai Blend (Organic Acai Puree & Organic Acai Juice Powder) And Organic Acerola Juice.” (As an interesting side note, the active ingredients seemed to be printed in a right justified font, so the third line is kind of stretched out. Just a funny aesthetic quirk I noticed.) The other main ingredient is organic apple juice. The product contains soy, but is gluten free.

As far as the look of the drink goes, wow! That is a dark purple. I would keep this away from clothing, because it definitely looks like it stains. It has the look of straight cranberry juice concentrate before water is added. The smell is that of a strong berry; it is very concentrated. This scent is similar to their other products, just more intense, and has that familiar Acai aroma.

The taste is not bad. It looks much more intense than it tastes. There is a little bit of a tang to it, and a slight aftertaste, but there is a feeling of an energy burst that follows, so maybe that is some of the health benefit or just the feeling of drinking something fresh tasting. It could definitely be the Acerola juice coming through. The feel is similar to that of drinking prune juice, both in color and in taste. In addition, the consistency of the drink is slightly thick, but very much in line with other Zola products.

Overall, the taste is very potable, which, for a health supplement is all that is really needed in that realm. If you choose to drink the Zola Acai Daily Wellness Shot, you are probably doing it for health reasons and not for only taste. As I stated previously, however, the taste is not bad and really less intense than the look of the drink seems to indicate. You will have to decide if the cost and health benefits are worthwhile for your individual needs.

Full Disclosure: These beverages were provided compliments of Zola Acai