Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew Throwback December 2009 relaunch designs

Good News! As of March 2011, both Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are permanent additions to the Pepsi lineup!

Read our updated Pepsi Throwback review and updated Mountain Dew Throwback review, both featuring revised designs.

As we've been covering for a while, Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are returning to the shelves on December 28 for another 8-week limited time run, ending February 22. (Yes, we know… we wish it would return permanently as well!)

New December 2009 designs for Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew Throwback
New December 2009 designs for Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew Throwback

Pepsi announced that when the Throwbacks return, they will have new packaging, much different than the initial run we saw back in April 2009. It's no secret that we thought that the design choices for Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback were big mistakes from a marketing perspective, especially when one compared the initial rollout versions designed by Arnell Group (the same folks who came up with the new Pepsi logo) against the prototype designs by the folks at Select Design that were leaked on the Internet. (Self-promotional plug… New to the idea of Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback? Why not listen to our NPR interview to learn more! OK, end of self-promotion, now back to the review… :) )

All that to say, new designs for the Throwbacks are welcomed, as we think they would greatly help the appeal and buzz regarding these non-high fructose corn syrup drinks. Back in September, we were able to confirm the label design for the Mountain Dew Throwback bottle. Today we're happy to share the rest of the new designs.

Over friends over at Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages have confirmed and provided BevReview with the following images of the rebooted Throwback designs for both bottles and cans. Take a look:

Pepsi Throwback - December 2009 Design
Pepsi Throwback – December 2009 Bottle Design
Pepsi Throwback - December 2009 Design
Pepsi Throwback – December 2009 Can Design
Mountain Dew Throwback - December 2009 Design
Mountain Dew Throwback – December 2009 Bottle Design
Mountain Dew Throwback - December 2009 Design
Mountain Dew Throwback – December 2009 Can Design

Here's a comparison of the Prototype Design, April 2009 Design, and the new December 2009 Design for both Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback:

Pepsi Throwback Comparison: Prototype, April 2009, & December 2009 Designs
Pepsi Throwback Comparison: Prototype, April 2009, & December 2009 Designs

Couple observations, first with the new Pepsi Throwback design. First off, you'll note that the blue that looks too much like the current Pepsi look is long gone. Instead, we've actually gone retro, somewhat in the spirit of the prototype Pepsi Throwback design. The Pepsi logo in the December 2009 version of Throwback sees to be a callback to the 1971 vs. the 1987 version seen on the prototype bottle (note the differences in the "PEPSI" font, especially the way the "E" is crafted).

The logo and branding is now set horizontally instead of vertical and sideways, more in line with standard can design, which was more popular back then vs. the 20 oz. bottles which dominate sales today.

Careful observers will also note a change in the way sugar is described. You'll recall the April 2009 version of Pepsi Throwback referred to the product as "made with natural sugar", however now we have a callout to being "made with real sugar" (just like the prototype originally noted). Of course, the use of this language seems a lot clearer vs. the question of "just what is natural sugar?" If the formula stays the same as has been previously shared, it should still be a combination of cane and beet sugar. Ironically, the use of the "real sugar" line may also prompt potential customers to ask, "so, if this is real sugar, what was the stuff in Pepsi before?" I'm sure the folks over at the Corn Refiners Association would love to answer that question.

Rounding out the new design is a nice yellow callout banner on the retro logo denoting that this product is "Throwback" and available for a "Limited Time Only".

Mountain Dew Throwback Comparison: Prototype, April 2009, & December 2009 Designs
Mountain Dew Throwback Comparison: Prototype, April 2009, & December 2009 Designs

Jumping over to the December 2009 Mountain Dew Throwback redesign, Pepsi is ditching the 'box' logo used throughout the 1970s/80s — that looked VERY similar to Dew that is currently on the shelves. Instead, we jump way back to the mid-1960s with the 'hillbilly' logo that was used along with the tagline, "Ya-Hoo Mountain Dew . It'll tickle your innards." Like the Pepsi logo reboot, this design is also aligned horizontally instead of vertical and sideways as seen in the April 2009 version.

The strong use of white space greatly sets apart the December 2009 Dew Throwback logo from previous versions, including the prototype. It does a nice job of conveying that, "yes, this is a different product… and it's old." Using the hillbilly character along with the "Ya-hooo!" motto also does a nice job of tugging at the nostalgic heartstrings in hopes of selling to a market that might remember such a logo.

Like the new Pepsi Throwback logo, this Dew logo also using the phrase of being "made with real sugar" and "limited time only". Overall, it's a vast improvement over the April 2009 rollout design.

It will be interesting to see if sales and product recognition are improved with these design changes. Our gut is that things will be very positive. Throwback was already a very well accepted product, but either no one knew about it, couldn't find it, or got it confused with existing brands on the shelves. It's almost as if the April 2009 rollout was intentionally handicapped by such horrible package design.

We're big fans of both Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, so we're looking forward to the December 18 return!

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  1. I'm part of the Dew Labs and I got to be part of the vote for the new Dew Throwback bottle. The one I voted for is the one on the left in your comparison shot. I personally don't think ol' Willy is cool enough for Dew's current image. I could end up being wrong; we'll see what they do with their marketing campaign.

    Dew is still the "nectar of life" to me, so we will see. Dew Throwback wasn't as good as regular Dew so I'm not sure it matters. Pepsi Throwback is; however, so good. And I'd rather have the better ingredient of sugar instead of HFCS in both. I'd get used to the taste difference in Dew to make Throwback the main recipe going forward.

  2. If the Pepsi is doing a retro thing again, it seems like an obvious choice to use the one beverage that is constantly on anyones mind, anyone 20 years of age and above. Bring back Crystal Pepsi!

  3. This time they got the Pepsi throwback label right! It goes straight back to the 70s!

    Now, what they need to do is promote the crap out of it. They need to quit worrying about trying to appeal to Generation Y because all the nostalgia is totally lost on them.

    What Pepsi really needs to do is change over all of it to real sugar and stop using HFCS altogether. Many food manufacturers are not using HFCS anymore. It will give Pepsi a one-up on Coca-cola.

  4. I think these should be the new designs. Coke when retro now Pepsi should, too!

  5. New packaging is nice, but at least around the Boston area I've been enjoying Pepsi Throwback since early October when I noticed it returned to our shelves (in old packaging) after going missing in June. I've been shocked that I'm able to consistently get it. The expiration dates prove that it's not just new old stock either. There's no Mountain Dew Throwback, though.

  6. yeah it's really goofy that a real sugar product would be a limited time release.

    it's like arby's releasing a new sandwich "with REAL roast beef. limited time only"

  7. I really like the retro Mountain Dew logo, but think the new retro Pepsi is too generic looking…I actually like the way the Pepsi throwback blue script looked on the can version. But in the end who cares?…it's about the superior product not the packaging.

  8. It's about time. I had stocked up on this in the summer. The wife thought I was crazy! It ran out last week. I would order 20 cases at a time. Now that Pepsi is on to something, why not leave it alone!! Make it a part of the Pepsi line. (For good!). I hope someone over there are Pepsico is listening!! Real Sugar. Real Taste. Real Pepsi!!

  9. I wish they would have done a series like they did in the 70's where you collected a certain amount of cans, 50 or so, stacked them in a can pyramid and each can had a piece of a picture on it. That was awesome. If they did that now, Mountain Dew would have a pyramid in just about every college dorm room.

  10. Great news! I'm so delighted they brought it back. I didn't get a stock built up before they discontinued it. Wo!!!

  11. Unfortunately, they changed the Mountain Dew Throwback recipe. The 'rebooted' Mountain Dew Throwback for December now has Orange Juice in it. In my opinion, the change makes the December version of Mountain Dew Throwback taste worse than the 'original' Mountain Dew Throwback from the Summer. It's too bad. I really liked the Summer version. I don't see how they can call it 'Throwback' anyway if the only thing they have done is use sugar instead of HFCS. To me, 'Throwback' should be the actual recipe from back in the '70s/'80s in order to actually be called 'Throwback'. Oh well. At least the December Pepsi Throwback seems to be the same as it was in the Summer.

  12. I really wonder what the additional costs involved with using sugar instead of HFCS is. Why not keep the "true" sugar products? I, for one, have removed the majority of products in the house with HFCS and am in the process of sifting through to eradicate the rest.
    Let's get back to basics………

  13. I'm glad to see it come back. I for one stocked up, and have a fridge-pack left still. The nice thing is that unlike the very early 20oz expiration dates, the cans are good till at least March. I do think that a great idea would have been to tie the re-release of throwback into another 16oz aluminum bottle release like the classic Pepsi logo set they did last December.

  14. Fargobison says:

    They have put orange juice in the new Mountain Dew Throwback and it is much improved from last year's throwback version. I also tried to the Pepsi Throwback for the first time and was impressed. It would be great if Pepsi stocked these permanently, both are a step above the other options.

  15. Just found cases of it in a Jewel-Osco in Waukegan, IL. 4 for $10, bought 8, going back tomorrow to buy more! They had both in 20 oz. single bottles too.

    Picture for some proof –

  16. Who cares what it looks like, it's what's inside that counts. Here in Dallas area the HFCS tastes like bleach water! Long live Real Sugar!!!

  17. Run both HFCS & Real Sugar side by side on the shelf & let the customer decide.

  18. Yay! It will make it much easier to find. When it first came out in the Spring (before we could find actual 12-packs, which took awhile), we would scout the coolers in the front of most stores (because we are pathetic that way.) We had to strain our eyes to find the right bottle! Haven't seen it in Northern Colorado yet, though….sigh.

  19. i respectfully submit that you have the Worst Taste Ever (which is apparent by one look at your junky cluttered site) and the new throwback logos are utter crap
    just my opinion!

  20. I just found some 20 oz. bottles at my local Super K-Mart. They were in the checkout cooler and weren't cold, so I'm guessing they just put them in. There weren't any cases out yet, though. I'm definitely going to stock up on cans again once I start seeing them in the stores.

  21. I got two twelvers today. No mt. dew throwback in sight. I have been hoarding the old stuff to. Pics here:

  22. Not only did I pick up two cases of Dew throwback last night at my local Target store, but I also picked up 2 cases of Dr. Pepper that is made with "real" sugar. I haven't seen any news on Dr. Pepper throwback anywhere?

  23. Guess I should have looked at the homepage! I don't believe mine has the "heritage" on it tho?

  24. I was drinking this new Pepsi throwback yesterday and it tastes completely different from the summer version. What the heck gives? It tastes sour, and almost like there is lime in it or something. The ingredients on the label are exactly the same yet the taste is significantly more bitter.

  25. 24 pepsi fan says:

    Man Long Island is so slow to get the stuff out! Both the Spring and now the current version are nowhere to be found! Gaa I'm so anxious to find it!

  26. I've gotta agree with TG here…these things are pretty effin' ugly. Pure hipster trashy design trying to appeal to some kind of convoluted "retro" aesthetic. Just design something that looks good for a change.

  27. 24 pepsi fan says:

    I looked in some of the stores on the store locator and they weren't at either! Than I went to a Western Beef and found like 24 boxes of the spring version!

  28. Here's what I want to know. It's a simple question that I am baffled that I cannot get an answer to. We know that in other countries outside of the US, they commonly use REAL sugar in soda pop.
    My question is, is orange juice on the ingredients list in countries outside the US that use real sugar in mountain dew?

    I even posed this question on the Australian yahoo answers website and some douchebag answered with a link to the ingredients list on the US MT Dew site.

    Seriously is this that hard to answer? Is there orange juice in Mountain Dew outside of the US where real sugar has/is always been in use?!

  29. 24 pepsi fan says:

    I'm going to try to find some on the road! I love how road trip gas stations almost always have great soda selections!

  30. Yes the new Throwback "Dew" is not the same as it was last summer..Check the cans..Got a case of it and it is better than hfcs but I don't think it is as good as last batch. Do some looking..If you like sugared soda, they are out there. Mexican Coke, Fanta orange, "Dublin Dr. Pepper and some others..Just keep looking..Gotta love the sugar…

  31. WOW! This honestly made my day. Everytime I drink a Pepsi, my first thought is, 'I wish this were a Throwback Pepsi.' I don't really keep up with soda news, so the info that Pepsi announced their plans to bring back this great drink had avoided me until now. Someone handed me a Pepsi and of course I had my usual first thought, which inspired me to search on Google for 'Throwback Pepsi,' which led me to this site. This news is amazing. I'll certainly be heading to the grocery store soon!

  32. Been out everynight looking…..(obsessed much?) Still having no luck finding either in central Ohio ( Columbus area) has anyone in this area had any luck?

  33. Sugar Sugar says:

    Got my first taste of both today. Found 20oz in the front coolers at Walgreens. Tha taste of both our the way they were meant to be. Pepsi ,please leave these on the shelves. * weeks is not enough.

  34. addison area dallas walmart has 12 packs and 20 oz bottles <3

  35. im really glad they did the re-design for the pepsi throwback. looks incredible bringing it back to the more basic 70s/80s logo instead of that horrible looking pseudo-modern thing with the 40s/50s logo. what an awful looking can.

    the taste is great. i LOVE coca-cola, and i generally HATE pepsi. however, pepsi throwback actually keeps its carbonation and the sugar is a bonus. i could drink this stuff all day everyday. in fact, im drinking one right now.

    as for mountain dew throwback, im not sure why they decided to go back to the 60's logo for that while going to the 70s for pepsi. seems like they would have just made the mountain dew look like a genuine 70s can once and for all instead of this weird new design based on the old bottles. not complaining at all though.

    the taste…ehhh…id take normal mountain dew over throwback any day. it just tastes wrong to me. i LOVE pop that has real sugar in it. i go to the mexican supermarket to get glass bottles of mexican coke/pepsi/fresca/squirt regularly, however this mountain dew throwback formula just does not taste right at all. not a fan.

    i wish theyd just change normal pepsi to the pepsi throwback formula. i'd buy mountains of it! i guess i'll just savor it while it lasts, and then go back to coke…

  36. Rick Cain says:

    Corporate Profits > Taste

    Thats why sugar is in it for a limited time only.

  37. I had a hard time finding the Dew Throwback around April/May 09, but I loved the taste of it. The Pepsi was good too. I found the winter version of Mountain Dew last week and bought 6-12 packs. I almost wish I hadn't now. It doesn't taste nearly as good as the April/May version, but I do like the new labeling. Bring back the summer formula with the winter labeling. Come on guys lets get it right!

  38. Just found these in Wal-Mart last night (January 5th) – so February 22nd is going to come all too soon!
    Pepsico should really make these permanent throwback editions!

  39. i love the design of the mountain dew throwbacks! his face is so cute! makes me wanna buy some. so much cooler than the boring old designs. wish they would make the throwbacks an everyday thing though. the sales have to be strong for these sodas.

  40. I think many of you guys are making the mistake of comparing Pepsi & Montain Dew Throwbacks to the HFCS versions….sugar has a completely different taste profile than HFCS. If you took a guy from the 60's or 70's and made him taste HFCS Pepsi he would probably say "What is this crap?!" His palette would be different, just like ours is different in tasting HFCS for so long. So there really is no comparison other than the brand name and carbonation…they are completely different products. And Mountain Dew Throwback (December) tastes good with the orange juice added with more of a natural citrus taste than HFCS MD. It certainly does NOT taste like Diet-It tastes like SUGAR!

  41. I think this second year of Pepsi Throwback tastes different than last springs Throwback. My initial reaction is that I liked last years Throwback better. The second version of Pepsi Throwback just tastes "thinner" to me, less buzz, sugar seems less subtle.

    Not sure why I would have drank HFCS for years, then tried and liked Throwback 1.0 and then loved Pepsi Throwback 1.0… ran out, went back to HFCS and at first disliked HFCS but learned to like it again without an option… then with Pepsi Throwback 2.0 now be disappointed… it's different. Designs are cool thou.

  42. The new version is not the same . I loved the April version and can honestly say the new version is really bad in my opinion.
    Very sweet, less fizz and has an aftertaste that the April version did not have. Pepsi went from BIG winner back to its usual loser product.
    Looks like its back to Mexican Coke !


  43. i thank thay shold bring back the old pepsi logo the one thay have now is dum. the logo on the throwback now is just right leave it be the hillbilly it cool now that is real mountain dew. the pepsi logo from the 70's thay should bring it back and leave it be thanks for branging the throwback back

  44. adam oland says:

    if i could i would make love to this drink

  45. Mikey Mike says:

    As someone who remembers drinking sodas when they had sugar in them, the Mountain Dew Throwback last spring was a welcome surprise and the way it should be. Last spring's version was better than this winter's. Sugar has a way better taste to it than HFCS. Ever wonder why Dublin Dr Pepper is so popular? The original Imperial Pure Cane Sugar recipe! Stock 'em year round, let the consumers decide!

    IT'LL Tickle yor INNERDS………

    Perfect Like it use to be………. The Hillbilly is great for this drink

  47. love mountain dew throwback and Pepsi throwback the taste is awesome HFCS is very very bad for you sugar is 20 times better for you i hope sum 1 at PepsiCO is reeding this and i thingk that all MD + Pepsi flavors shud have sugar instead of HFCS my parents will!!! not!!! let me have any thing with HFCS b cuz HFCS kills your liver so ALL!!! MD!!! FLAVORS!!! SHUD!!! HAVE!!! SHUD!!! INSTEAD!!! OF!!! HFCS!!! rock on sugar

  48. all MD flavors shud have sugar instead of HFCS {:-)

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  50. Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew Throwback December 2009 relaunch designs » Official images of new vintage packaging for bottle and can design –


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