Review: O.N.E. Coffee Fruit Drink

Guest reviewer and natural beverage enthusiast George Tsakiridis returns with another review.

In earlier reviews, we here at BevReview looked at O.N.E. Coconut Water and O.N.E. Amazon Acai. In this installment we look at O.N.E. Coffee Fruit Drink. One of the unique features of the O.N.E. products is the TetraPak, which was discussed previously in the Coconut Water review.

O.N.E. Coffee Fruit Drink

This particular “Pak” has what look like acerola cherries in ice with a straw standing in them on the front. Of course these are coffee fruit, not cherries, but that raises the question: what exactly is a coffee fruit? In a handy picture on the back, there is a little cross section sort of image of the coffee bean inside of the coffee fruit. The fruit is the skin and outer covering of the bean. This is labeled with little “bubbles” that sort of remind me of a VH1 video that has trivia popping up during the song.

O.N.E. makes the point of letting us know that processing of coffee beans takes away a lot of the nutrients found in the fruit. Therefore, you are getting more with this drink. In fact, the front of the label tells us that this drink is a “Good Source of: Polyphenols“, which actually caught my eye initially, because I didn’t know what these were off hand. Apparently they are related to tannins, so you wine drinkers may already have heard of this. Thanks Wikipedia for the help!

Other notable health tidbits include the fact that this drink is gluten free, good news for many drinkers, and only contains 105 calories. Also, I’m sure a lot of our readers are curious about the caffeine content. I know I was. According to the label, it is similar in caffeine content to a cup of green tea. The ingredient list is as follows: “Water, acerola puree, red grape juice, pitanga puree, whole coffee fruit/bean puree, citric acid and natural flavors.” The “Pak” contains 11.2 ounces, which is one serving.

Now, getting to the drink itself. Upon opening the seal, it smells extremely fruity, and the color is that of a dingy fruit punch, not uncommon in natural juice drinks. I smell a hint of coffee, but more so a stronger fruit base, maybe, in part, an acerola smell.

Getting to the taste, it is like a fruit drink with a coffee aftertaste. I think the coffee fruit cuts the sweetness of the drink overall, but that is not a bad thing. If you really hate coffee, you may not like this, because there is still a coffee flavor in there, but this is basically a fruit drink. The acerola hits you a bit also, giving it a slight tang. It is a thin drink, or more to say, not pulpy at all, but you can see some particles present, like many natural drinks would contain. The fiber content is much lower on this count.

Overall, this is a unique drink and if you like fruit juice and coffee, it may be worth a try. It is pretty much a combination of those two tastes. One might see it also as a bit of a caffeine boost without getting as much caffeine as you would in a cup of coffee or a mainstream soda pop. I like it, but think it is probably best as a stand-alone drink, although it would go OK with some foods. I don’t know if this would be something I would drink regularly, but that is partly due to its uniqueness, rather than something lacking. This drink is a solid entry from O.N.E.

Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of One Natural Experience