Coming Soon: Heritage Dr Pepper

Read our review of Heritage Dr Pepper. Keep reading below to learn more about the background of this beverage.

Update 12/16/09: BevReview reader Andy Gilleand confirms that the name of this product is "Heritage Dr Pepper" by taking a photo of a can he just bought at a Wal-mart in Elkhart, IN.

Heritage Dr Pepper
Yup, it's Heritage Dr Pepper

The ingredient list is as follows:

Heritage Dr Pepper
Carbonated Water, Sugar, Caramel Color, Phosphoric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Caffeine

Just like the relaunched Pepsi Throwbacks, this product is branded as featuring "Real Sugar":

Heritage Dr Pepper

The vintage logo also contains reference to 10-2-4, used by Dr Pepper advertising to reference the times of day that are great to experience the drink… hinting that Dr Pepper is good anytime. BevReview commenter jmowreader corrects our interpretation by sharing that "when Dr. Pepper was still a new product, they put out the result of a Great Research Experiment that said people's blood sugar levels dipped between meals; for maximum efficiency at work you should consume a certain quantity of sugar at the hours of 10am, 2pm and 4pm. It just so happened the optimal amount of sugar could be found in a bottle of Dr. Pepper. So it was kinda like a prescription–to work best, drink three Dr. Peppers a day."

Heritage Dr Pepper

Thanks again to Andy for sending along this photo. Per some reports by Beverage Digest, we should expect to see this drink in January 2010. Our friends over at Salute To Soda were also kind enough to pass along information noting that Heritage Dr Pepper is a limited-time offering and will only be found via Pepsi bottlers, which makes for some interesting distribution in certain parts of the country.

Original Story:
There have been some rumors floating around regarding a Pepsi Throwback-like product coming from Dr Pepper. Names like "Dr Pepper Retro" and "Dr Pepper Heritage" have been thrown around. The folks at Beverage Digest also hinted at this via Twitter last week.

Dr Pepper Heritage / Dr Pepper Retro

After talking with our contacts today, we can confirm that Dr Pepper Snapple Group does have a product slated for First Quarter 2010 which they described as "Dr Pepper with sugar". In their words, "that is all I can share with you at this point." Ha! :) So far, we've been unable to confirm the name or design via trademark filings.

Also, no word yet on timetable, limited vs. permanent release, packaging design, container type (bottles, cans, glass, etc), or availability.

This should not be confused with the already-available Dublin Dr Pepper . It seems that this new Retro/Heritage product is more akin to a mainstream Pepsi Throwback-type release, and will actually be available "through Pepsi" (their words, interpret as you may).

Stay tuned for future updates!

In the meantime, 'tis the season for Hot Dr Pepper! And don't forget that Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback return on December 28 for 8 weeks!


  1. i so love the new dr.peper its the best it dont have that really strong tast it dont burn when you drink it really fast i hope they dont get rid of it. i will die

  2. THis is Dublin Dr Pepper .. I have been buying Dr Pepper made with imperial can sugar at a walmart in el reno ok for about 2 yrs. It has a white circle on each side of the can with 10 – 2 – 4 on it kinda like a clock….Have one at 10 2 and 4.. dr pepper time

  3. It's magically delicious! Like others said before me, it tastes like a lighter, more crisp, clean version of U.S Dr. Pepper. Wish it were permanent.

    Found: Snow's Turn Marketplace in Cambridge, MD

  4. I caught the Pepsi guy stocking the aisle at my Giant in Md and he had to go in the back but brought me out 2-12 packs of Heritage Dr. Pepper. They are not stocking it on the shelf for some reason.

  5. Both "Throwbacks" are tasty. Never was a Pepsi fan but this is really good. "Dublin" DP is really tasty, abet pricy..but hey, you only live once. Have you tried Mexican Coke in 12 oz. glass bottles..Great, great and great. Fanta orange with sugar is really good also. They are out there, you just have to look. I will find HDP and am looking forward to that also. Long live sugar….

  6. I love heritage dr pepper!! i wish it wasnt a limited time only :(

  7. Kia Purity says:

    No Hertiage Dr Pepper in Kansas! But that's because Coke has the canning/bottling contract here. Lame.

    (Time for a road trip to Texas for Dublin Dr Pepper, sigh.)

  8. I just bought six 12 packs of cans of Heritage Dr Pepper yesterday at the Kroger in Avon IN – sorry if others want any as that's all they had!

  9. We need Mr. Pibb with real sugar. That would crush every soft drink in existence. Down with the corn syrup.

  10. Joel – I picked up a case at Wayfield in East Point (South Atlanta) about two weeks ago. Oh, it is tasty indeed. I hope this is going to be around for a long, long time.

  11. The Sanity Cruzer says:

    I just got off the phone with Dr. Pepper's customer service and I was told that "Heritage Dr. Pepper" is the SAME as the current Dr. Pepper, with ONLY THE CAN being different. So, if you think that the "Heritage" version of Dr. Pepper is different than what we usually get, it's all in your mind. It is NOT made with cane sugar. For that, you need to buy the Dublin version of Dr. Pepper.

    Nice marketing ploy Dr. Pepper!

  12. @The Sanity Cruzer — My guess is that the customer service person you spoke to was misinformed. Yes, there is a difference in the formulas. Heritage uses a combination of cane/beet sugar, just like Pepsi Throwback (which is why it's being distributed by Pepsi bottlers who also handle Dr Pepper… and why availability isn't national)

  13. It has a cane-sugary taste! Better than the original! (Woodland, CA)

  14. I tried all 3 'throw-back' beverages (pepsi, mountain dew and heritage dr pepper) because some of my coworkers were ranting and raving about how good it was. Personally, I did not enjoy any of them as much as their current counterparts–less fizz/carbonation and the flavors were much more dulled. To each their own, but I will not be purchasing these again.

    In regards to all the claims of how sugar is better/more natural etc than HFCS: do some research and you will find that every claim posted here from people about the "evils" of HFCS are unsubstantiated and contradictory to actual scientific study.

  15. I have just been give a bottle of Heritage Dr. Pepper for my 76th birthday. I have some of the old original Dr Pepper bottles with the 10-2-4 on the bottles. One of the first ever made. I am excited about this new product.

  16. Well Jon, my taste buds sure tell me that Cola with real sugar is better. I do taste the difference.

  17. chiming in says:

    Jon, If you google high fructose corn syrup mercury, you will see a clear problem with what is going into the food supplies using HFCS. Despite mercury not being used in any processing of the product, it is in 40% of tested batches.
    As for scientific studies, you can find studies for many different beliefs, research is key, not trusting a few chosen scientific opinions. The reason it is largely used is because the US government subsidizes it… while allowing people around the world to die due to lack of food that could come from the corn used for HFCS and fuels. Though, I am pretty sure you can find a study to that will contradict this….

    As for the Heritage Dr Pepper (unlike dew and pepsi) I didnt taste the product side by side with its HFCS counterpart. I liked the taste, and from memory it did taste cleaner (something i didnt prefer with pesi/dew) I like Heritage Dr Pepper, wondering if there is a difference from Dublin Dr Pepper. Not exactly my drink of choice, but I will pick some up from time to time while it is around!

  18. I am 25 years old and grew up drinking Dr. Pepper my friend picked up one of the heritage Dr. Peppers on accident and I was excited to try something new. To be honest I really didn't care for it too much and to be honest every time I took a sip it made me gag. I guess it's because I grew up on the stuff they have now days. My mom and Step dad tried it though and they both loved it but, then again they are older than I am.

  19. Chris Smirnoff says:


    HERITAGE DR PEPPER is available in the city of Palmdale.

    End of line.

  20. To the inquiries regarding IL sales of this stuff, The Jewel in Yorkville, IL has 12 packs (in cans) of both Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew throwback, AND AND AND they have 20oz GLASS bottles of the Mexican Coca Cola which is made with sugar!!! They may have plastic bottles of the Pepsi and MD, but didn't notice it. No sign of any "real" Dr. Pepper yet, but it seems Jewel is going for a sugar high!!! Keep your eyes open- Cudos Jewel-Osco!!! The Wal-Mart in Plano, IL also has the Throwback Pepsi by the case (cans is all I saw), but didn't notice anything else.

  21. garystue72 says:

    Just tried some Heritage Dr. Pepper, you can actually tell the difference between that and the other Dr. Pepper. Haven't tried the Pepsi or Mountain Dew Throwbacks though…

  22. I happened on this site while looking for some of the throwback Pepsi products. We have a plant in Chattanooga, TN and I bought some of the Pepsi and MD TB products last spring. I just found some here in the northern Delaware area about two weeks ago, but have not seen the Heritage Dr. Pepper. The comments by the older vs. younger consumers brings to mind my experience a number of years ago (2000). I was in the UK on a sales trip and picked up some Dr. Pepper in a gas station. I was immediately struck by the "old time" taste, smooth (less harsh on the palate) more balanced with fruity flavor (I hate the wine snobs that use these descriptions but it was true). I bought a couple of bottles and brought back home. I had my wife try it and she also said it tasted more like the old stuff. I called Dr. Pepper and asked them what the deal was. The customer service person said that I probably did not like it, but I said no it was better so what is the difference, she said they use real sugar in the UK! (Just for the record if you talk to anyone that has spent time overseas or has immigrated here you will learn that real sugar is much much cheaper outside the US due to the price supports here due to the sugar growers and refiners lobby! This is one reason why the industry switched to HFCS.) The Dr. Pepper customer service person recommended I buy some Dr. Pepper from Dublin TX, which I did. I love the Dublin stuff but it is pretty pricey when you tack on the shipping costs, so that is a luxury item for us.

    On may next trip to the UK I bought a 6 pack and hauled it back (that was when you could take drinks in your carry-on). I set up a taste test at work comparing the US and UK versions. It was a blind test that only I knew which one was which. The three testers were 58, 53, and 36. Both of the over 50 testers liked the UK version much better, but the 34 year old liked the US stuff. It really is an issue of what you are brought up with.

  23. got some of the heritage dr pepper at a local grocery store and it was fabulous!! Taste was cleaner, no after taste, no residue left in mouth…let's just say LOVED IT!! Hope dr pepper goes back to making it this way…taste better and better for you than the high fructose corn syrup crap! I emailed them in hopes they will….and if you like the heritage version better, please email dr pepper directly too so they can hear from the consumers what they want too! l8r!

  24. I found Heritage Dr Pepper at Hornbacher's in Fargo, ND. Also FYI, the average price of sugar in the EU is 69 cents per pound and the average price in the USA is 53 cents per pound. Cheap sugar comes from countries with weak envronmental standards. I prefer to feed my kids food that has EPA and FDA oversight.

  25. Region Rat says:

    My brethren from South Chicago and the Northwestern corner of Indiana; have faith. I snabbed a 12 of the Heritage Pepper at the Van Til's on 169th st in Hammond, IN. They may have it in some of the other stores, as well.

    Less Fizzy than the HFCS version, and you get more of the secret 23 ingredient blend.

    It's very strange. I'm actually getting flavor in my pop. Wondering where it's been since I was a kid.

  26. Everything you wanted and probably didn't want to know about sugar.

  27. For the record, I am 24 and greatly prefer "real" soda made with sugar like all you 'ol geezers! It doesn't leave that bitter nasty cotton-mouth aftertaste you get 5-10min after finishing the last gulp of "normal" soda. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but if that means actually having taste buds, then to heck with the rest of my generation! (For the health-nuts, sugar is better for you than HFCS anyway!)
    FYI, the Jewel in Yorkville, IL has the Mexican Coca-Cola on sale for $1 per 355ml (16oz) bottle through Feb 24th. After that, it will presumably go back to $1.20/bottle. If you call and leave a message for the "coke guy", he will order X amount of 24 bottle flats for you and stick them in the back.
    Still no sign of the Heritige DP there, but I'm working on 'em!!

  28. Michelle says:

    I live in Indiana- couldn't find Heritage Dr Pepper at home but I'm visiting Utah where I found it at a little grocery store.

    LOVE it! It tastes "cleaner" and doesn't have that HFCS burn in the back of my throat.

    If they made this a permanent product, I might actually drink pop more than once a month. ;)

  29. Dayton Phillips says:

    Heritage is 2nd best. Dublin DP with real Imperial cane sugar is the real thing. I am from Texas. Since I live in CA now, I don't get back to TX except about once a year. I have drunk LOTS of Dublin DP. By far it is the best. I am considering paying the shipping fees to get it via UPS. It is worth the cost if you are a real DP afficionado.

  30. Heritage DP is ok but its definitely not as good as Dublin Dr. Pepper. I still drink the HFCS version made by our local CCE plant. I hope to get some more Dublin DP in the near future. That stuff is by far the best soda, I have ever drank.

  31. Theres no sign of Heritage Dr Pepper here in Southeast Iowa. I want to try it. We have Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwbacks. They are good. I hope it comes this way.

  32. is there such a thing as fake sugar?

  33. Would someone notify us when Heritage Dr Pepper is available in Tennessee

  34. Jay Dee says:

    Tried it. Found it at Target. $2.50/12pk. Compared to the dublin Dr. Pepper – not quite as good. It's like comparing the Pepsi Throwback to the Mexican Pepsi – does not have the full taste.

  35. I found the Dr Pepper with real sugar and Throwback Mountain Dew here in NY early July 2010.
    I love this real sugar version on these drinks, the clean, lighter taste and the absence of that syrup after taste is very nice.
    While I would drink DP on occasion and Moutain Dew even less, this real sugar version is so enjoyable, I've gone out and stocked up on these with several cases. I'm especially surprised by the Moutain Dew, really enjoying it. I'm so glad that did this and hope they continue to provide these versions.

  36. Dean Roberson says:

    Dr. Pepper is the best soda ever the only problem I have is high fructose corn syrup, I really don't like it anything…..Dr.Pepper still tastes great but if you put "real sugar" back in it I would be forever in your debt….Keep rockin'….by the way if this is already out on the market, why haven't I seen it on the shelves in Illinois??

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  38. Coming Soon: Dr Pepper Heritage / Retro "with sugar" – Pepsi Throwback-like drink from Dr Pepper –


  1. BevBoard says:

    Heritage Dr Pepper…

    In the Pepsi Throwback to return discussion, there were a few mentions about a retro Dr Pepper product rumored to appear…

    My boss called me to tell me that his Pepsi sales rep told him they were ……

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