Review: RootJack Pirate Energy Root Beer

RootJack Pirate Energy Root Beer

An unexpected, yet flavorly-refreshing twist on the classic root beer model. It’s smooth, yet bold and edgy. Plus, it helps prevent scurvy; how can you go wrong?

Review: Heritage Dr Pepper


Heritage Dr Pepper is for those who appreciate a good Dr Pepper. Using a combination of cane and beet sugar, this beverage is smoother and cleaner than its high fructose corn syrup counterpart, allowing you to actually notice those “23 Flavors” that the company is always bragging about.

Friday Roundup: “What are you drinking?” (1/8/10)


A weekly Friday roundup from BevReview’s Twitter account (@BevReview) answering the question: “What are you drinking today?”

Review: Mountain Dew Throwback (December 2009 Rerelease)

Mountain Dew Throwback (December 2009 Rerelease Version)

Mountain Dew Throwback has returned once again… with some flavor changes. If you like the current taste of regular Mountain Dew, then you are sure to love this iteration of the limited edition drink. However, if you are pining for the clean, smooth, citrus taste you remember from the first Mountain Dew Throwback back in April 2009, be prepared for disappointment.

Review: Pepsi Throwback (December 2009 Rerelease)

Pepsi Throwback (December 2009 Rerelease Version)

Pepsi Throwback is back, this time for a limited 8-week run from December 28-February 22. It’s got the same great sugar taste, but this time a quite-improved visual design that will hopefully get it noticed in the marketplace. Get the good stuff before it’s too late!