Review: Sunkist Naturals Lemonade

Guest reviewer and natural beverage enthusiast George Tsakiridis returns with another review.

Previously here at BevReview, we have looked at a couple varieties of Sunkist Naturals: Strawberry Dream, Glorious Greens, and Golden Mango. In this review we look at Sunkist Naturals Lemonade.

Sunkist Naturals Lemonade

As previously with the Golden Mango flavor, Lemonade comes in a 15.2 oz bottle with a similar aesthetic design. Cross sections of lemons are the featured artwork. The only critique I would have is that the yellow is a bit light on the white background, but it is a solid design.

Nutritionally there is not a lot to say, but the label does state that it is a “good source of vitamin C.” This is a bit overblown in my mind, as it contains 10% of your daily vitamin C in every serving. Not that this is unusual, as many companies do this sort of marketing. In addition, there are 120 calories per serving and 31 grams of sugars. The nutritional information is based on 8 ounces, so you can extrapolate that out a bit. It is a bit of a pet peeve of mine that servings are divided like this, because I’m guessing the average person who drinks this will not drink half the bottle and save the rest for the next “serving.”

Anyway, the ingredient list is as follows:

Sunkist Naturals Lemonade
Water, cane sugar, lemon juice, lemon essence oil

Very basic and straightforward, I like that. It also contains 10% fruit juice for those keeping track. Being that this is a lemonade and not a “juice” drink, I wouldn’t worry about that.

Let’s move on to the beverage itself. Opening the bottle I smell a nice, chilled “state fair lemonade” shaker-type aroma. Remember when you were a kid and you went to the state fair and they made lemonade by mixing a bunch of lemons, ice, and sugar in a cup and shaking them all together? That is the smell of this drink at first exposure. As I pour it into the cup, I see a semi-clear liquid with lemon bits floating around. Looks very much like lemonade, so no surprise here. Taking a sip, the drink has a nice sweet quality with more lemon in the aftertaste, but not really that sour at all. It does taste similar to a lemon shaker at the fair, but maybe not quite that fresh. The lemonade is clean and not very pulpy, which some will like and others not. It also clears the tongue fairly quickly, and I can see this making a great compliment to a hamburger or any kind of sandwich.

Overall this is a very good lemonade. I would definitely drink it again. Is it better than other fresh lemonades? I don’t know that I can say that it is that it is head-and-shoulders better than other fresh lemonades I’ve tasted, but it is clearly better than mixes or more chemically based ones. I can recommend it, but I will leave it up to the buyer whether the price warrants buying it versus other lemonades on the market.

Full Disclosure: Beverage provided compliments of Maverick Brands