Friday Roundup: “What are you drinking?” (3/5/10)

As has become a tradition on BevReview’s Twitter account (@BevReview), every Friday we ask our followers “What are you drinking today?”

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Here are some responses with our commentary followed after the “//”:

  • @henryjz: it will be Coke Zero!
  • @heyfletch: Today I’m drinking Cheerwine // Wow, we could use some of that!
  • @JSorrels: A black tea with one big sugar // How big of a sugar are we talking here?
  • @carolina_cris: COKE ZERO! of course… // That’s a 2nd vote for Coke Zero
  • @sodagiant: Pepsi Max Cease Fire. I think I actually like Pepsi again! // Looking forward to your take on this drink
  • @sp_carter: Got an ice cold Red Bull Cola in my hand // Can you type with cold hands?
  • @martymankins: Starbucks tall skinny vanilla latte // And how is it tasting today?
  • @RvLeshrac: Rockstar coffee (Mocha) and Diet Dr. Pepper [meh] // You obviously have a preference :)
  • @Malaechi: Frosttop rootbeer fresh from the keg // Now that sounds refreshing!
  • @MichaelHam: I am drinking “The Real Thing” Coca-Cola Classic as usual. // Supporting the flagship, I see
  • @Boobychuk: Lipton Brisk Fruit Punch // Pun intended, but are you feeling “punchy”?
  • @razterized: Kirin Gogo No Kocha Special Milk Tea // Now that’s… interesting
  • @tlvsnjunkie: break room coffee… *sigh* // Such sadness in your tweet :(
  • @salutetosoda: Today, its Heritage Dr Pepper :) // A fine choice!
  • @gregfairbanks: Mt Dew Throwback! // Citrus goodness
  • @andrewjlederer: Black Coffee Throwback // Hilarious! :)
  • @bmwPR: Blue Monster Energy Lo-Carb // Why do you think low carb = “blue”?
  • @zacharyzblewski: Pepsi Max Cease Fire and Peace Green Tea! // That’s quite the combination of new products
  • @hexanine: Had some Mountain Dew Baja Blast at Taco Bell today! Yum! // Gotta love the Blast!
  • @TheSodaJerks: Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale… starts off slow, then gets up to a good speed // We’re also fans of this stuff
  • @technoindigo: Mtn Dew Code Red from Huck’s where I stopped for lunch. Definitely the Bigg Swigg!

Let’s not forget the folks on our Facebook Fan Page who also contributed their Friday beverage preferences!

  • Masterson P: Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Red
  • Jason F: Cheerwine
  • Ben M: Nothing actually. I am drink free this morning. Does that mean I get kicked off the island?
  • Ben C: Mountain Dew Code Red, most posibly a Mountain Dew Voltage or Mountain Dew Ultraviolet later
  • John R: Adina Holistics, Grapefruit/Goji
  • Melissa B: Sobe Lifewater, sweetened with Stevia. The ones in the white caps and water
  • Kyle W: Naked Orange/Mango Juice. Cran-Raspberry La Croix
  • Heather J: Water from home, w/ lemon in it – in a lovely steel thermos
  • Tim W: Vanilla chamomile herbal tea
  • Brian B: Nyquil and Vitawater, trying to stay hydrated and kick this Spring cold.
  • Taylor B: Melaleuca herbal tea … tea tree oil.
  • Cristine B: Coke Zero!
  • Joe K: So far I’ve had a medium Dunkin’ Dunuts coffee and a can of Coke Zero.
  • Kelly K: Coke Zero. First pop I’ve had in a week. Tastes so good!
  • Blake R: Regular Mountain Dew (wishing it was a Mountain Dew Typhoon! That stuff is amazing!!)
  • Chris W: Mountain Dew Supernova
  • Sharon A: Cherry Coke
  • Amy T: Pibb Extra

Thanks to everyone who shared their preferences!

Miss your chance to share your Friday beverage choice? Make sure you follow BevReview on Twitter and chime in next week! :)