Coming Soon: Mello Yello's redesign

Mello Yello is coming back. Well, it actually never left.

According to discussions taking place at Salute to Soda, BevNET, and Beverage Digest, Coke is going to be breathing new life into their long-neglected citrus brand.

Mello Yello
New Mello Yello 20 oz. design
(Source: Beverage-Digest. Used with permission)

The new designs for packaging have been spotted in a couple places on the 'net, including some official Coke websites.

Mello Yello
New Mello Yello packaging

This citrus soda was introduced in 1979 and has had its own ups-and-downs throughout history. Anyone remember when it was featured on Tom Cruise's car in the film Days of Thunder?

Mello Yello, Mello Yello Cherry, Mello Yello Melon
Mello Yello, Mello Yello Cherry, Mello Yello Melon
(Source: Coca-Cola Media Downloads)

In the early 2000s, Mello Yello Cherry was introduced in response to Mountain Dew Code Red… and was followed by Mellow Yello Melon.

Mello Yello Afterglow
Mello Yello Afterglow
(Source: BevReview Photo Archives)

In 2004 we saw the introduction of peach/tangerine-flavored Mello Yello Afterglow, which we really didn't care for.

By 2005 Coke had their next Mountain Dew-killer lined up — Vault — and Mello Yello once again took a backseat, seeing regional distribution in the United States and disappearing completely from some areas.

Given all the discussion taking place lately, it would seem that Coke is once again bringing Mello Yello to the frontlines with a package redesign and additional marketing support. The company revised their trademark on the brand earlier this year. Vault is still around, but it's been a few years now and frankly hasn't taken off despite the heavy promotion Coke gave it upon launch. The Mello Yello/Vault combo is an interesting strategy, pushing two citrus flavors with varying amounts of caffeine into the marketplace.

Mello Yello
1979 Mello Yello logo
(Source: / CC BY-NC 2.0)

The new packaging has been leaked via Coke's website and closely resembles the original 1979 look of the drink. While the packaging is retro and Throwback-like, it seems like the same HFCS-based formula will be used. We'd be more than happy to be proven wrong on that!

The scuttlebutt has Mello Yello returning in April 2010… stay tuned!


  1. This is so much better than the last design. It actually makes me want to go buy one now.

  2. I am so glad Coca-Cola has finally changed the design for Mello Yello. It's such a great soda and I hope the new design gets peoples attention. I also think that adding Mello Yello to MyCokeRewards will help out the drink a lot. I'm glad Coke finally decided to do that (=

  3. Mikey Sue says:


  4. Nathan R says:

    I'm so glad they are re-introducing it. I hated seeing (and drinking) Vault so Mello Yello could take a back seat. I agree with Mikey. Bring back Mello Yello Melon….and Afterglow too!!!

  5. Bring back Cherry Mello Yello! I can't believe it has taken this long for them to figure out Vault suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!

  6. While I like Vault to an extent, it's good to see Mello Yello getting some love. Hell, there was absolutely zero distribution anywhere in the county until about a year ago, and even now it's still somewhat hard to find.

  7. 4.26.10. I found it in upstate NY!!! Love the new (old) label as much as the soda. I finally restocked my 1983 soda machine with its original stock!!

  8. Lately, I have been seeing an old lover. I would be standing in the line at my local Wally World or other such market staring in the mini fridge with amazement and longing. How could I have been overlooking my love from so long ago. We were good before, weren't we? I tried to make things right every time by grabbing the brightly labeled love and anxiously placing it on the speedy conveyor belt. . .

    Well, anyway, I guess I see now it wasn't I who had ended things between us, it was Daddy Coca-Cola. I was faithful.

    I missed all these variant flavors. YES!! bring them back so I can have a love affair with them as well, please. I like Mello Yello more than Mountain Dew. I don't typically do the the Dew.

  9. I've been drinking mello-yellow for a few years prefer over mountain dew. But when I bought some with the new designed can's, I got a big surprise it was all terrible, I gave it all away and did recieve coupons from Coke when I complained about it, so I picked up another 12 pack to try again, and it is also no good. I'll just have to try and find a batch from a future bottling and try it again. In the meantime it's Mountain Dew for me.

  10. LillyW. says:

    Yesterday, I had a Mello Yello with the old design and loved it, as usual. I purchased one today with the new design and it was too smooth and weaker than the old labeled Mello Yello. I have been drinking Mello Yello for years and it is my favorite pop. This is NOT the same Mello Yello, they have changed the taste. I hate it.

  11. When i read that mello yello went away i scratch my head. My girlfrien being a devout Mello Yello fan i see it rather often, and i have never seen it absent at my local stores, its been there since i was a young child of 4, thats as far back as i remember seeing it anyway, im now 20 and its always been here, i like the new retro look though, ive got a thing for retro.

  12. kris devereux says:

    (giggle) i found it tonight at the kroger in midlothian village va , wow basically i never thought i'd see it again of course you could still get it west of richmond from farmville va to roanoke into the carolinas but i'm glad it's back the retro 70's 80's logo is a neat touch, and the taste mmmm very good it's beter then the mello yello i'd gotten last month this was just smoth i hope coke keeps it around and maybe just maybe with we're lucky walmart and martins will FINALLY start to carry it i hope.

  13. i always could find mello yello at walmart in my area. but today i saw the new design, and grabbed a 12 pack. i love the retro look.

  14. THE NEW MELLO YELLO IS GROSS……It's not the same i have been drinking mello yello ever since i could have soda and it's all i drink. It does not taste the same at all. I went back to drinking mt. dew cause i can not take drinking the new mello yello

  15. jonathan says:

    This is one of my favorite drinks. I can't stand mountain dew, and I really don't understand the mass appeal. I found Mello Yello after Coke discontinued my beloved SURGE back in the early 2000's. It's not SURGE, but it's close. My two favorite drinks are now Vault, and Mello Yello. I still wish they would bring back SURGE

  16. Heather says:

    I just called and complained to Coke. I got some of the newly rebranded stock on a trip to Georgia recently, and at first I was excited over the new packaging and logo because it's such a retro throwback.

    My excitement ended though when I opened the bottle. I literally spit it out. It tasted like it was dry, and like there was an imbalance between the syrup and the seltzer. Almost no flavor, and what flavor their was, it was too acidic and lemony. *gag*

    I really hope this was just a bad batch… they don't need to go messing with a good thing, and I told them that.

    Thank god they still have Vault, that is a passable replacement, but the change, if permanent makes me sad.

  17. alleyrulez says:

    still haven't found this…

  18. Is anyone with me that the old style mello yello they are selling us now is positively awful!? Its to sweet. The old style packaging looks cool, but the drink inside is terrible. When I see the new modern design i buy it because its a rarety, but I know I will get the mello yellow that I like. The old style label reminds me how terrible it is.

  19. Im glad to see so many loyal fans! As was I but I havn't seen it in stores (Maine) since the early 2000's. It was hands down my favorite drink and im really excited to either find it in stores or buy it online if i have to. I hope the taste isnt as bad as some say because the Mellow Yellow i remember was the bomb. Thank you whoever mentioned SURGE i have been trying to think of that name for weeks.

  20. People its the SAME formula buy one of each design and put a blind fold on or something , Coca-Cola only updated the package, its in your head that it taste different.

  21. I have been drinking Mello Yello since they come out in 1979, and have loved the taste. When Coke decided to change the design, they changed the hearts of many Coke products fans. After breathing each morning, the next thing in my mouth is a Mello Yello; but, since the change, I may drink a half of a can possibly twice the entire month. I taste more sodium than any other ingredient; I cannot stomach the drink in the bottle since the change.

    **Coke, please bring back the ORIGINAL flavor of Mello Yello.

  22. Vault is the best!! Don't care what you say, its WAY better than Mello Yello! All this change is doing is making Coke look confused and causing people to just drink what they are familiar with. I don't think it would have been that hard to re-introduce Mello Yello and keep Vault. Since Vault is hard to find now (seems mello yello has taken its place in every store and vending machine) I will drink Mtn Dew. Thanks Coke you just made me a Pepsi fan.

  23. Um… It's still the same Mello Yello. It's in your head. compare the labels. Tastes exactly the same. Except in a cooler can. Kudos, Mello Yello. Always loved it always will :)

  24. Mllo Yello is the best f'n drink beside coke and i have been drinking it since 1999 when my grandad gave it to me and i cant tell the difference so i thin i might change my idea and make coke the second best im just say never bring vault back unless you put vault and mello yello out at the same time thanks for the best 12 out 13 years out of my life :)

  25. Love Mello Yello about time Coke showed it some love and redesigned and relaunched the brand it is better then Dew and we want the varient flavors back as well fire it up coke!

  26. Thanks to Mellow Yellow Zero, I never have to buy another Diet Dew agian. Now all they need to do is to make it available in squat bottles and not just cans….

  27. I like the taste of Mello Yellow, but to me it's too sweet. Save some money and lessen the sugar. (however, never use fake sugar)
    Or…………..make a "Mello Yellow Tart" and let us have a stronger citrus flavor w/ slight sweetness.


  29. Mello Yello tastes good.


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