Speculation: Sierra Mist Natural / Diet Sierra Mist Natural

Update: Sierra Mist Natural is a reality as of August 2010! Learn more about this new drink and read our review!

When Pepsi Natural hit the market in March 2009, we started doing some research on trademarks to see if any follow-up beverages were also planned. At the time, we noted the following:

Oh, and just between you and me, back in 2006-7 there was also talk about another "sugar" beverage being delivered from Pepsi. Trademarks for the phrases Sierra Mist Essence and Sierra Mist Natural were filed December 18, 2006, with updates in status September 24, 2008. Might we see a sugar-sweetened Sierra Mist eventually? I bet sales of Pepsi Natural will answer that question…

It looks like Sierra Mist Natural is closer to becoming reality based on two recent trademark filings by PepsiCo.

Sierra Mist Natural / Diet Sierra Mist Natural
Sierra Mist Natural and Diet Sierra Mist Natural
(Name Source: US Patent and Trademark Office)

Along with the original "Sierra Mist Natural" trademark (#77066208, December 18, 2006), there is an additional "Sierra Mist Natural" mark associated with a design (#77943694, February 2, 2010). The status on this trademark changed on March 1, 2010 to "New Application – Record Initialized Not Assigned to Examiner." Along with this application is the following artwork:

Sierra Mist Natural
Sierra Mist Natural trademark design
(Name Source: US Patent and Trademark Office)

This description is used to in regards to the attached design: "The mark consists of a stylized drawing depicting a splash design with carbonation bubbles. The top of the design depicts stylizations of a cut green lime and a cut yellow lemon. The background blends from white with a gray outline at the top to light green at the bottom of the mark. The words SIERRA MIST NATURAL in green stylized letters are imposed over the center of the background. The shape of the bottle is shown in dotted lines and is not claimed as a feature of the mark. In addition, the shape and proportion of the label to the bottle is not claimed as a feature of the mark."

Sierra Mist Natural
Comparison: New Sierra Mist logo vs. Sierra Mist Natural

Of course, this description and logo design might be irrelevant, given that Sierra Mist is going through yet another redesign, with the new look being completely different from the mockup of Sierra Mist Natural in the trademark filing.

Additionally, there's a filing for a "Diet Sierra Mist Natural" (#77927915, February 4, 2010), though not much additional information is available. One wonders how you could have a diet drink that is also natural if one of the elements of making a drink like Pepsi Natural is the use of cane/beet sugar.

Last time I checked, aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium weren't exactly natural. This could be an opportunity for Pepsi to rollout a stevia-sweetened beverage, given that Pepsi uses the PureVia brand with Sobe Lifewater that markets itself as a "natural sweetener."

Things are getting interesting here!


  1. So… in other interesting news, Pepsi seems to be doing some research with several different product offerings, one of the new items is in fact Sierra Mist Natural (no mention of Diet Sierra Mist Natural, at least not in what I saw). Other items Pepsi seems to be interested in getting some feedback on include bottled beverages either in addition to or instead of the traditional fountain beverages. I'm really interested in Diet Sierra Mist Natural!

  2. Darlene Hamlin says:

    I really enjoy the regular Sierra Mist and hope the drink stays in the stores and machines. Sierra Mist Natural is a very blan drink, kind of like a drink that has been sitting around and went flat, very little taste and almost no lemmon/lime taste and very low, if any, carbanation.

    I am sure you have heard the saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it."


  3. I hate the new sierra mist natural!
    And why would you discontinue a product until you saw if it sold or not, you lost my business!
    What a bad move on your part!

  4. There is sucrelose (aspartame0 AND sugar in the new sierra mist natural!! thee ingrdiant in the new natural that is only listed as 'natural' is in fact sucralose!!!!!!!!! SUCRALOSE is NOT NATURAL – PERIOD!!!

  5. Be warned people, Pepsico is trying to fool you!! There is in fact sucralose (aspartame) 'AND' sugar in the new sierra mist natural!! The ingrediant listed as 'natural' in the new Sierra mist natural that is listed in the ingrediant list on the can is NOT 'natural' as it is in fact a sucralose/sugar mix!!!!!!!!! SUCRALOSE is NOT NATURAL – PERIOD!!!

  6. As of this writing, Sierra Mist Natural DOES NOT CONTAIN SUCRALOSE. I am very allergic to Sucralose, and I always check the ingredient list of food/drinks to make sure this nasty artificial sweetener isn't in it, and it is NOT in Sierra Mist Natural. By law it has to be on the ingredient list if in a product, and it is NOT listed on Sierra Mist Natural. And a big thank you to Pepsico for FINALLY putting out a sugar sweetened soft drink like in the good'ole days before the Corn Lobby got that dangerous High Fructose Corn Syrup into everything we eat/drink -google "dangers of high fructose corn syrup" folks to educate yourselves on it. Pepsico PLEASE bring out Diet Sierra Mist Natural soon, as many of us are diabetic and need a natural diet soda alternative badly, thanks!

  7. I hate the new sierra mist natural!!!! I think you should bring back the old original one!!!

  8. KATHY NEU says:

    Why can't we get DIET SIERRA MIST in the 24oz bottles???????
    I keep after the stores I buy from as to why the "Natural w/ sugar
    is sitting on the shelves and where is the "Diet."
    When they were both on the shelf at the same time . . .the Diet was almost empty and the Natural w/sugar was "full"!
    Diet came out first and I think it is time you brought it back.
    I don't want cans at all and I don't want the 2 Liter at work.
    Thank you.

  9. OK I am with Kathy where is diet Sierra Mist in bottles. I too do not use the cans or the large bottles as they are both wasteful for me.
    Is it never going to be on the shelves again. Why doesn't someone tell us what is going on!!!!

  10. I'll bet the "natural flavoring" is stevia

  11. At first Sierra Mist Natural had an "off" taste because we were used to the high fructose corn syrup sodas. In no time at all though, it started to taste normal. We love it now and it's the only soda we drink, when we drink soda. After getting used to the Sierra Mist Natural all the other sodas taste awful….and this is coming from a former hardcore Coke-aholic. Thanks Pepsico!


  1. BevBoard says:

    Sierra Mist Natural / Diet Sierra Mist Natural…

    I came across two trademark filings today that had activity in February/March. They would seem to indicate that Sierra Mist Natural & Diet Sierra Mist Natural are closer to reality. Included was thi……

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