Coming Soon: Sunkist Solar Fusion

Update: Read our review of Sunkist Solar Fusion. Keep reading below to learn more about the background of this beverage.

In early February Beverage Digest’s John Sicher tweeted that Dr Pepper Snapple Group was rolling out a new beverage called Sunkist Solar Fusion.

Sunkist Solar Fusion
Sunkist Solar Fusion design
(Source: Beverage-Digest. Used with permission)

According to comments the company made at the CAGNY Conference on February 17…

Sunkist has always stood as a flavorful energy. Building on this base will launch Sunkist’s Solar Fusion — a powerfully delicious blend of tropical and citrus flavors, combining the great taste of Sunkist with Caffeine and Vitamin B for energy. Priced in line with CSDs, this is a great example of how we’re bringing value to the consumer.

Sunkist Growers, Inc. filed for a trademark on the name back in August 2009 under the “light beverage products” category, with the mark being published for opposition in January 2010. No other description is associated with the filing.

The packaging notes that this is a “tropical mandarin flavored soda.”

Availability is rumored to be April 2010. We’ll see! :)