Friday Roundup: “What are you drinking?” (3/12/10)

As has become a tradition on BevReview’s Twitter account (@BevReview), every Friday we ask our followers “What are you drinking today?”

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Here are some responses with our commentary followed after the “//”:

  • @ArohDubleMEYell: Old school glass bottle Faygo Red Pop ftw! Detroit classic, baby! // Can’t go wrong with glass!
  • @OnslaughtSix: 52oz Sheetz mug filled with Wild Cherry Pepsi. Lasts me until…about lunch // Visit the bathroom often? :)
  • @ST_U2: Pepsi Max for Bfast and some 7Up Pomegranate! Why can’t the new Pepsi Max Lime be in cans?? // You never know…
  • @MattLauer: Sprite Zero. It’s certainly not regular Sprite but it has just enough flavor to make it not seltzer water // 0 calories!
  • @Chris_Ventura: Medium Ice Mocha Coffee from Dunkin Donuts! America Runs on Dunkin!!! CAFFEINEEEE!!!! // Hoping for an endorsement deal?
  • @andrewjlederer: Post Nasal Drip // Now that had us laughing!
  • @RvLeshrac: Contemplating a trip to Burger King for Vault Peach or Raspberry Sprite. (Go, Go, Gadget new Coke fountain) // Wow, variety!
  • @sodagiant: Enjoying the last of my Pepsi Throwback reserves // So sad…
  • @gregfairbanks: Time for a Mexican Coke! // Sounds good!
  • @markkrugman: Crush Cherry // Is that your favorite Crush flavor?
  • @henryjz: I’ll be drinking Coke Zero and then some Starbucks mmmm, multiple caffeine sources!
  • @Boobychuk: Currently drinking – Mtn Dew. wish it was Throwback but the geniuses here in Canada won’t produce it until demand is higher.
  • @benducklow: This OOBA Sparkling Hibiscus & Pineapple is interesting stuff // We’re big fans of OOBA
  • @Poonerpoob: I’m drinking only the best: Pepsi Throwback & Mexican Coke

Let’s not forget the folks on our Facebook Fan Page who also contributed their Friday beverage preferences!

  • Darlene M: Mt. Dew or coffee
  • Adam G: Just plain water
  • Rebecca M: It will be Pepsi Throwback!
  • Chris P: Bud Light.. in about an hour….. Hello Weekend
  • Rebecca M: If they quit making Pepsi Throwback, I’m going to need to go to rehab…
  • Katie O: Water, water, water. (My life is so boring…)
  • Nathan V: Monster
  • Rob O: I had a “Mirinda” orange soda tonight with my pizza
  • Melissa B: Water of course!! My drinking life is pretty boring these days
  • Raif B: Mountain Dew Throwback MK II
  • Diane G: Heritage Dr. Pepper!
  • Brett B: Sam’s Creme Soda – Sam’s Drive-in in Byron, Illinois.
  • Brian B: Latte and water, but looking forward to enjoying something from the soda fridge tonight
  • Patrick P: I just finished a Mountain Dew Code Red (It’s new here on the German market). Now I will switch to a Krombacher Weizen while watching the Friday night Bundesliga game. ;-)
  • Blake R: Since its Friday… I guess I’ll take a Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Red out of my stash
  • Theresa L: Mountain Dew… of course
  • Sharon A: Water throughout the day. Sugar drinks are out just on special occasions

Miss your chance to share your Friday beverage choice? Make sure you follow BevReview on Twitter and chime in next week! :)