Review: Mountain Dew White Out

Mountain Dew White Out

This soapy dishwater-colored flavor is light, citrusy, and mellow. It’s safe. It’s bland. It’s underwhelming.

Review: Mountain Dew Distortion

Mountain Dew Distortion / Mtn Dew Distortion

Mountain Dew Distortion is 1 of 3 flavors that are part of the DEWmocracy 2 campaign. We feel it’s the least tasty of the 3, possessing a very fake, syrupy flavor that probably can best be described as melted lime Jell-O that just happens to be carbonated… however, if you are a Green River fan, you may be surprised!

Overview: Mountain Dew DEWmocracy 2 Campaign

DEWmocracy Flavors

An overview of DEWmocracy 2, the second installment of Mountain Dew’s campaign to discover the next flavor. This time around, we’re presented with Mountain Dew Distortion, Mountain Dew Typhoon, and Mountain Dew White Out. We explain the differences between this program and the previous DEWmocracy campaign which gave us Mountain Dew Voltage.

Review: GlassDharma glass straws


GlassDharma glass straws are a well-crafted addition to your overall beverage experience. While not only conserving plastic and being more organic in application, they also bring a level of class and sophistication to an everyday drink… and are totally worth it!