Review: Mountain Dew Distortion

This summer we're being presented with 3 new Mountain Dew flavors as part of the DEWmocracy 2 campaign, with a vote associated to determine which of the 3 will become a permanent flavor. In the last DEWmocracy vote (Summer 2008), Mountain Dew Voltage prevailed over Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Revolution. If you are curious about how the 2010 iteration of this campaign works, take a look at our overview of DEWmocracy 2 for all the details. We'll be looking at each of these flavors in our reviews, and first up is Mountain Dew Distortion, followed by Mountain Dew White Out and Mountain Dew Typhoon.

The first thing you'll notice about this drink is that it's green. Now, granted, Mountain Dew is normally green, so this isn't completely off-the-wall, though I think the hue is a bit more neon in nature. The drink itself is described on the label as a "Lime Blasted Dew". So apparently we have a citrus-flavored beverage… with more of an emphasis on one of the citrus flavors.

The label design is primarily black, which provides good contrast against the green drink color. Of course, it uses the ridiculous "Mtn Dew" respelling of the brand on the label, which sits above the name "Distortion", spelled out in a light green font on a green "swoosh" of a background plate.

The bottom of the label attempts to portray a seemingly green "river" of sorts, and it also appears that there is a green lightsaber-like element sitting behind the "Mtn Dew" logo. I'm not quite sure what that's about, but I'm sure it's something that we'll be told has something to do with creating "distortion". A note on the bottom of the label mentions "Design by Dew fan: Ben Stone." The plastic 20 oz. bottle we reviewed was clear, with a standard PepsiCo imprinted "swirl" pattern on the upper half.

The top of the label features a silver "band" with stars encouraging you to "Choose the Next Dew" and to "Try All 3 and Vote at". Also new this time around is a callout to use text messaging to cast your vote. Specifically, a white message area on the label notes you can "Vote for Mtn Dew Distortion at or call 1-888-292-9418 or text 231 to MTDEW (68339). Standard rates may apply."

The text number 231 is significant because it's the code assigned to the beverage during the early stages of the DEWmocracy process before the drink had a color or name.

As for the drink itself, when you crack open a bottle, you are greeted with a Sprite-like lemon/lime scent that still harkens back to classic Dew, but harsher in a synthetic lime flavor sort of way. The texture is also in-line with what is typically considered Mountain Dew. The taste is reminiscent of Green River, to be honest. It's a very fake, syrupy flavor that probably can best be described as melted lime Jell-O that just happens to be carbonated… and I'm not sure that's a good thing. It's basically taking one element of Mountain Dew's flavor scheme and amping it up to the extreme. While that might be an interesting idea, as a sustainable beverage on the market, I would imagine that niche is extremely narrow… unless there's a strong market for beverages that also happen to taste like cleaning products. Not to mention that, frankly, it doesn't taste very good.

Mtn Dew Distortion packs 290 calories in a 20 oz. bottle, with 105 mg of sodium and 76 g of carbs — all of which are sugars. It contains 4.55 mg/oz. of caffeine, which is the same as the previous DEWmocracy flavors, however those also included ginseng for extra punch. It's on par with original Mountain Dew which has 4.5 mg/oz. In contrast, the two Mountain Dew Game Fuel flavors from Summer 2009 (Horde Red, Alliance Blue) contained 6.0 mg/oz of caffeine.

What else is inside? Here's the ingredient list:

Mountain Dew Distortion
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), caffeine, sodium citrate, gum arabic, calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor), brominated vegetable oil, Yello 5, Blue 1

Overall, of the three DEWmocracy 2 flavors, Mountain Dew Distortion would seem to be the weakest entry, in our opinion… and wouldn't even stand up to the two losing flavors from the first DEWmocracy, Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Revolution. The lime flavor is too fake and not very pleasant. It's not exactly something I'd desire to grab a bottle of repeatedly. Beyond the flavor appeal, it does not seem to be a version that would have wide commercial acceptance. How many other successful lime drinks are on the market today?


  1. I covered this in a tweet a while back, but Distortion really does taste like Key Lime juice, with an generous amount of sugar.

    Used to work in a pie factory, juiced a tonne of key limes daily, horribly familiar with the taste. The vast majority of "key lime" pies/ice creams/etc. you encounter are actually made with everything EXCEPT Key Limes, so most people aren't familiar with the flavour.

  2. I agree.. The lime flavor is "yuck". But it made it this far in the contest, it make me wonder what the loser flavors that didn't make it out of the number stage of the campaign.

    and looking on the dewmocracy map lime is favorted in the south(look at that green Texas).

    but it's not going to win. No way. It's not dew enough.

  3. I completly disagree I feel distortion is a very pleasent refreshing distinct lime flavor completly different from anything on the market out there. Distortion would be an excellent choice to have with the mtn. dew line up. Ive been a mtn. dew fan for years and I love the stuff this is a variation of it that is very delicious. Everyone that I have had try all 3 in the end fell in love with Distortion . White out was too bland and had a gross aftertaste, while Typhoon is very common fruit punch tasting and overwelmingly sweet.

  4. This is my favorite of the 3. The other were just kind of… NASTY!

  5. Hey Guys,

    First time commenter. If you taste all three of the flavors back to back distortion is the best. White out tastes like nothing, typhoon tastes nothing like mountain dew should be…. Strong bubbley and refreshing. I think the "overwhelming" lime is not a bad taste its bold and bubbly and fizzy like dew should be. Also regular mountain dew as I found out is flavored by orange not lemon or lime so claiming that it is the same is foolish. I hope you guys give this one another chance as it also has the best artwork.


  6. I have to say that I really dig the lime flavor. I don't think it tastes artificial at all, in fact it tastes closer to real lime than stuff like Limca, Stewart's Key Lime, or Jarrito's Lime soda. I over dosed (not literally) on shots of Tequila chased by lime wedges and ever since I've been really sensitive to the flavor of natural lime and this just really echos that taste.

  7. I'm trying a Distortion right now, and the only other one I've tried is White Out. I've got to say, I'm underwhelmed with both of these flavors. Distortion isn't nasty, but it is a very strong lime flavor. I don't know that it's different enough of a flavor to really distinguish itself from regular Mountain Dew. I agree with the commenter who mentioned that it tastes a little like Limca, which I like. I didn't care about either flavor that I've tried so far enough to be motivated to vote for either of them.

  8. ShortyBoo says:

    So far, all I've tried is Distortion and Typhoon. I would have gotten a bottle of White Out, but there wasn't a single bottle in Wal-Mart. Either people really like that flavor, or everyone was just curious about the weird white color. I'll pick up a bottle once I see it. I'm certainly not committing to buying a 12 pack when I don't know if I'll like it.

    Anyway, I must say I really liked Distortion. I love lime so I was excited to try it. To me, it tastes just like the lime Arctic Freeze (whatever they renamed the Mr. Misty) at Dairy Queen. I'm planning on picking up a few 12 packs next time I go out.

    As for the Typhoon, it was ok. It drove me nuts trying to figure out what it reminded me of, and I never did figure it out. It's a familiar flavor, though. I like it, just not as much as Distortion.

  9. i like typhoon best but i'm not a big mtn dew fan

  10. Though I was secretly hoping one of these tasted like Pitch Black (Example lie I told myself: "Sure they're not purple in color but what about grape in taste? Huh? Maybe??!!") I've now had a chance to sample all of Dewmocracy 2010.

    The Distortion was the weakest in my opinion, and I'm a big fan of lime flavors. It sort of tasted like a melted Lime Icee stick minus that super-tang they have. Though I thought it was a so-so flavor I DID think it would make a good Slurpee flavor. Also, a good pairing with tacos.

    Interesting note: Though I found all 3 flavors together at my grocery store, I ventured into a major convenience store near work and they only had Typhoon and White Out. This store has carried every variation of Dew over the past few years so I found it odd that they only had White Out and Typhoon. No Distortion. The explanation I came up with in my head was that it looked too similar in both packaging and product to regular Dew.
    There was W.O. and Ty. on the shelf next to rows of regular Dew and Diet bottles. But no Distortion.

    White Out reminds me of a caffeinated Fresca which was not bad. A refreshing flavor.

    My pick was the Hawaiian Punch-meets-Mtn-Dew flavor: Typhoon.

    Now seriously, what about Pitch Black?
    I'm guessing "Dew Labs" will be too busy with this giant social-media-marketing experiment (of which I am willingly participating) this year to secretly spring PB3 on us in October…

  11. Ravenhart says:

    One word. Tequila. Every drink I take makes me think of nothing but tequila and I'm not a big fan of tequila. I hardly even drink. If I did though I might try a very chilled mix of distortion and tequila. White out tasted like sprite with the smallest bit of additional flavor possible. Typhoon I think is my favorite, though it strays away from what mountain dew is all about, citrus.

  12. Distortion is crap. I drank the entire bottle hoping I would get used to it and didn't. I'm a serious Mountain Dew and lemon lime soda fan, enjoyed Surge and still enjoy Mellow Yellow. I also like most of the Mountain Dew flavors, Pitch Black, Game Fuel, and Baja Blast being my favorites other than the original.

  13. White out tastes like squirt…and I love diet squirt, so if they come out with diet white out I would drink it. Both Typhoon and Distortion were good I thought.
    Just my opinion.

  14. BHPshooter says:

    Anybody remember 7-up's dnL flavor? Distortion tastes almost identical to it… but then, I liked dnL.

  15. I love Distortion. Sad to see it trailing in the polls.

  16. Hairy Bawlz says:

    i love this flavor. to me it tastes like the regular mountain dew. it is delicous! yum yummm

  17. Yo yo yo we gotta get Distoriton the victory!! VOTE FOR IT

  18. Distortion – Terrible. Borderline undrinkable. Too limey. I still haven't been able to finish a can.

  19. Bea Otch says:

    Well, now that I know Distortion tastes like tequila I might try it. Anyway, the ejeets at the quickie-mart placed bottles of Distortion in the slot they normally put regular Dew. (very similar packaging!) I almost fell for it, but I looked around and found some regular Dew. Don't mess with my Dew! It's perfect as is!!

  20. stephanie says:

    it's seems kind of silly to review a product that is really similar to a product you probably don't enjoy.

    i'm not a big soda drinker but every now and then i crave mountain dew. i like the distortion best because of the lime flavor, i feel like this is more what regular mountain dew should taste like. it combats a little bit of that really syrupy aftertaste of the regular stuff.

    the main thing though – regular mountain dew is not green, it's yellow. seriously, have you even ever drank the stuff? the *bottle* is green – which did surprise me with their color choice here. they look the same until you realize this dew bottle is clear so the beverage actually is that color. the original is not.

  21. D. smith says:

    I have been putting real lime juice in MtnDew for years, it peps up the taste and compensates for lack of carbonation when a two liter goes flat. Distortion Lime tastes fake, use RealLime juice and you'll have a winner.

  22. Aaron Mendenhall says:

    I disagree with the slamming of Distortion. It was the best flavor. Typhoon was pretty good, too. White Out tasted like 7-UP or Sprite. Very unoriginal. It won because it's colored white. There aren't any other white sodas out there. It was a stupid reason to win.

  23. DISTORTION IS THE BEST. I can't even drink regular dew anymore – and I'd be willing to bet I've drank more dew than anyone my age on the planet. When I was 16 I drank 24 on a hot day and got really sick!!! it's given me kidney stones according to my urologist and I love dew – but after drinking distortion that's all I want and I can't find it anymore :(

  24. Mountain dew distortion was the worst citrus soda ever and still is.What is your problem Mike?,every one hated it and only 1 state(Oklahoma) liked it. Like everyone else said,it was disgusting!,especially with that key lime aftertaste in it which was too sour!It's diet version got last to in the diet dew challenge vs. the other 7 also,which i enjoyed seeing. C'mon Mike,you know Distortion pathetic!

  25. Please bring mountain dew DISTORTION back into our lives!!!

  26. Patrick says:

    I didn't like Distortion, either, at first… but then I got a half case and froze a can up until it was slushy. Boy, what a fantastic drink. I'm a HUGE limeade fan (try a limeade at Sonic, Steak n Shake or Red Robin, if you haven't) so the flavor and texture was very reminiscent of drinking one, to my surprise.

    I really hoped people would vote for a more unique drink (Distortion), not a poor attempt at copying another drink already on the market (White Out). Much like Pitch Black I and II (glad to see #1 is back for a couple months!), you'd think people would want more variety.

  27. i TOTALLY disagree with this review. the distortion is the ONLY good one they have come out with. the others all tatse the same, and they are nasty, code red? disgusting,… this is the only one they pushe dout besides the purple berry one which is only tolerbale, but not everyday., man when this one didnt win. i was so sad. hopefully, if enough of us compain about it and demand it back, they will roll it back out. that white one was nurrrssstty, (nasty) *sad face* i miss this yummy lime stuff… :(

  28. Corrado says:

    The Lime one was the best tasting one…
    White out was too similar to the original and the other one was just gross.
    Sad that it didn't win, I would totally keep buying the Lime flavor.

    Ya'll suck.

  29. I loved it. I love anything lime or lemon. I wish they made more. Its the only dew i liked

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