Review: MaryAnna’s Berry Sweet Tea

MaryAnna's Berry Sweet Tea

MaryAnna’s Berry Sweet Tea is a refreshing twist on the sweet tea concept. Of course it’s packed with sugar — cane sugar — and is quite sweet. The raspberry flavor actually takes the edginess off the drink a bit, helping it become quite smooth and amazingly drinkable. Thumbs up!

Review: Sunkist Solar Fusion

Sunkist Solar Fusion

The twisted orange/pineapple/mandarin flavor in Sunkist Solar Fusion is pretty good. Inclusion of caffeine continues a differentiator of the Sunkist brand in the “orange soda” space. The packaging design is very attractive, which should help with impulse buys at convenience stores. The biggest drawback is probably how the bite from the flavor disappears quickly and leaves you with a very syrupy aftertaste.

Coming Soon: 7Up with new “crisper” formula

2006: "Now 100% Natural" vs. 2007: "100% Natural Flavors"

7Up is being reformulated in September 2010 to reflect a “crisper” flavor. The last change in formula was in 2006 when the beverage proclaimed “Now 100% Natural”.

BevReview at the 2010 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago

5-Hour Energy

An overview of some of the beverage-related sights at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, May 22-25, 2010.

Review: Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer

Trader Joe's Vintage Root Beer

Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer is a bit weak when it comes to flavor. When you have cane sugar on your side, why not totally be awesome? Instead, this is a passively-flavored root beer drink, despite having an ingredient list with recognizable items such as wintergreen birch, anise, and sassafras. Clean, but uneventful.

Review: Trader Joe’s Vintage Cola

Trader Joe's Vintage Cola

If you can find Trader Joe’s Vintage Cola at an affordable price, it’s a good way to enjoy a cane sugar-sweetened beverage. This beverage provides a cola flavor on par with what you’d expect from a store brand, but at least it’s very clean and tasty! Thumbs up on the packaging design as well!

Review: Cherry Vanilla Pepsi

Cherry Vanilla Pepsi / Pepsi Cherry Vanilla

Pepsi Cherry Vanilla is like a sandwich, with a weaker cherry flavor surrounded by two powerful slices of vanilla.

Review: Duff Energy Drink

Duff Energy Drink

Duff Energy Drink is a wonderful novelty to have on your shelf if you’re a Simpsons fan… and a wonderful can to look at on the store shelves if you’re not. The flavor is similar to Rockstar Energy Drink, but it’s not something to phone home about.

Review: Cherry Crush

Cherry Crush

We give a thumbs up to Cherry Crush. Smart packaging, nice color, and best of all, a pretty tasty & unique cherry beverage from a mainstream beverage brand. It’s a nice addition to the Crush lineup!

Review: Mountain Dew Typhoon

Mountain Dew Typhoon / Mtn Dew Typhoon

Mountain Dew Typhoon is the most commercially viable of the DEWmocracy 2 flavors… if it wasn’t colored red and easily confused with Dew Code Red. The edgy, fruit punch quality delivers a distinctive pineapple-infused taste that currently is not found in the Dew lineup. We still prefer Mountain Dew White Out among the 3 flavors, but Typhoon has the most sales potential.