Contest: Win Mario Batali’s new book “Molto Gusto Easy Italian Cooking”

Hey everyone… since you are here checking out the latest in beverages, we figured you might be interested in something food-related as well. Plus, you might win something! (Do we have your attention now?)

One of’s sister sites is, “a food lover’s link to professional chefs.” You may not know this, but BevReview runs a Beverage Reviews forum over at ChefTalk. Check it out if you got a chance!

Those of you who are foodies may be familiar with Italian Chef Mario Batali (yes, the Iron Chef himself!) Well, guess what? Our friends at ChefTalk are hosting a 1-day Q&A forum event on Tuesday, May 11. That means you can post any question for Mario that you want and he’ll take a crack at answering it! Plus, if you post a question, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of 5 copies of Mario’s new book, Molto Gusto Easy Italian Cooking. Yup, free stuff!

You’ll be able to start posting questions on Sunday, May 9… and then Mario will take a crack at answers on Tuesday, May 11. How do you get started?

Learn more about Mario Batali Q&A at

Post a Question!

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- Steve