Review: Mountain Dew Typhoon

Update: Mountain Dew Typhoon returns for a limited time starting May 2011

Finishing off our look at the 3 new Mountain Dew flavors which are a part of the DEWmocracy 2 campaign, it's the red-hued Mountain Dew Typhoon. This flavor, along with Mountain Dew Distortion and Mountain Dew White Out, will be voted upon to become a regular part of the Dew lineup. This is just like the last DEWmocracy vote (Summer 2008), where Mountain Dew Voltage prevailed over Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Revolution.

While Distortion and White Out were purely from the "School of Citrus Flavor", Mountain Dew Typhoon skews closer to "Fruit Punch University" in approach. Granted, that in itself is a citrus-oriented learning environment, but this flavor is probably the most distinctive of the three DEWmocracy 2 flavors. I'm not sure if you've been keeping track, but have you noticed the trending with both blocks of DEWmocracy flavors? DEWmocracy 1 featured 3 entries that all reflected "berry" flavors, while DEWmocracy 2 is definitely the "citrus" installment. The skeptic in me questions all this "you choose the flavor, design, color, etc" stuff when it's pretty obvious that the folks at PepsiCo are steering these campaigns towards a product release that obviously fits into a certain pre-planned niche, no matter what is selected.

To save you from reading too much more (though we would encourage it!), we'll tell you what we think. All 3 DEWmocracy 2 flavors are weak and can't really hold a candle to the lost flavors of the past (um, hello… Pitch Black!) And even comparing this second generation against the original DEWmocracy is sad, because the sophomore effort leaves a lot to be desired.

That said, if we had to choose based on taste, our vote would probably go towards Mountain Dew White Out. However, it's also our opinion that given the muted flavor and odd coloring of that drink, it probably would be the product to fail most severely in the marketplace. Which is why if we were to vote based on what we think will be commercially successful, we'd throw our weight behind Mountain Dew Typhoon… with one caveat.

Change the color!

How stupid is it to introduce a product that could be a real Dew flavor and have it match almost identically in color to an existing successful product… Mountain Dew Code Red? Give Typhoon a new color and maybe we'll have something that will stand out. The reds are too close in hue right now.

Back to the taste, of the three DEWmocracy 2 flavors, it by far is the most distinctive, featuring a very sweet taste highlighted with a touch of pineapple tartness (which matches the scent). Yes, there's quite a bit of a syrupy flavor, which is part of the odd choice in taste as well as the use of high fructose corn syrup — wouldn't a DEWmocracy be awesome with a flavored sugar entry on par with Dew Throwback 1 or Throwback 2? The front part of the sipping experience is quite good with the influx of tropical punch flavor, while the backend is where things fall part somewhat with more of a fake mouthfeel.

Like the color of the drink itself, the primary color on the label is red with secondary yellows and purples rounding out the look. Once again we get the illiterately-spelled "'Mtn Dew" logo, sitting on top of a subtle "sunburst" design in the background. Yellow bubbles sit to the left, while a dark "swirl" design owns the right side — the trademark callout on the back of the bottle calls this the "Mtn Dew Typhoon Landscape." "Typhoon" is spelled in all caps on top of a classic hurricane icon you may see on your local weather forecasts (well, if you lived someplace that had hurricanes… we don't get many here in Chicago.) This drink is formally described as a "Punch of Tropical Dew". A note on the bottom of the label mentions "Design by Dew fan: Shanea Wisler." The plastic 20 oz. bottle we reviewed was clear, with a standard PepsiCo imprinted "swirl" pattern on the upper half.

The top of the label portrays a silver band asking you to "Choose the Next Dew" and "Try All 3 and Vote at". Text and phone voting has now come into play, as proclaimed by the following callout message: "Vote for Mtn Dew Typhoon at or call 1-888-292-9418 or text 509 to MTDEW (68339). Standard rates may apply."

The text number 509 is significant because it's the code assigned to the beverage during the early stages of the DEWmocracy process before the drink had a color or name.

Mtn Dew Typhoon packs 280 calories in a 20 oz. bottle, with 105 mg of sodium and 76 g of carbs — all of which are sugars. It contains 4.55 mg/oz. of caffeine, which is the same as the previous DEWmocracy flavors, however those also included ginseng for extra punch. It's on par with original Mountain Dew which has 4.5 mg/oz. In contrast, the two Mountain Dew Game Fuel flavors from Summer 2009 (Horde Red, Alliance Blue) contained 6.0 mg/oz of caffeine.

What else is inside? Here's the ingredient list…

Mountain Dew Typhoon
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), gum arabic, caffeine, sodium citrate, glycerol ester of rosin, calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor), brominated vegetable oil, Red 40, Yellow 5

As we mentioned earlier, while our taste preference lies with Mountain Dew White Out, we feel that Mountain Dew Typhoon is the most commercially viable of the DEWmocracy 2 flavors… if they can somehow solve the shelf confusion problem with Code Red. The edgy, fruit punch quality delivers a distinctive pineapple-infused taste that currently is not found in the Dew lineup. But we'd still prefer Pitch Black to return!


  1. I now question your taste in drinks as all 3 dewmacracy 1 flavors tasted like carbonated kool aid

    In other words LIKE CRAP

  2. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I didn't like any of the Dewmocracy 1 flavors.
    I don't like distortion.
    Typhoon has a couple of flaws:
    1. The name is horrible.
    2. The color, as you mentioned.
    3. The flavor just isn't that enjoyable.

    White Out will win.

  3. I expected to at least somewhat like Typhoon, but it's really really awful. The taste is sharp and just off. There's a bit of pineapple, which is quickly followed by something artificial and just plain nasty. I will never have another sip of Typhoon again.

  4. It's not going to be confused with Code Red. It's going to be confused with Live Wire since they are both orange

  5. This was the flavor of the 3 that I preferred, but none of them really blew my face off. Maybe it's time to just let Mountain Dew be Mountain Dew…

    Oh, and Pitch Black FTW.

  6. orange? If you have seen livewire, code red and typhoon next to each other like I have, you wouldn't confuse any of them for the other. I'll take a pic later to prove that

  7. herbert gartner says:

    i would love to see a grape soda type flavor from mountain dew. especially if it was diet. i'm diabetic, and i drink alot of diet soda, because it has no sugar in it. there used to be a zero calorie grape soda from pepsi, and it was either my favorite soda or one of my favorites. it used to be sold at walmarts, and it would sell out frequently. i would drive all over town to find it, but sadly it no longer sells anywhere in san diego as far as i know. i would really love to see either this grape pepsi zero or a mountain dew grape soda. please make my wish come true or include it in a future dewmocracy.

  8. Damon Koos says:

    I feel that most of this is true but i prefer Typhoon over Whiteout. Typhoon is a smooth taste that works well on its own or with a crunchy snack, the only thing you don't want Typhoon with is a fruit snack. One thing i disagree about the article is that Code Red and Typhoons colors are nothing close to the same red I'm color blind to orange and red and I can see the difference better than most because the shades are that much different. Truthfully the color between Typhoon and Livewire are really close so close that when i picked typhoon up at the store I almost mistook it for Livewire. On someone else's comment there is no pineapple taste to Typhoon I horribly dislike pineapple the taste in Typhoon is indescribable it's more like fruit punch Caprisun with a tang of carbonation that leaves bubbles trailing down your throat.

  9. Mt. Dew Distortion is by far the best of this bunch. Just a hint of Lime. Delicious.

  10. It's not going to be confused with Code Red. It's going to be confused with Live Wire since they are both orange

  11. Terry Clark says:

    Where can I buy this? We went on vacation and I found it in one of the convenience stores in New Jersey, I believe. It is really good. I bought two bottles of it and just had the second one a couple of days ago. Yum. I want more. Please.

  12. White Out taste like SPRITE:(
    Distortion is like regular:(
    Typhoon taste like my favorite Welch's punch:)



  15. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly how I feel about Typhoon. A nice cold can of it almost reminds me a bit of the red Game Fuel, or maybe some other discontinued Dew. But warm, or (presumably) in a bottle, all I taste is sugar. There's hardly any flavor there.

    I really wanted to like Distortion, it's to normal Mountain Dew what lime colas generally are to regular cola (barring Ceasefire, which was probably the only bottle of cola I've ever wanted to just pour out). But the aftertaste of the stuff gets to you after a bit, I couldn't see myself buying it regularly.

    As for White Out, it's the only one of the three I haven't tried yet, simply because of the terrible marketing behind the color. It's entirely unappealing to look at.

  16. Typhoon – Great stuff! Better than most fruit sodas on the market. If this doesn't win, I'm definitely stocking up.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well we will certainly see the voting is closed and it looks like White Out won LOTTA people are pissed off about it though

  18. Mountain Dew Typhoon is basically Pepsi Summer Mix witch makes me really happy. I've noticed that a lot with Pepsi that they just remarket old drinks under new names. Like Ultraviolet was clearly a diet version of Voltage or Revolution.

  19. 24 pepsi fan says:

    This stuff reminds me more and more of Sprite Re-Mix Tropical…

  20. Well I have looked over Randolph County and neighboring counties looking for the Typhoon Dew and it has become extinct. I wish I had more insight and stocked up on it this summer, but I was sure this was going to be the new DEW!!! Where can I get some tropical dew in the state of WV or Elkins WV. Please!!!!!

  21. bring back typhoon i know that alot of people like whiteout but i dont and i think alot of other people dont either the mountain dew company will make some extra money while making other people happy i need a mountain dew that makes me happy and i want typhoon so please bring back typhoon

  22. I Love Mt. Dew Typhoon Please Bring It Back and not for a Limited Time. I want to buy it all the time. I have never been a Mt. Dew drinker but i got hooked on Typhoon. Don't need to change anything about it. It's perfect! I live in Jonesville, SC and I cant find it anywhere. They use to have it in Spartanburg a bigger city near me but they don't have it there either. Please send some to South Carolina. Thank You, Angie (needin some Typhoon

  23. Lucretia Borgia says:

    I think Pepsi should bring Typhoon back, get rid of Whiteout and LiveWire, hell get rid of code red this shit will sell way better than those. No top that make it the flagship Mtn Dew, am I right people.

  24. Review: Mountain Dew Typhoon » Punch of Tropical Mtn Dew DEWmocracy Flavor –


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