Review: MaryAnna’s Berry Sweet Tea

We’ve previously sampled the tasty sweetness found in MaryAnna’s Summer Sweet Tea. If you are hankerin’ for something with a little fruit flavor thrown in, then it’s time to read about MaryAnna’s Berry Sweet Tea.

Like the original flavor, this drink is packaged in a 16 oz. glass bottle. The label design emphasizes a purple color, playing up the raspberry flavor. We see the return of the vintage “woodie” station wagon. The neck of the bottle is larger than one found on a typical 20 oz. plastic version. The artwork plays up an East Coast feel, as the company is based in New Jersey.

The drink is described on the bottle as a “genuine brewed tea”, “rich infusion of custom blended teas”, “all natural”, and “raspberry flavored”. Perusing the ingredients, you can see the makeup of this product is rather simple:

MaryAnna’s Berry Sweet Tea
Filtered water, pure cane sugar, 100% lemon juice, black tea leaves and raspberry leaves with natural raspberry flavor

The bottle notes that you should “shake before enjoying” and this is very true, because the tea elements tend to settle at the bottom.

Upon opening the bottle, you actually aren’t greeted by a strong smell. There’s a hint of berry there, but not something that indicates a tea experience. The color of this Berry Sweet Tea is dark and cloudy, with a bolder brownish color than flagship Summer Sweet Tea.

The taste? Well, this is sweet tea, so yes, it’s sweet! Let’s not forget that this contains cane sugar, so it’s a very clean flavor. When you start a sip, you are greeted by the raspberry flavor, while the aftertaste brings the tea element into play. It’s not a harsh flavor, but rather smooth. You’ll have a hard time putting down the bottle because of the tastiness. It’s nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary as far as flavor combinations, but after drinking it, you think, “yup, that makes sense and works well!” We also enjoyed how the drink did not taste watered down like many bottled teas.

The 16 oz. bottle lists two 8 oz. servings per container, but I’ll provide the nutritional information for the entire bottle, as that is how most consumers tend to partake of such packaging. A full 16 oz. bottle features 160 calories, 10 mg. of sodium, 38 g. of carbs — all of which are sugars. This tea contains 2% of your recommended Daily Value for Vitamin C.

MaryAnna’s Berry Sweet Tea is a refreshing twist on the sweet tea concept. Of course it’s packed with sugar — cane sugar — and is quite sweet. The raspberry flavor actually takes the edginess off the drink a bit, helping it become quite smooth and amazingly drinkable. Thumbs up!

Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of MaryAnna’s Tea