Review: Sprite – Botella Edicion Limitada (Mexico)

BevReview fan Mark Hiszem of Akron, OH, offers a guest review on this beverage found in an airport

When I first saw the black bottle of Sprite at the Cancun airport I was very curious as to what it was. Upon closer look the bottle was all in Spanish and the only thing that I could understand was that it was a Limited Edition and that it was all-natural. What was Sprite – Botella Edicion Limitada?

I had to buy it and see how it compared to the traditional Sprite. It cost 55 pesos ($4.60 USD) which is a little more expensive but it was in an airport where everything is expensive anyways.

The “Botella Edicion Limitada” Sprite is in a black bottle with a black label. “Sabor natural” is on the front of the bottle, meaning natural taste. I think that this is aiming at the trend of carbonated beverages going all-natural.

Ingredient List

The natural bottle of Sprite contains sugar as opposed to HFCS that is in traditional Sprite. With Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback being released earlier in the year I think that Coca-Cola felt like they had to release something with sugar also. I do not know how easy it is find natural Sprite in other countries.

Comparison of Sprite bottles

After pouring both the traditional and natural versions of Sprite it was clear that the traditional had much more carbonation. They both smelled very similar and were identical in color.

The natural Sprite had a lighter flavor and not a lingering taste it was refreshing. The traditional Sprite had more carbonation and a slightly stronger flavor. Overall the taste between the two was not significantly different.

I think that this product will only be out for a short amount of time. I do not think there is much of a market for a natural version of Sprite. There is not a significant taste difference and the only advantage is that is contains sugar instead of HFCS. After tasting both of them, I actually prefer the natural version. I like the flavor and the lesser amount of carbonation. If anyone else finds the natural Sprite please let me know what you think.