Review: Numi Peach Nectar Puerh Green Tea

While we were at the 2010 National Restaurant Association show here in Chicago, we spent some time at the Numi Organic Tea booth, which featured loose, bagged, and bottled tea. Our interest was primarily in the bottled varieties offered by the brand, and after talking to show representative Hammad Atassi, he invited us to check out Numi Peach Nectar Puerh Green Tea.

Officially, Numi describes this beverage as “Lusciously Rich & Fruity.” What does that mean? Well, if you keep reading the official spin, you’ll find that “fresh, real peach and passion fruit (not oils or flavorings) frolic with a dash of agave. This scrumptious, juicy delight is brewed with white tea and puerh green tea.” Got all that?

Numi was launched in 1999 in the U.S. to create a home for organic, Fair Trade Certified, premium tea blends. This is the type of tea you’d find in the likes of Whole Foods Market or other stores that offer natural/organic products. I’d file it under “real” bottled tea experiences, vs. what you’d find with more mainstream brands like Arizona, Lipton, Nestea, etc.

The bottle makes a big deal about “puerh”, which the company explains is “an ancient healing tea that undergoes a unique fermentation process resulting in more antioxidants than green tea.” Exactly what’s inside? Here’s the ingredient list:

Numi Peach Nectar Puerh Green Tea
Organic tea brew (purified water, organic white tea, organic osmanthus, organic green puerh tea, organic hibiscus), peach puree, organic agave, organic evaporated cane juice, organic passion fruit juice concentrate, citric acid

In case you haven’t noticed, that’s a lot of mentions of the word “organic”, which sort of makes sense given that this product is USDA certified as such. A 12 oz. bottle contains 60 calories, 5 mg of sodium, 14 g of carbs (all of which are sugars) and 4% juice.

The color of the beverage is a cloudy, mustardy color, unless you forget to shake the drink — which you should, it’s recommended! Upon opening the cap, it’s hard to miss the strong tea smell, with just a hint of fruity scent. The flavor was rather surprising, to be honest. I think I expected more of a sweet peach flavor initially, but this drink is similar to Honest Tea in that it’s only lightly sweetened. Rather, a bold, somewhat bitter tea flavor first greets you, followed by a subtle peach aftertaste. Quite the reverse from many of our tea experiences. Initially, this blend was a bit off-putting, but I have to say that the combination seems to grow on you. I’m not sure if that’s because it is a rather unique flavor combination or if my mouth just likes abuse. Nevertheless, the blend is quite refreshing, especially with a nicely chilled bottle.

Speaking of the packaging, it’s very attractive, showcased by a shapely glass container and screw-on cap. The label design is packed with earth tones common with the look of many organic products. The name is clearly presented, as the flavor is not only represented by text, but also with the image of a peach slice. Nutritional information, certifications, and other information round out the label content. Overall, it’s nicely design, albeit a bit small to read at times.

If you are into natural, organic bottled teas, then Numi’s lineup should not be missed as you seek out your favorite flavors. There is a crisp, authentic feel to the flavors, originating from the purity of the ingredients. The beverage is not overtly sweet, but the tastes do punch out boldly, especially with this Peach Nectar flavor. Definitely worth exploring if you get the chance!

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Numi Tea