Review: Jones GABA Grapefruit Tea Juice

Jones GABA Grapefruit Tea Juice

With a light citrus, tea-infused flavor, Jones GABA Grapefruit Tea Juice provides pleasant refreshment for a non-carbonated drink. Throw in the GABA with its promise for improved “focus and clarity” and you’ve got a nice combination!

Review: Sunkist Citrus Fusion

Sunkist Citrus Fusion

Sunkist appears to have Mountain Dew in its sights with a 2nd extension of their “Fusion” brand… Sunkist Citrus Fusion. The lime-infused flavor also features increased levels of caffeine and the inclusion of B vitamins, much like the original Sunkist Solar Fusion. Our reviewer noted that it tasted a lot like “liquid green Skittles candy.”

Review: Pro H20 Black Cherry, Pro H20 Kiwi Strawberry, and Pro Ade Orange

Pro Ade Orange

Pro H20 Black Cherry and Pro H20 Kiwi Strawberry are protein-enhanced waters sweetened with sucralose, while Pro Ade Orange is a protein-infused sports drink sweetened with sugar. Are these ideal beverages to help you recover from an intense workout? Find out as BevReview’s Health & Wellness Reviewer takes a closer look!

Coming Soon: Dr Pepper “Made With Real Sugar”

Dr Pepper "Made With Real Sugar"

Dr Pepper “Made With Real Sugar” follows in the footsteps of Heritage Dr Pepper as another limited edition sugar-sweetened release of the famed drink, this time celebrating the 125th Anniversary.

Review: Jones Soda Fruit Punch (Tutti Frutti)

Jones Soda Fruit Punch (Tutti Frutti)

While not surprising in taste, Jones Soda Fruit Punch delivers a predictable-but-clean fruit punch experience sweetened with real sugar. Think of it as upscale Hawaiian Punch!