Review: Crush Lime

As we saw earlier this year with the release of Crush Cherry, more Crush flavors are becoming available thanks to a deal PepsiCo signed with Dr Pepper Snapple Group a few years ago to distribute the brand. The latest fruit-inspired flavor is Crush Lime.

Like the other flavors in the product lineup, this drink is caffeine free, contains no real juice, and is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). There aren't many lime-flavored drinks out there, though this summer has been popular for the genre, including Sunkist Citrus Fusion and Mountain Dew Distortion.

Upon opening the bottle, I kid you not, Crush Lime smells like some sort of household cleaning product that you'd use to wash your floors. Did Pine-Sol get into beverages?

The very bright green color supports the idea that this is a lime drink, but the flavor itself is rather mild. Not as strong in the lime department as we would have imagined. The smell sort of oversells the expectation. To be honest, the drink tastes like a melted ice pop like Fla-Vor-Ice or Mr. Freeze.

Overall, the flavor is very syrupy and fake in nature, and not very refreshing. It's what is to be expected in the Fanta/Crush category of fruit-flavored soft drinks. Something that sort of tastes like the flavor on the label, but that's about it. Quite disappointing.


Lime Crush
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, natural flavors, ascrobic acid (to protect flavor), calcium disodium EDTA, Yellow 5, Blue 1

A 20 oz. bottle contains 320 calories, 110 mg of sodium, and 86 g of carbs (84 g sugars).


  1. As a lover of the Crush sodas, Strawberry being my favorite (I drank out of the returnable 16 oz glass bottles as a kid), I was curious about this Crush Lime, but as a respecter of your reviews, I'm going to pass on this one unless I can find a bottle locally here in Utah. Not interested in drinking something that smells like Pine-Sol, let alone using it as a cleaning product.

  2. I really like it. Over Labor Day weekend, we bought like 10 12 packs of it when they were on sale for $1.88 each. It reminds me of the lime popsicles I loved as a kid (and still do) and my mom, who also loves lime, said it reminded her of Green River. I definitely like it better in cans, though. I think the lime flavor is stronger in the cans than it was when I had a 20 oz. bottle. The bottle I had tasted kind of watered-down.

  3. It tastes like a cheap margarita.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crush Lime! I was not so impressed with Crush Grape or Strawberry. I hope they seriously consider keeping this one around!
    I don't think it smells like cleaner – maybe a little like a margarita ~but hey!~ who said that was a BAD THING?

  5. I tried Crush Lime a few weeks ago & thought it was pretty good.

  6. Since I can't get Green River here in Seattle anymore, thought I'd try Lime Crush as a substitute. It doesn't quite have the Limyness that Green River does, rather more sugary tasting, but it's not as bad as the review makes it sound. Still miss my Green River though….:(

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I have been dreaming of a lime soda that was not "lemon-lime" (also Jarritos is quite good, but not as easy to locate). Thank you and please keep making this forever!

  8. I totally agree with ShortyBoo. I really like this stuff, a real Lime flavored soda is almost impossible to find in upstate New York. This is definitely better in the cans than in the bottles, though. Skip the bottles, get the 12oz. 12 pack cans instead.

  9. I really like the Lime Crush (2L bottles, in case that's relevant). I find the flavor and sweetness very intense – so I actually usually prefer to dilute it heavily with good cold filtered water. That trick often actually brings out the flavor that carbonation seems to hide in many soft drinks (especially root beers, but also fruity ones; nothing helps the colas…). Try 1 part Lime Crush to 3 parts water for starters, then try more dilute (it's pretty good even 1 part Crush to about 5 parts water). Hmm, bet it would mix well with Coca Cola. Is that heresy?

  10. I personally really enjoy this soda. I just bought 2 bottles to try it and it reminds me of the Mexican Jarrito's lime sodas with more carbonation and a little more sweetness. I'm a big fan of limes so id much rather have this than a lemon-lime/white soda. Its a lot like the taste of lime jello. I didnt really detect any pine sol/overly artificial taste in mine.

  11. SofaKingSweet says:

    Gee 11 reviews and 10 are positive , and BevReviews negative review really shows how inept the reviewer is. Man they are way off, not even close, I thought it was very good and have looked for it again but it has been very elusive..I want to see if its as good as all the other CRUSH sodas "over Ice Cream" If Green River is a 10 this is a 9………….

  12. JackAttack says:

    I love it. Very hard to find so I'm gonna stock up. Taste & smells like margarita!

  13. d1rtymax martin says:

    i really love this stuff… was drinking it for months just bought the last two 12 packs of it today in dry ridge, ky i cant beleive its discontinued was hoping to have a new soda to drink since i drank it all the time. thanks for putting it out there i think it tastes like lime sherbert icecream.

  14. Salde1955 says:

    I found Lime Crush tasted like a popsicle too. Not bad but not great either. Canada Dry makes a great lime soda called Island Lime. It is only sold in a limited area around Philadelphia,PA. The Island Lime has a very good lime taste. Whenever I go back to Philly I buy bottles of it to bring back to Georgia.

  15. LOVE IT! So do my kids….the best drink around!

  16. coddlebott says:

    I think Crush Lime is fantastic. It's very sweet like the other Crush varieties and also has the excellent "bite" I feel the others have as well. I would recommend serving extremely cold, because once again, like the other varieties it does have that melted freezer pop syrupy flavor when not properly chilled. If you're a fan of lime or even just something a little different when it comes to carbonated beverages, I say Crush Lime is a win.

  17. I love this stuff! I now can only find it at Sam's (and they are almost out). I am stocking up it. Please tell me they are bringing it back!!

  18. This is the best drink on the market. And this is from someone who drinks a LOT of sodas. This reviewer is way off!!!!

  19. Excellent drink, but difficult to find in Pa stores amid the other various flavors.

  20. Have not seen this in the US, but was so excited to find in Canada!
    I LOVE it! Tastes like a melted lime popsicle. Currently search online to find a case of this for summer time – just in case it is gone by then. :(

  21. I LOVE LIME CRUSH! They sell it in the Mac's Milk and some Shopper Drug Mart stores in Canada. Petro Can used to carry it at their gas station convenience stores but discontinued that couple years ago. I always get my fix when I am up there for a visit.

  22. The lime soda is great and refreshing ,should be around in summer monthse to cool you off as well as good wholesome non alcoholic drink.

  23. I really like Crush Lime. I can only find it at Food Town here in Houston and now it is gone. I like it better then Sprite or 7 Up.

  24. I went to my local Jewel and they had all the flavors excpt LIME, whats going on. I was good unhappy.

  25. LOVE THIS,yes it is better in the can,why I dont know,now I can not find it here in Ga. BOOHOO,I bought all they had at Sams,now I am glad I did,as I cant find it anymore,come on bring it too me~~~~~~~

  26. We loved the fresh lime flavor of Crush Lime and now we can't buy it in Anchorage, Alaska. What's up with that. It's sold out so people must love it. Where can we buy it?

  27. I just found out after emailing the Crush company that Lime is not in production. It was temporary for Halloween. such bs.

  28. Makes a great mixer with coke.
    1 quarter glass lime crush and 3/4 glass coke for a refreshing change of pace for coke drinkers!

  29. i looooooooooooooooove lime crush its amazing i always have it (its kind of addicting) its soooooooooooo goooooooooooooood

  30. R K Sloan says:

    I absolutely love Lime Crush. It is so hard to find though. Every time I find something that I love it is discontinued. I hope that enough people speak up and the powers that be see that this soda will not be discontinued but be made a part of the regular lineup.

  31. There are 2 lime Crushes. One in Canada, that my family just loves, and a new American version that is quite sweet that we don't really like. I've been drinking the Canadian one for years on summer vacation and bringing back as much as I can afford. I hope they never discontinue the Canadian kind. We started finding it here last fall in PA and NY. It looks a little different and tastes much sweeter in NY. Disappointing since its much harder to obtain the Canadian kind regularly.

  32. mary gavin says:

    It was good but not woth 190 calories. Why don't you guys make more Diet. You only do the orange and I would but more of your products if you had more diet sodas.

    Doe Dr. Pepper make everything? you also do Sunkist and I'm still mad because you stopped making Sunkist Diet Lemonade.

    I wish my husband still worked for Dr. Pepper so he could shake up some trees.

  33. i am looking to find some lime crush .. it is not available in my area..{erie,pa} if someone from the company could contac me on how to get a store to carry it ..

  34. darlene rogers says:

    give me back my lime crush i love it i grew up on it and when i lived in the states they never had green crush and i called the 1-800 number and the person that answered my call never even knew there was such a thing and she put me on hold and came back and told me it was only in canada so i had to have my mom send me lime crush then i come back to canada and find out there is none wtf bring it back please

  35. I wish I could buy the Crush lime in stores. I loved that stuff!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK IN THE USA AND STATE OF PA!!!!!

    REALLY good with a stomach ache. Love that flavor!!!!!

  36. I thought Crush Lime was probably the greatest thing I've tasted in a long while. I shared it with my family quite alot. NY loves lime crush, it needs to be brought back.


  38. We've had lime crush for as long as I can remember in Canada (30+ years) — my fav. non-cola soda by far!


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