Review: Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost – Pomegranate with Hibiscus

Back in June we reviewed one very awesome ginger ale, Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost – Original. We were exposed to this product thanks to the 2010 National Restaurant Association show here in Chicago, which allowed us to talk to the creator of this beverage, Bruce Cost. Let’s now take a look at a flavored derivative in the same product line, Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost – Pomegranate with Hibiscus.

Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost – Pomegranate with Hibiscus

Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost – Pomegranate with Hibiscus

If you are curious about the history of these products, I point you to our review of Original Ginger Ale which provides much of the backstory (plus, it saves me a lot of extra typing!) In the same vein as the original flavor, this version featuring “Pomegranante with Hibiscus” is also made of top quality ingredients and hand crafted brewing by Mr. Cost himself… except now we have flavor!

The dark red color indicates a different experience right away (though you still have the familiar bits of floating ginger in the bottle). When talking to Mr. Cost at the food show, he mentioned that the Pomegranate flavor was very popular because it tended to cut down on the bitterness that the Original flavor showcased, which appealed to a different group of fans. The bite is still there, but it’s tapered a bit with the fruit flavoring.

This time around, when you crack open a bottle you are greeted by a strong ginger smell… with something else. There’s a bit of cherry-ish scent present. It’s subtle, but pleasant. And of course it feels right at home with the minimalist package design and 12 oz. glass bottle.

When you take that first sip, you are in for a surprise. It’s smooth and refreshing at first… then the spicy ginger flavor hits you! It’s a great combination of opposite senses, and believe it or not, this works. The flavor is clean, natural, crisp, quenching, and biting all at the same time. It’s great!

Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale – Pomegranate
Carbonated water, pure cane sugar, 100% fresh ginger, pomegranate puree, brewed hibiscus with filtered water, fresh lemon juice, and citric acid

A 12 oz. bottle features 160 calories, 10 mg sodium, 41 g carbs (37 g sugars), and even includes 6% of your recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C and 10% of iron.

As we said in our review of the Original flavor, this is perhaps the best ginger ale we’ve ever tasted. The Pomegranate flavor extends our love in a more flavorful way.

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of BCGA Concept Corp.