Design: Mountain Dew White Out with “DEWmocracy Winner” Badge

After winning DEWmocracy 2 in June, Mountain Dew White Out is now making its official debut as a permanent Mtn Dew flavor with a revised design.

The new packaging resembles the original DEWmocracy 2 version, though no longer mentions that the design was by “Dew fan Andre Dottolo”. A silver callout badge towards the top of the label also denotes that this is the “DEWmocracy Winner” and “Voted by Fans”.

White Out was one of three choices that debuted in Spring 2010:

Per the results provided by PepsiCo (which were based on online voting, not sales), 44% of the vote went to White Out, 40% to Typhoon, and 16% to Distortion.

Have you seen the new packaging for White Out in your area?