Review: Smart Juice Organic Fig Juice

When was the last time you asked yourself, “Where can I find a really good bottle of fig juice?” OK, I know I’ve NEVER asked that question. However, after tasting Smart Juice Organic Fig Juice, maybe that’s something I should consider, because frankly, it’s pretty good!

During our coverage of the National Restaurant Association show earlier this year, I got a chance to talk to Metin Deniz, vice president at Smart Juice.

He was quite proud to point out that their product was completely made in Turkey, from growing the fruits to actual packaging. This is in contrast to other juice drinks that often will ship product long distances for the later processes. In addition, the Smart Juice lineup doesn’t use any elements from concentrate and also proclaims USDA Organic certification.

Metin Deniz, VP at Smart Juice

Our taste of Smart Juice Organic Fig Juice was packaged in a glass 8.45 oz bottle. A clean logo clearly delineates the “Fig” flavor inside, showcasing images of the included fruit. A story on the back also explains that they company is “committed to a green Earth and utilize wind turbines and solar energy for our juice processing, new fruit trees are planted for our juice processing plant to minimize fuel coasts and a water-conservation drip irrigation system is used.”

The drink has a reddish, brown color and quite a strong scent. It’s quite different from the drinks we typically review here. That said, it was also refreshingly unique. The taste is quite like Fig Newton cookies, but in liquid form. The texture is nice while the flavor is sweet. I was really dreading drinking this beverage, but to be honest, it wasn’t too bad. Would I have it again? Perhaps so if given the chance!

The ingredient list is quite short…

Smart Juice Organic Fig Juice
Organic fig juice

A bottle of this stuff contains 131 calories, 2 mg of sodium, 35 g carbs (including 1 g of fiber plus 29 g sugars), and 1 g of protein.

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Smart Juice