Review: Route 66 Orange Soda

Route 66 Orange Soda

Route 66 Orange Soda is not a powerful orange, at least in this older version that we reviewed (it has since changed). Nothing on par with the over-the-top fakeness found in Crush, Fanta, or Sunkist, but still somewhat bland.

Review: Sunkist Cherry Limeade

Sunkist Cherry Limeade

While you might not find it everywhere, if you do see Sunkist Cherry Limeade on the store shelf, pick up a bottle or two. Given the limited fruit flavor choices found in the marketplace today, it’s a nice refreshing break.

News: Mountain Dew Pitch Black is “Back By Popular DEW-mand” in 2011

Mountain Dew Pitch Black is "Back By Popular DEW-mand" in 2011

Mountain Dew Pitch Black returns in 2011 for a limited time as part of a new “Back By Popular DEW-mand” program the folks at PepsiCo. It’s slated to be released for 8 weeks starting in May 2011.

News: Pepsi, Dew Throwback return in 2011 for 4th limited run, perhaps extended beyond 8 weeks

Mountain Dew Throwback Calories Per Can

Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback will return for a 4th limited time run starting at the “end of February/early March 2011,” per a conversation with Pepsi’s corporate offices. Officially a 8-week run, however the “Limited Time Only” tag has been removed, indicating a possible release extension.

Guess the Bev #4

Guess the Bev #4

Can you name the beverage depicted in this photo? Post your answers in the comments and we’ll update with the answer later!