News: Mountain Dew Pitch Black is "Back By Popular DEW-mand" in 2011

Update 5/16/11: Read our reviews of 2011 versions of Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Mountain Dew Supernova.

Original 1/7/11 Story:
Some old Mountain Dew favorites will be returning for a limited time as part of a new "Back By Popular DEW-mand" program the folks at PepsiCo are rolling out. The idea is to bring back fan favorites in 8 week cycles. First up on the list, per Andrea Foote at Pepsi, is Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Mountain Dew Pitch Black (2004)

First released in 2004, Mountain Dew Pitch Black has definitely been a favorite of ours here at BevReview, and based on the continual comments and posts shared by everyone else, we don't seem to be alone. Everyone seems to miss this grape-flavored take on Mountain Dew.

Numerous readers dropped us a line to let us know that Dew Labs, the community of select Mountain Dew enthusiasts run by Pepsi, posted the following note today:

Just in case you thought we didn't hear all your cries for Pitch Black over the last year and a half, you along with DEW nation have helped influence Mtn Dew's next big program once again! We'll be filling you in on the details coming soon, but you heard it here and on Facebook:

"The big secret is out – Mountain Dew Pitch Black will be Back By Popular DEW-mand for a limited time in 2011. We've been hearing for years from Pitch Black lovers that they want their favorite drink back and their unwavering support made it impossible to ignore… and it was time to make it happen! We were planning to provide news as a nice surprise for you later this year but as some of you saw on Facebook late last night or early this morning, you beat us to the punch. We will have more info about the program and the special opportunities for this community. So stay tuned. And thanks for all your PB passion – this truly is a return of Pitch Black by Popular DEW-mand!"

It's interesting that this note mentioned that the news has slipped out already. Part of that might have been prompted by one of Pepsi's bottlers, Walton Beverage, of Ferndale, WA. On their "New Products" page they had a listing for the return of both Mountain Dew Pitch Black, as well as 2008's Mountain Dew Supernova. Those listings have since been removed, along with the mockups of the bottle designs, both which used the newer "Mtn Dew" spelling.

Mountain Dew Supernova

Mountain Dew Supernova (2008)

Per our conversation with Pepsi, Pitch Black is slated to be a limited time offering for 8 weeks, starting in May 2011. It's supposed to be the "first of possibly many" re-releases. We could not confirm if Supernova is indeed one of those other options. (Personally, we were never big fans of Supernova, so no big loss!)

That's all we know for now. Stay tuned as more news becomes available!


  1. coleman says:

    Hopefully when they do another Dewmocracy they will put pitch black on there too I just brought a 20,oz and it made me wish I I have a lot more when it last came out

  2. Distortion reminded me of, Pitch Black 2, and now I have neither. Lets hope they bring back some type of "Sour" type Dew. Though it seems a minority, there are still people who like it. And others who will be made too. >:D

  3. Silence Dogood says:

    "53Tiffany It's the original Pitch Black!" Is this true?!? Is it the first formula? I didn't hate the second (sour, I believe), but absolutely loved the first.

  4. it is really good i just bought some a few days ago

    this was my first time ever having pitch black

  5. Where are they located.. I checked in walmart yesterday and no sign of them.. :/. Any names of stores where people have checked?

  6. Brian King says:

    I love this pop so much, I was surprised when I saw it yesterday. I would rather see this one stay around and code red be discontinued. I would also like to see Baja Blast from Taco Bell be sold in stores. That one is awesome as well.

  7. Sonic Sez says:


  8. I had supernova and it is the best mtn dew out there. Even my friends agree!!!!!! I wish it was not limited. To bad there is no pitch black in stores where i live

  9. Hey Mt. Dew, instead of bringing things back for a limited time, BRING THEM BACK FOR GOOD, you'll make all of us a lot happier…

  10. PITCH BLACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! kinda sad that it will soon go away, get rid of some other pepsi product and bring back pitch black for good. if we gotta sacrifice some other kind of dew, let it b the live wire, live wire is good but pitch black kills is. in 3 days ive drank about 20 bucks worth of pb. oh how i missed it and i also miss mdx….

  11. Axel Morris says:

    PITCH BLACK II !!!!!!!! THE SOUR KIND!!!!!
    OMG PLZ!!!

  12. Found pitch black and supernova at a QT on chamblee tucker in GA. YEAH!!! PITCH BLACK FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I have never had the pitch black before but wow please keep it on the shelf it's like a grape amp without the gitters…love it!!!

  14. HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Pepsi Co.

  15. What do we need to do to keep Pitch Black……..?
    Tell us and we Pitch Black fanatics will do whatever necessary to keep it here.

  16. Joe Wilger says:

    I was lucky enough to find in Portage, MI 49002.
    Harding's MarketPlace.

    I saw the Pepsi rep re-stocking the cooler. I was walking up to request PB. When I looked down, I saw "SuperNova".

    I thought to myself – that is one of the trial flavors…

    Right next to it, 24 bottles of PB!
    I also requested 2 x 12 case of cans of PB
    Final Score: 2x SuperNova, 12 bottles, 24 cans. = 36 total
    I hope it lasts 6 years!

    So far, I have addicted 2 more people to PB!

  17. Those of you in TEXAS I finally found it at a 7-11 on Pipeline Rd. in Bedford near Ft. Worth in 20 oz form. Maybe all 7-11's carry it now.

  18. Dorathy says:

    I can't find it. They had it at my school and I can't find it in stores….Maybe I'll smuggle some out of school…But seriously I am in Burke VA…Any help?

  19. Thacharya says:

    So…Whatever happened to Pepsi Blue?
    I'd like to see that one back on the shelves, it was
    BOMB ASS!!! So glad that PITCH BLACK IS BACK!!!
    But where the hell can I find it in Utah?

  20. AriKona says:

    Pitch Black for 8 weeks only? Bring it back for good. It is the best MD flavor yet!

  21. Zach LaGreca, Zoove says:

    I love Pitch Black II… going to drink as much as I can while it's back!

  22. We have been waiting for pitch black forever , you would think if there is enough demand for it that they would want to keep it on the shelves permanently . we totaly wiped the shelves clean today at our local supermarket ……..

  23. B Adams says:

    I remember drinking mtn dew pb alot back in 2004. I was 19then. oG cs gamer hear from 99. mtn dew is a gamer's dream. I still have an original sealed bottle of pitch black on my shelf and it even has a promotional halloween prop made of paper attached to the bottle with a haunted house and the name pitch black on it. I will throw the video of the bottle on youtube soon. Pitch Black is the best flavor paper has ever put out other than the original forumla and for those of you who love citrus, im right there w/ you on the baja blast. That is only if you love the color of a murky chlorine pool. That unique dirty style green swimming pool color is what the baja blast replicates or emulates in appearance and is great, but only gets 2nd when it comes to pitch black. Oh and love mtn dew livewire, tie ballgame there with baja blast. Long Live mountain dew out of a frosty can. Better way to go than bottles and not just for carbonation maintaining purpose. Just a better consumption method. Dankier. PB is bomb, time to stock up for the california summer

  24. B Adams says:

    or i mean "PB is the best flavor pepsi put out", not best paper. HAH. my bad :P

  25. I love this flavor it's so much better than white out. I also loved game fuel that stuff was great

  26. Is this the original Pitch Black or that not as good…but still decent Sour Pitch Black II? I hope it is the original because it was the best soda ever made. I used to drink 4 liters of this a day…Then poo green for a week.

  27. please give us a list of stores where we can buy this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I found PB and Supernova today I'm in NJ. I'll trade it all for some Livewire!! Can't find it in NJ!! Any help??

  29. What I would like to know if it's in such demand why don't they release it permanent, I hate waiting for this limited time stuff they don't do that with code red or voltage now. Why can't they add Pitch black and maybe even some other good tasting dew's.

  30. Anyone want to trade 12 packs I have plenty of pitch black here in stores. I'm looking for 12 packs of live wire. Email me

  31. Baja Blast is by FAR the best flavor followed closely by SuperNova and Pitch Black (the original/not sour) The Game Fuel was pretty good too. They should replace the horrid WhiteOut and LiveWire with these other flavors! Just my $0.02!

  32. I hate having to look for mountain dew. I simply cannot find it anywhere around here (lafayette indiana) and it's a bit annoying. Just release it nationwide and not in special stores or sh*t like that so if you want it you can buy it.

  33. i found supernova at safeway..but i want pitch black more!!!

  34. Matthew Tillinghast says:

    I love MTN DEW Im wearing a Dale jr shirt which has Mountain Dew on it. Go Amp Energy Tradin Paint go MTN DEW supernova. Thanks you mountain dew dew drinkers

  35. Finally pitch black is back!!!!!!

  36. if yall want to try and and get pitch black to stay, there is a facebook page you can join, we might be able to get this done with a lot of support.

  37. I had a Pitch Black today. Paid $1.45 for a 20 oz at Dollar General.

  38. i havent seen it in bottle form in Arizona….i was wondering is it going to be back in bottle form soon?

  39. I want to know why you cant find any of these flavors in the stores. I have been to every store in my area and cant find them.

  40. Mtn Dew pitch black was amazaing. Pepsi should continue on making it. I was devestaed when I couldn't find it any more. It's so good. Please Pepsi bring it back, but not on a limited edition, make it like any other Mtn Dew.

    Sincerly, Arica

  41. Never tried this in 04 but happened to in may and am very sad that it seems to be gone already. BRING IT BACK FOR GOOD!

  42. Thanks Pepsi! Now let's get to the Josta resurrection!!

  43. OK, it's November and my stash is down to 3 PBs. I've been rationing them hoping to find a few more dusty cases in a store somewhere. Just drank one and I'm getting worried.

  44. I wonder if PepsiCo thinks anybody but the sidewalk-surfing set will ever buy anything from their Easter-egg color assortment of silly swills?

  45. Always been me and my girl friends favorite where can i buy a 12pak?

  46. I love MT.Dew Pitch Black and Pitch Black II, the only time i constantly see them, is around Halloween.

  47. michael mcgee says:

    re-re-release the pitch black mountain dew it is very good. and after the black is released there should be a case of the original, blue, red, white, orange, and the black. there is a big demand for all the dews the lost the elections to be the new dew. i think they should be out pertinently! i want my dew.

  48. I thought pitch black came out every Halloween this became my fav holiday and now u don't I think the other kinds suck like the purple berry kinds I think we should bring back pitch black

  49. flavors go away because they not making enough money???????is pepsi poor maybe they should re think the superbowl people know pepsi they could use money on these flavors and make customers happy.A conspiracy …they know once these are out only this flavors will sell making the normal flavores no longer sell


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