News: Mountain Dew Pitch Black is “Back By Popular DEW-mand” in 2011

Update 5/16/11: Read our reviews of 2011 versions of Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Mountain Dew Supernova.

Original 1/7/11 Story:
Some old Mountain Dew favorites will be returning for a limited time as part of a new “Back By Popular DEW-mand” program the folks at PepsiCo are rolling out. The idea is to bring back fan favorites in 8 week cycles. First up on the list, per Andrea Foote at Pepsi, is Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Mountain Dew Pitch Black (2004)

First released in 2004, Mountain Dew Pitch Black has definitely been a favorite of ours here at BevReview, and based on the continual comments and posts shared by everyone else, we don’t seem to be alone. Everyone seems to miss this grape-flavored take on Mountain Dew.

Numerous readers dropped us a line to let us know that Dew Labs, the community of select Mountain Dew enthusiasts run by Pepsi, posted the following note today:

Just in case you thought we didn’t hear all your cries for Pitch Black over the last year and a half, you along with DEW nation have helped influence Mtn Dew’s next big program once again! We’ll be filling you in on the details coming soon, but you heard it here and on Facebook:

“The big secret is out – Mountain Dew Pitch Black will be Back By Popular DEW-mand for a limited time in 2011. We’ve been hearing for years from Pitch Black lovers that they want their favorite drink back and their unwavering support made it impossible to ignore… and it was time to make it happen! We were planning to provide news as a nice surprise for you later this year but as some of you saw on Facebook late last night or early this morning, you beat us to the punch. We will have more info about the program and the special opportunities for this community. So stay tuned. And thanks for all your PB passion – this truly is a return of Pitch Black by Popular DEW-mand!”

It’s interesting that this note mentioned that the news has slipped out already. Part of that might have been prompted by one of Pepsi’s bottlers, Walton Beverage, of Ferndale, WA. On their “New Products” page they had a listing for the return of both Mountain Dew Pitch Black, as well as 2008′s Mountain Dew Supernova. Those listings have since been removed, along with the mockups of the bottle designs, both which used the newer “Mtn Dew” spelling.

Mountain Dew Supernova

Mountain Dew Supernova (2008)

Per our conversation with Pepsi, Pitch Black is slated to be a limited time offering for 8 weeks, starting in May 2011. It’s supposed to be the “first of possibly many” re-releases. We could not confirm if Supernova is indeed one of those other options. (Personally, we were never big fans of Supernova, so no big loss!)

That’s all we know for now. Stay tuned as more news becomes available!