News: Pepsi, Dew Throwback return in 2011 for 4th limited run, perhaps extended beyond 8 weeks

As we noted earlier via Twitter and Facebook, both Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback will return for a 4th limited time run starting at the "end of February/early March." This has been confirmed per a conversation we had today with Andrea Foote at Pepsi's corporate offices.

Pepsi Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)
Pepsi Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)

Given that many bottlers deploy products on their own schedule, you may already be seeing the drinks in your area.

Mountain Dew Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)
Mountain Dew Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)

Once again, the officially stated plan is an 8-week run of product, which roughly ends sometime in April 2011. The story of Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback is starting to sound like a broken record. The pattern usually goes like this…

  1. Announce drink
  2. Everyone gets excited
  3. Everyone buys drink
  4. Drink goes away
  5. Everyone wonders when drink will return
  6. Drink returns
  7. Repeat as needed

However, this time around, things may be a little different. Take a look at the packaging from the 3rd Wave of Throwbacks (Summer/Fall 2010) when compared to this 4th Wave (Winter 2011). Here is the Pepsi design:

Comparison: Pepsi Throwback (2010, 3rd Wave) vs. Pepsi Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)
Comparison: Pepsi Throwback (2010, 3rd Wave) vs. Pepsi Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)

Not to be outdone, the Mountain Dew design:

Comparison: Mountain Dew Throwback (2010, 3rd Wave) vs. Mountain Dew Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)
Comparison: Mountain Dew Throwback (2010, 3rd Wave) vs. Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)

Notice anything missing? The references to "Limited Time Only" have been removed from the packaging. Does this mean that Throwback has returned permanently?

Not necessarily, per our conversation with Pepsi's communications folks. This is still slated to be another limited 8-week run of product. However, they told us that a decision will be made very soon whether than run will be extended throughout the year. At this point, that decision has not been finalized (most likely based on sales, etc.). But the change in packaging seems to help them position the drink for a longer stay should that be approved.

What Stays the Same?

This 4th Wave of Throwbacks uses the same formulas as the previous Wave we saw last year. This means that Pepsi is pretty much the same as it always has been, using the denoted reference to "real sugar" (which is actually a combination of cane and beet sugars). The Mountain Dew mix is the same that was introduced during the 2nd Wave (December 2009) and used again during the 3rd Wave (Summer/Fall 2010). Those of you who loved the original Dew Throwback from the 1st Wave are out of luck still.

For the most part, the package design remains the same as it was for the 2nd Wave and 3rd Wave.

What's Different?

If you are looking to tell the difference between an older Wave of Throwbacks vs. this new release, the best way to do so is to look for the reference to "Limited Time Only". This new 4th Wave of Throwback has removed that phrase from the packaging.

Comparison: Pepsi Throwback (2010, 3rd Wave) vs. Pepsi Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)
Comparison: Pepsi Throwback "Yellow Ribbon" 3rd Wave vs. 4th Wave

In the case of Pepsi Throwback, that means the yellow "ribbon" banner that denoted Throwback is shorter than previously seen.

Comparison: Mountain Dew Throwback (2010, 3rd Wave) vs. Mountain Dew Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)
Comparison: Mountain Dew Throwback "Top Red Band" 3rd Wave vs. 4th Wave

For Mountain Dew Throwback, the red band at the top of the label is now blank.

Comparison: Mountain Dew Throwback (2010, 3rd Wave) vs. Mountain Dew Throwback (2011, 4th Wave)
Comparison: Mountain Dew Throwback "Bottom Red Band" 3rd Wave vs. 4th Wave

We've also noted that the red band at the bottom of Dew's label has decreased in height.

Pepsi Throwback Calories Per Can
Pepsi Throwback: Calories Per Can

Additionally, to conform to new FDA regulations, you'll note a small badge on the front label areas denoting "X Calories Per Can".

Mountain Dew Throwback Calories Per Can
Mountain Dew Throwback: Calories Per Can

This new addition calls out 150 for Pepsi and 170 for Mountain Dew.

As always, keep checking in here at BevReview for the latest Throwback developments.

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  1. I hope they keep it around permanently this time. I'm loading up though. I refuse to buy any soda made with HFCS. There is substantial evidence out there that the liver does not process HFCS as easily as sugar, and I have some liver issues, so I only buy beverages made with real sugar. The other thing is that the Pepsi products made with real sugar taste better. There is a difference. While some people may not like it at first, it's just because they are used to the taste with HFCS. Drink a few cans and you won't want to go back to the HFCS.

  2. Throwback should not be a temporary product…. in today's concern with the HFCS, they need to make it available permanately. My doctor tells me I cannot have HFCS and because of those concerns I have steered several away from it. Besides, we grew up with Pepsi – the "real cane sugar" Pepsi…. and felt better and actually didn't have the weight issue as there is today drinking the HFCS.
    Keep it here ALWAYS

  3. ThrowbackFan says:

    They make all these various flavors of Pepsi and Mountain Dew that don't sell well, but when they have a good product that actually sells they want to make it temporary. Come on Pepsi, stop screwing around and make this a permanent selection. You already have Sierra Mist Natural with real sugar, what is stopping you? You know we all love this stuff.

  4. Please keep "Throwback" full time. It takes me back to when Pepsi was Pepsi. I enjoy it so much as do loads of other people. I have read many many reports.

  5. Patrick Richards says:

    I love Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback. Pepsi, if you're listening, please keep it coming. It just tastes better, with no syrupy aftertaste.

  6. Donna, you can always buy Sierra Mist Natural. ;) Listen Pepsi, they have a Permanent product unlike your pepsi throwback….

    Sierra Mist Natural rocks though. TRY IT! Also if you guys want pepsi to keep throwback, just start emailing them. I have emailed them several times when they offer a good product, then I all of a sudden notice I can't find anymore… (Vanilla Pepsi) That was some good stuff! I still have a few cans left. Still tastes good even though it was back in 2005.

  7. John Chodacki says:

    I love Throwback Mt Dew. So glad its back.

  8. Make it permanent Pepsi. The only time I buy Pepsi products is for the Throwback versions because they taste so much better.

  9. Keep it full time please! I got so excited when I noticed that the "Limited Time Only" phrases were off the cans, I hope they stick around. It tastes so much better than regular Dew/Pepsi, and like others have said the real sugar drink is so much better for you than HFCS.

  10. I was so happy to see these back at my local Sam's Club, and also to see them in new(?) 24 pack cubes instead of the usual fridge(12) packs.

    Also, it's in Pepsi's best interest to keep taking it away, because I for one buy/drink more because I know it will only be around for a limited time.

  11. Salde1955 says:

    I was talking to a a Pepsi delivery guy stocking our shelves at our local grocery store. He told me that they are also thinking of doing some of the Crush sodas with real sugar. That I would like to see!

  12. Please, please keep the Pepsi throwback! I switched to Coke Classic back in the day, because of the taste. So if Pepsi wants my money, keep Pepsi Throwback, or I will go back to Coke.

  13. Seriously? Instead of bringing back Pepsi and mountain dew throwback every 6 months,just use pepsi and mountain dew with real sugar instead of HFCS already! Many pepsi fans would rather have those 2 drinks like that anyways. And according to this website,the 2 throwback drinks don't even use real sugar. All of this is retarded!!!

  14. ThrowbackFan says:

    Guys this stuff is already out. I found the new cans at Wegmans last week.

  15. It's now available in Arizona. Hooray! Need to load up in case they pull it again.

  16. I bought two 12-packs of Pepsi Throwback in Portland, Oregon today. When I got home I noticed that the cans are still labeled "limited time only". Doesn't sound like Pepsi Throwback is going to be permanent after all. At least not where I live. I think I better go back to the store and really stock up on Throwback before it's gone again!

  17. I would love to see Grape and Orange Crush made with real sugar, they were my favorite treat when i was a kid…..It's just not the same now, same goes for the Pepsi and Mountain Dew, worlds of difference.
    What part of this does Pepsi not get? people want quality back!

  18. I found 4 cases of the mountain dew throwback at the wal-mart in Franklin, IN. I bought all 4 of them. I didn't find this website until I had drank 3 of the 4 cases. Whats weird is 2 of the 4 cases must have been from the third run because they have the limited time only logos on them. Then the other 2 cases are the new style with the calories on them. I just thought that it was weird that they still had some 3rd run ones on the shelf. I plan on looking around some more this weekend for some and will buy all of them I can find. Pepsi PLEASE keep this around full time. I don't plan on drinking any more HFCS drinks ever. I will be a customer for life if you keep on making it.

  19. SodaMeister says:

    I hope they make it stay for good too, but mostly I hope they bring it out in 2-liter bottles because I hate cans. Though it won't stop me from stocking up like I did during the 3rd-wave. At any reate, sooo happy we get to have some more!

  20. Did anyone see they have the Dr. Pepper Heritage as well. They do in Maryland at certain Exxon and other gas stations. I don't care for them or the Mountain Dew though, they still have citric acid which strips enamel from your teeth. The Pepsi is great though, worlds better than the present syrupy sludge.

  21. I LOVE these throwback versions! They are terrific and taste so clean and refreshing. Who knew that the original Mountain Dew was flavored with orange juice! I knew it was really different now, but I had no idea until I tasted the throwback. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep making them (or maybe you shouldn't because I will quadruple my soda consumption and get fat!)

  22. Robert McGlinchey says:


    It simply is the best…

    Please consider!!!

  23. Add my name to the list of those who want Throwback as a permanent option. I don't care for Pepsi normally (I'm a Coke guy thru and thru), but the Throwback version is actually drinkable. Now, as for Mountain Dew Throwback… I can't get enough of it! While I wish they used the 'original' Throwback formula, I'll take the current one. Good taste without the HFCS sweet-overload that makes regular Dew virtually undrinkable. I bought three 12-packs recently, and am hoping to get a couple of 24-packs from Sam's Club. While I'm trying to cut soda out of my diet, I'll make an exception for Dew Throwback! :)

  24. I wonder how much more it costs to manufactor a case of Throwback Dew than a case of HFCS product? The stock holders like thier earnings high as possible, more than soda pop. Thaat could be a reason why its not permant.

  25. Here in Canada it didn't say "Limited time only" but we got ONE shipment and the drink disappeared again…

  26. I'm about done with this game. I love Mtn Dew with sugar hate the HFCS version. I can buy in Canada and since I live right across the border without too much trouble I can buy it with sugar there, so why bother waiting for Pepsi to respond to their customer base in the US.

    BTW gotta hate HFCS since it produces no insulin response and you don't feel full – ever wonder who is really responsible for the high rate of obesity and diabetes in the US – a major HFCS market. Never wise to kill off your clients, but it is cheaper until the lawsuits start. Coming soon to a court near you.

  27. Would like to Pepsi ThrowBack and Mountain Dew Throwback a permanent product on the store shelves.

  28. What is this game that Pepsi is playing with the Mountain Dew Throwback? Several months ago, I received several e-mails from Pepsi claiming that it was going to be available ALL the time. Shortly after that, it became harder & harder to find in the 12 pks. (no lack of it at convenience stores at $1.59/bottle though). I have called the local Pepsi bottler several times and have logged numerous requests with local large grocery retailers…none seem to be interested in stocking the product…including the local Pepsi manager of distribution in my area! I refuse to drink POISON…er aspartame or HFCS-laced sodas. I suffered long-term health issues until giving up aspartame "diet" sodas. Quit cold turkey and VOILA…no more weird physical symptoms. Soda with actual REAL sugar is all I can drink without a return of migraines, sore joints and a host of other unpleasant side-effects. Pepsi…if you want any of my hard earned money, try distributing your product that I have been literally BEGGING to buy!

  29. That does it, time to repost my Throwback video again. I'll have to dig it up. I too have been literally begging to buy Pepsi throwback . I hope they finally decide to keep it. Glass bottles too please.

  30. News: Pepsi, Dew Throwback return for 4th limited run » Early 2011 release for 8 weeks, might be extended –


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