Pepsi Throwback available in Canada

BevReview reader Tim Capper alerted us that Pepsi Throwback is now available north of the border… complete with bilingual packaging.

Pepsi Throwback in Canada
(Photo by Tim Capper. Used by Permission.)

Financial Post noted: "PepsiCo Beverages Canada has brought its Pepsi Throwback to this country, some two years after the sugar-sweetened beverage was introduced for several limited runs in the U.S." It should be noted that Mountain Dew Throwback has not moved into Canada.

Have you seen Pepsi Throwback in Canada? Post your thoughts!


  1. Mountain Dew throwback is absolutely available in Canada. Certain stores in Toronto import it. Hasty Market at 125 Dundas east has it.

  2. Hi Greg… Imported from the US is different from Pepsi Canada actually producing it themselves. But still, that's great to know that you can get it in some locations.

  3. GundarHunter says:

    Saw it first in 591ml bottles, then in 12 pack cans. Where are the 2Ls? I LOVE this stuff.

  4. Saw it in London Drugs out in Vancouver

  5. Mtn Dew Throwback, if imported from the US and available in Canada is actually illegal. Mtn Dew in Canada is considered a sports drink, because of the color(?), and thus cannot have caffeine.

    Get me some…lol

  6. If tim is correct,then Canada is the dumbest country in the world.How can anyone or any country consider Mountain Dew a sports drink.It's a citrus soda,C'mon.

  7. So happy to see Throwback hit the stores here in Canada. I previously had to rely on my sister in Mass to get my fix.

    It seems to be scarce in a lot of places though. The 12-packs being very hard to find where I live in Nova Scotia.

    Also, about Mountain Dew. It's actually considered a citrus drink in Canada, and there are regulations in place against adding caffeine to citrus drinks.

    Dew has been sold in Canada WITH caffeine at one point after being rebranded as “Mountain Dew Energy” and then “Dew Fuel”, and reclassified a health/energy drink to skirt those regulations.

    It's no longer in production though.

  8. Saw my first 591ml bottles/24-pack cans today at Loblaws in St. Sauveur, Qc today. had to pick up 2 bottles to give it a try.