Review: Goose Island Chicago Style Root Beer

The other day, we conducted some informal polling via our Twitter and Facebook fans regarding root beer, both their favorites and most hated. The results were interesting, but one thing is for certain… Goose Island Chicago Style Root Beer wasn’t on any of those lists. Maybe after reading this review, you’ll consider it one of your favorites.

Goose Island Chicago Style Root Beer

As a lifelong Chicagoan, it’s easy for me to hold with pride the accomplishments of our local Goose Island Brewery. While they are well-known for their various craft beers, they also produce a couple of sodas as well. One of those is their Chicago Style Root Beer.

The packaging is classic brown glass bottle, with a logo and iconography that reflects Chicago — namely the red 6 point star and blue & white stripes found on the city flag.

The drink itself is sweetened with 100% cane sugar (woo hoo!) and is caffeine free. Popping off the cap, you are greeted with a pleasing root beer scent. This pleasantness continues with your first sip!

This drink is surprisingly smooth, with a hint of vanilla and mint creating a wonderful experience. It may not be the most edgy or established root beer brand, but I really liked it. There’s a clean taste there that isn’t at all syrupy, and that leads into a wonderful finish. It’s not bitter or harsh, just a casual, friendly root beer with a pure distinctive flavor.

Goose Island Chicago Style Root Beer
Carbonated water, cane sugar, natural and artificial flavor, caramel color, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (as preservatives) and citric acid

A 12 oz bottle contains 180 calories, 35 mg of sodium, 45 g of carbs, and 43 g sugars.