Review: Wired Energy X-3000

Guest reviewer, law school student, and energy drink enthusiast Nicholas Bobb returns with another review.

When I grabbed the unassuming can of Wired Energy X-3000, I was a little put off. In a marketplace where each energy drink maker is attempting to make their can more fierce and intimidating than the last, Wired seems to have missed the memo. The periwinkle background and the orange to yellow “flames” on the can make the drink seem less extreme or intense from many other energy drinks.

Wired Energy X-3000

When I pulled the tab, my nose was greeted with that all familiar energy drink smell: cherry citrus, slightly chemical, with a sugary sweetness to it. The drink fizzed out on to the top of the can, exposing a color very similar to that of traditional energy drinks, but perhaps slightly more pale yellow.

I closed my eyes and took a swig. Initially, I found the flavor to be nearly identical to Red Bull. Slightly sweeter, but just as citrus and sour. However, for an energy drink, the flavor of Wired’s X-3000 is rather complex. You get the typical blast of sour when the bubbly liquid hits your tongue, but the aftertaste of X-3000 is very pleasant. For several minutes after my first sip, I could still taste the drink’s sweetness on my palette. I found this to be a very agreeable experience. The more I drank of the giant 16 oz can, the more I began to pick up on what made this drink so complex. The flavor it left dancing on my tongue was much akin to fruit and honey.

If you’re a fan of Red Bull, you’ll likely enjoy the flavor and overall experience of X-3000. Slightly more complex, and full of a huge burst of energy which hit me only three minutes after my first sip, X-3000 is a winner in a crowded energy drink arena. The only complaint I have with the drink is the can art. I felt like the marketing department is planning on hanging its hat on the drink’s taste and big burst of energy… which in this case, just might work.

Wired X-3000 is aptly named, as a 16 oz can contains 3,000 mg of taurine; that’s three times the amount of taurine found in an 8 oz can of Red Bull. Additionally, it has 188 mg of caffeine. With that much energy in a single can, one would expect a huge rush of energy and a huge crash sometime thereafter. I drank my can of X3000 at about 1:00 in the afternoon, felt the rush of energy and came down in fairly good fashion, without a huge crash at the end.

The caffeine content breaks down to 11.8 mg/oz., which is slightly more than Red Bull’s 9.6 mg/oz.

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