Coming Soon: 7Up Retro

Update 6/6/11: Read our extensive, photo-packed review for all 3 variations of 7Up Retro

Update 5/16/11: As debuted on the 5/15 episode of NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice show, and later illustrated on, here's a look at the packaging for 7Up Retro:

7Up Retro

Official description for the bottles above reads: "Introducing 7Up Retro. Made with real sugar for an UNdeniably crisp, clean taste and available in glass bottles for a limited time."

7Up Retro

Official description for the 2 can designs above reads: "Introducing two retro-inspired takes on 7Up, from The Celebrity Apprentice Finalists A and B. Made with Real Sugar for an UNdeniably crisp, clean taste and only available for a limited time."

The first option reflects the 1970s, while the second is situated in the 1980s, as denoted by this poll on NBC's official website for the show:

7Up Retro

7Up's Facebook page also looks at the different decades and how they relate to package design:

7Up Retro

Ingredients are as follows: Filtered carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, potassium citrate, natural flavors, calcium disodium EDTA (to protect flavor). Contains no juice.

A 12 oz bottle or can contains 150 calories, 45 mg sodium, 39 g carbs, and 37.5 g sugars.

Also, here are a few screencaptures of 7Up Retro packaging concepts from the same episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. Watch via

7Up Retro on Celebrity Apprentice
(Source: NBC)
7Up Retro on Celebrity Apprentice
(Source: NBC)
7Up Retro on Celebrity Apprentice
(Source: NBC)
7Up Retro
(Source: NBC)

Availability is slated to be at least through the end of June.

Original Story from 3/14/11: As hinted at via our tweet on February 28, we've got confirmation that 7Up Retro will be arriving in May.

Real Sugar 7Up is coming!
(Source: Flickr, used via CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

The launch will be tied to a promotion done in conjunction with NBC's Celebrity Apprentice reality show. You may recall that last year, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, the parent of 7Up, used the same show to launch limited runs of Diet Snapple Trop-a-Rocka Tea and Snapple Compassionberry Tea. Apparently the folks at DPSG found that platform successful enough to continue with rollouts.

We've also heard that Snapple's sponsorship of one of BevReview's favorite reality shows, The Amazing Race, will be used to introduce new flavors Papaya Mango Tea and Diet Papaya Mango Tea later this month.

The introduction of a limited time lemon-lime product that uses "real sugar" should provide a nice comparison product to Pepsi's Sierra Mist Natural. While we like the sugar Sierra Mist, we do agree that something in the taste just seems a bit… off.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group experimented with the current limited release "real sugar" trend in soft drinks via Heritage Dr Pepper (bottled by Pepsi) and Dr Pepper with Real Sugar (bottled by Coke). Of course what got this whole thing started was the rollout of PepsiCo's Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, which after 4 limited edition rereleases, are now permanent parts of the Pepsi lineup. With the recent reboot of 7Up's normal formula, we're looking forward to tasting this sugar-infused version.

We couldn't turn up any trademark filings or early packaging art on 7Up Retro, but keep your eyes open! Remember we're just an e-mail, tweet, or Facebook post away!


  1. Excellent! I've migrated away from 7Up in recent years, but i'll give this a try if/when i get a chance. I'm in Canada though, so i may have to import it.

    7Up is handled by PepsiCo in Canada, and with the perceived success of Pepsi Throwback(hard to find in many places at this point, late in the initial run), hopefully we'll eventually be seeing this north of the border as well.

  2. I can only hope that this won't be laden with corn-derived citric acid (like Sierra Mist 'Natural'). If so, I can't wait to try this.

  3. If I see 7Up Retro in 20oz or 2L, I might buy it.

  4. 7up Retro
    filtered carbonated water,sugar,citric acid,potassium citrate,natural flavors,calcium disodium EDTA (flavor protection)
    I have a can sitting in front of me thats how I know :)
    theres 2 diffrent can grapx too if anyone wants more info on it.

  5. will there be lithium in it?

  6. LOL, that would be cool! Huh,huh,hu

  7. Finally! I hope they bring back sugar Dr. Pepper, too.

  8. 7 Up should go back to it's formula from the 50's and 60's….that is when it was REAL LEMON LIME SODA, not the crap they make now that they swear on a stack of bibles in their Call Center has not been altered in recent years…Ha! I want to thank that person on the other post who was sharp enough to show the ingredients from different years….they at 7 Up think we are stupid! I remember 7 Up in a tall green bottle that was really refreshing, crisp lemon lime with no bitter aftertaste or over carbonation.

  9. I'm digging the zebra can!

  10. I can't yet decide whether I like the 70s or 80s best … why can't we have both!!!!???!!!! I love both decades and C.A. promotions. I have been watching C.A. all along and am so glad that Marlee and J.R. are the finalists. I can't even pick a can based on my fav finalist because I want them both to win!! Wouldn't that be a coo, Trump picking both to be the Apprentice (no losers). Why not, he's already made one never-before-made decision already this season by letting La Toya come back after being fired. Come on, Donald….say, "you're both hired!" What a coo. Back to the cans…I am looking forward to the roll-out, love retro and enjoy 7Up. Yeah.

  11. Lolfactor says:

    What a coo? Do you really use words that you can't spell? Unless you are referring to the sound a dove makes, or an abbreviation for Chief Operating Officer, or Certificate Of Origin… that's not right.

    The word is couP.


  12. Found 12 packs of both can designs at Target in MI today. Both designs look good! Taste is great, nice sweet aftertaste. No syrupy aftertaste like the regular. Keep 7up Retro and bring back Heritage/Anniversary Dr. Pepper permanently!

  13. The zebra stripe/boom box concept is spot-on; only the color should be green. 7-Up has always been the cool crisp taste of freshness.

  14. T Anderson says:

    Proudly has sugar? Really? Let's entice the kids with more SUGAR, and forget about the escalating obesity problem in our country.

  15. Paul Perdue says:

    Ouch. I hate to rain on the parade but I've got problems with the packaging of 7UP Retro. The green bottle is fine…no problem there. But Marlee Matlin's design for the 70's has a green 7UP logo on a gray background — a very bland color-scheme for what was originally a very dynamic and colorful 1970's design. Matlin's packaging design will be camouflaged amongst all the other brands on the shelf.

    And I don't know who John Rich is but he was given the task of designing a 7UP can for the 1980's, a decade that 7UP was certainly not a brand leader. I collect 7UP but can't readily remember what logo they were using in the 80's. And tiger-stripes don't automatically make me think "1980's" (yes, I know, MTV, new wave, Blondie, Madonna, all that…I was there).

    Revisiting 7UP's late-60's/early 70's ad campaigns would have been the way to go for the 1970's retro theme. All the happy, psychedelic Peter Max-ish designs with bright yellow, orange, pink and red flourescent colors, big yellow submarines and flowers would have made a bigger impact. Heck, 20-cases of that on the soft drink aisle would SCREAM at shoppers, "BUY ME!!! (Love, Peace and Happiness too!!").

    As for 7UP Retro 1980's? Wrong decade for 7UP. What logo were they using at that time? Couldn't tell ya. 7UP could've really mined a more creative design from the 1920's to the 50's. "You Like It, It Likes You", the swimsuit lady, "Litiated Lemon Lime Soda" (minus the lithium), etc.

    I hope 7UP can rise above all this and I hope I'm wrong because I love The Uncola dearly. I just think the advertising department could've used a little caffiene jolt before planning this campaign.

  16. Kevinj66 says:

    Oh man, I wish I could find this locally and that they'd make it a permanent product. I drink Sierra Mist Natural but I'd love to have sugar-sweetened 7up back for good.

  17. "16T Anderson
    Proudly has sugar? Really? Let's entice the kids with more SUGAR, and forget about the escalating obesity problem in our country."

    How about you get the kids (and adults) off their @$$es and away from their sedentary lifestyles, and stop whining about a couple bottles of natural sugar soda? Sugar doesn't make people fat unless the consumer of it is a motionless lump, sorry to upset your nanny state finger wagging. It's all about lifestyle. I see slothy fat people who are "vegetarians", whose idea of exercise is no more than changing the batteries in the remote. The way to a trim body is less calories consumed than calories burned. That is an irrevocable fact of life in this universe. All beverages besides water (and possibly milk for growing children) should be considered no more than occasional treats. And that is how I view 7up Retro… a refreshing, delicious treat that I may indulge in a couple of times a week. I don't need to be told that sugary or artificially sweetened sodas aren't "normal" food. Welcome back, REAL SUGAR!

  18. I'm sitting here, chugging a can of 7-Up Retro, the 1970s can design. I must say it's delightful. Takes me back! Hopefully this product will stay around.

  19. C4Marketing says:

    The Apprentice, the team is given the perfect band to associate real pure cane sugar, and retro 7 up, "Def Leppard". Your telling me that the boys at 7 up, who gave one team Def Leppard, and the other the Harlem Globe Trotters (I am lost on that one), does not know that among "Def Leppards" top hits is "Pour Some Sugar on Me" was a top ten hit, and is still in play today. John Rich, Little John, Meatloaf can't even wikipedia the band as even 7 Up's top brass? And nobody mentions it. Yes, we are going to put real sugar in our soda as we used to (taste better), this band had a top ten hit, "Pour Some Sugar on Me, but nah, skip using any connection. Hey 7 Up, with or without the Apprentice help, get some marketing people, give them more than a night, do a tad of research (maybe 10 minutes), and improve your campaign. If anyone can explain the Globe Trotters, I am lost on that one?
    Even the little Trumpsters did not catch it. WHEWWWW

  20. Is 7up retro going to be in Canada because I want to get both of them they are awesome

  21. Stephanie T. says:

    My husband and I faithfully every single day drank 7-up for 20-plus years. It was so delicious and was better than every other drink out there. We even had lots of memorabilia we collected. However, when they changed it to the natural citrus fruit, it ruined it totally, and we have not drank any in several years because of that. It no longer has the extraordinary bite or taste. Sure wish you would bring it back. We are faithful Coke drinkers now.

  22. Eloyloy says:

    I can not find this drink anywhere in South Carolina..Looking for the 6-pack of 7UP Retro. The 6-pack looks great and is the only design that looks "retro" and nostalgic..The 70s and 80s cans are hideous disasters..The marketing team should have taken a look at the great designs of Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwback and Dr. Pepper Heritage.. THAT is how you design and market a retro soda.


  24. This product came into stores and out very quickly. I bought the entire display of it at my Kroger, so I am not sure anyone else in my area got a chance to get any.

    I am down to my last case and have written 7-up many times, but no good news.

    I am going to have to start buying Sierra Mist again, which isn't bad, but it's not as good as the 7-Up Retro.

  25. .When. Is 7up going to start selling retro. Today date is 12-30-11

  26. Jeepers1941 says:

    I am in Washington state, and I am looking for the 7up Retro. Can anyone help me out?


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