Review: Jones Soda WhoopAss Grapple Energy Drink

Back in November 2010, Jones Soda relaunched their energy drink brand, WhoopAss, with a new size, look, and flavor. The first flavor extension of that revitalized brand ties into the St. Patrick’s Day holiday… Jones Soda WhoopAss Grapple.

Jones Soda WhoopAss Grapple Energy Drink

To be honest, we weren’t really in love with WhoopAss. We cover a lot of drinks here at BevReview, and with energy drinks possessing their own idiosyncrasies and supplement-oriented flavors, it often depends on the flavor palette. That said, we really do like WhoopAss Grapple quite a bit, even more so than the original!

Continuing the design of the flagship WhoopAss, Grapple comes to you with a green can, cleverly overlaying a 4-leaf clover on top of the iconic iron cross logo. A clover pattern continues around the top edge of the can as well, highlighting the inclusion of yerba mate, catechins, polyphenols, and b-complex vitamins. Like many energy drinks, the pull tab matches the primary color of the beverage, in this case a yellow/green hue.

Of particular interest is the flavor name, Grapple. I’m not sure folks automatically associate “Green Apple” with the name. On the back, the can notes that “Grapple is defined as ‘… a contest for superiority or mastery…’” I think the phrase probably has more historical associations with grape and apple combinations. (I have relatives who own an apple orchard in Michigan that I know don’t like the idea of that sort of hybrid!) I guess it’s probably a good thing that Jones explains the “green apple” flavor on the front of the can to clear all this up.

The drink itself is very greenish/yellow, far more green than the original WhoopAss. A sip starts with a very sour apple taste, which I guess is a good thing, given that’s sort of the professed flavor. It tastes very candy-like and quite carbonated. There’s a certain pucker-ness as well. As the drink flows over your tongue, however, it shifts from sour to sweet with a defined apple flavor. Then the aftertaste kicks in, and you can pretty much cut-and-paste the description normally associated with an energy drink aftertaste here. A bit medicinal, packed with the flavors of things you probably can’t pronounce, but are listed under the “Supplement Facts” on the back label. Nothing too horrible if you are used to the flavor, but for energy drink newbies, it may be a bit shocking.

Probably the funniest element that hinted at the humor of the Jones Soda folks was the disclaimer on the back: “Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, those sensitive to caffeine, or leprechauns.” Nice!

Jones Soda WhoopAss Grapple Energy Drink starts with a great sour apple flavor that transitions to a sweet taste profile. We like it considerably more than the flagship WhoopAss and highly recommend it for those liking energy drinks with distinctive flavor.

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of Jones Soda Co.