Review: Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)

Guest reviewer Jason Steele returns with a look at a sports beverage by a familiar brand targeted at the Hispanic market.

If you are like me when you read the flavor of this G(atorade) you probably thought…huh?! Cucumberwhatnow? Yes, cucumber lime.

Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)

Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)

I had never heard of Gatorade Limon-Pepino until my sister sent me a 32 oz bottle in the mail all the way from Phoenix (full disclosure, my sister works for Gatorade.) She knew I am a fan of interesting beverages and knew I occasionally contributed to and thought I, and my fellow beverage hounds, would appreciate this unique flavor. She gave me one note with the bottle "drink extremely cold and on a hot day." So I promptly placed it in the fridge and waited for a warm day. The latter never arrived so instead I did 45 minutes of cardio at the gym and then rushed home to chug some G. Same dif.

The actual flavor name is Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber) and is noted on the bottle as a "sabor nuestro" (new flavor). You'll notice the label also has a tag line in Spanish that basically translates to "Rehydrates, replenishes and reactivates your performance (game) when you need it most." It is part of the "G Series 02 [PERFORM]" whatever that means. I don't even think Gatorade employees can decode their naming/numbering system. 01Prime? 03Recover? Who cares.

The ingredients are fairly standard:

Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)
Water, sucrose, dextrose, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, gum arabic, glycerol ester of rosin, Yellow 5, and Blue 1

A 32 oz bottle contains 200 calories, 420 mg sodium, 56 g carbs, and 56 g sugars.

When I first opened the bottle I was greeted with a pleasant cucumber-y scent; like if you walked through your garden and accidentally tramped on a half dozen cukes. The lime is very faint. If I close my eyes, stick my nose completely into the bottle and inhale deeply there is a slight lime scent at the top. The flavor on the first few sips is mostly cucumbers as well but finishes with a nice light lime taste. I think this is because the cucumber is not a flavor I normally expect so it is overpowering initially. However, the more I drink it the cucumber flavor becomes more subtle and the lime makes itself more present.

The flavor is pretty nice. It's refreshing and tasty and would be great on a hot day at the beach with some chips y salsa y tacos y burritos. I have a feeling some people will love it while others might think it's gross. I for one, like cucumber slices in water, which, at all the swanky brunch places is trés is à la mode (the actual definition, not "with ice cream") so I liked this Limon Pepino Gatorade.

Being that this product is essentially marketed towards the Hispanic population you might be hard pressed to find it depending on your city. It was front and center at my local 7-11, but then again Chicago has a large Mexican population. It's worth seeking out if you are even mildly curious.



  2. I really enjoy this Gatorade, very refreshing!!!

  3. Eric Rodgers (@Eric_Rodgers) says:

    I previously had tried cucumber margaritas and had made my own cucumber-lime agua fresca, but it was still a surprise to see this flavor offered by Gatorade. And a pleasant one, once I tried a bit. It really would be ideal on a very hot day, like the ones coming soon in July and August.

  4. LWright says:

    I bought the Limon Pepino Gatorade just to try something different. I didn't despise it but I won't be purchasing it again. I let quite a few people taste it and while a few shrugged their shoulders to indicate it was just so/so, just as many thought it was simply not good. The smell was also noted as being nasty.

  5. The thing I like about this flavor is that it doesn't seem to have the uniform over-sweetness that the other Gatorade flavors have. I've been sick and bored of plain water so drinking a fair bit of Gatorade, and this was a nice change-up.


  7. MORunner says:

    Nuestro sabor means "our flavor" not "new flavor." Nice job!

  8. Phantom Gourmet says:

    This Gatorade is one of the oddest tasting gatorades being sold today around the United States and Mexico. The vast flavor of moldy ass cheese and sewer water make it one of the best drinks around! I wouldn't be suprised if this line of Gatorade is discontinued.

  9. Mary Margaret says:

    I rarely drink sports drinks like Gatorade. My husband bought the lime cucumber flavor at a local convenience store just to try it. I took a sip and went in to buy myself a bottle. We enjoy the light crisp flavor so much that we are trying to find other stores that sell it. Gatorade keep it on the shelves.

  10. I hope Gatorade doesn't stop making this flavor. I felt strongly enough about how awesome this is that I was compelled to write a review of it on a website I've never visited before. Gatorade Limon Pepino is life changing and I might just have to write a song about it.

  11. You're Doing It Wrong says:

    "Nuestro Sabor" means "Our Flavor". Keep trying.

  12. This is the BEST Gatorade flavor along with the original lemon-lime. Such a unique flavor and not as overpoweringly sweet as some other flavors are. Incredibly crisp.

  13. Gary Strict9 says:

    I just happened across it in Windham, Maine. I love cucumbers with a touch of salt. Very similar, actually. Love this flavor and hope to see it around, more!

  14. Site Newbie says:

    I'm confused … doesn't Limon Pepino translate to lemon cucumber? Lemon / lime … guess it doesn't really matter.
    As far as the taste, I'm with the group that likes it and finds it to be VERY refreshing.
    Thanks Gatorade!

  15. Christopher says:

    This stuff tastes horrible. Kind of like grASS. I glad that it was only a buck because if it were more, I would be totally ticked. This shit is awful.

  16. Jared Vialpando says:

    Best thing I've ever drank, I absolutely love it. I buy two every time I'm at a gas station.

  17. Fath Harrison says:


  18. This flavor is worst thing I've ever tasted…. ever….

  19. Deez nuts860 says:

    this shit taste like a bag of ass

  20. I like cucumber at restaurants, but this utterly disgusting!! Imagine dirty dishwater mixed with some toilet water, and a squirt of fake cucumber juice. I tried using the bottle as a water bottle at the gym (after I poured it out and rinsed several times), and I could still smell it, and could not even drink the water. I actually googled it to see if there was a recall, because it was tainted!

  21. BEST GATORADE EVER! I fell in love with it a few days ago, and had my first full one to myself yesterday! It makes me want to go work out JUST TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO DRINK MORE!

  22. I took a sip of this cucumber crap and almost committed suicide.

  23. Delicious!!!! Love it… Taste is very unique and the smell is refreshing! It's not very sweet!

  24. Lime cucumber taste like. Ass. I would rather drink my own piss

  25. Tastes great! How many of you have been drinking pee, or tasting butt? (really?)

  26. Literally made me gag and the thought of ever tasting it again makes me feel sick 😕

  27. This is the worst tasting gatorade flavor I have ever tasted. Do not waste your money AT ALL!!!!!

  28. Well, let's just say, that we "liked" this "drink" so much, that the loser of our card game had to chug it… And then he threw up… Continuously… 'Nuff said.

  29. F@@king love! And buy the way you haters, I also love eating ass!

  30. Refreshing taste. Awesomeness

  31. I absolutely loved this drink. I don't like any flavor if Gatorade. Mostly coffee or tea or Monster but today my daughter gave me one of these. I didn't want to taste it cause I don't like any other flavors. I was surprised. It is very good and refreshing. I will be buying these from now in. Goodbye Kona Blend Monster, Hello Cucumber Gatorade


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