News: Dr Pepper Snapple Group rolls out the “Legacy” Bottle

Per Packaging Digest, Dr Pepper Snapple Group is rolling out what they are calling the “Legacy” bottle as a replacement for their current 20 oz. shape. We’ve already started to see some implementations of this with their brands here in the Chicago area.

7Up Legacy Bottle

You’ll note that the bottom of the bottle has more of a “grip” element in play, while the top features a narrow “label band” for the branding of the drink. Per the article, “the new Legacy bottle will be used for many of DPSG’s flavor brands, including 7Up, Sunkist soda, Canada Dry, Sun Drop, Squirt and other soft drinks in the company’s portfolio that do not have their own brand-specific bottle designs.” You’ll note that Dr Pepper is left off that list, as it has its own unique shape.

Squirt Legacy Bottle

It’s definitely a unique look that breaks from the feel you get with Coke’s “Contour” bottle and whatever Pepsi uses. DPSG is obviously looking to stand out from the other Big 2 with this change.

Sunkist Legacy Bottle

However, I have to wonder about the branding issues on the “label band” now that it’s so much smaller. For some brands with more horizontally-oriented logos, it works pretty well (such as we’ve illustrated with 7Up and Squirt).

SunDrop Legacy Bottle

On the bright side, it might make Squirt’s ugly new design look a lot better!

Canada Dry Legacy Bottle

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen this type of bottle used for RC Cola, which has a prominently vertical design, and logo is just shrunk to the point of being visually useless.

RC Legacy Bottle

It’s definitely going to be a packaging designer’s challenge to make the Legacy bottle work!

What do you think of this new bottle type?