Review: Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus)

Guest reviewer Jason Steele returns with a another Gatorade flavor marketed towards Hispanic consumers.

As I write this it is about 94 degrees here in Chicago; perfect Gatorade weather. I walked home from the ‘L’ (or as you might say in Spanish, “el ‘L’”) and passed a 7-Eleven. My first thought “I really miss White Hen Pantry,” but that quickly changed to “I could really go for demographic-specific Gatorade!” Thus I made beeline for the store. Thank heaven for 7-11! Gatorade was not only on sale but they had a new Hispanic-targeted flavor, Gatorade Sandia Citrus

Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus)

Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus)

If you are a regular reader here at BevReview, and you should be, then you will remember recently that we reviewed a sabor nuestro (new flavor) of Gatorade aimed at the Hispanic community, Gatorade Limon-Pepino. This flavor was cucumber-lime; it was both refreshing and delicious. Gatorade has a nuestro sabor nuestro geared towards the same market – Sandia Citrus! “Sandia” means watermelon and “Citrus” means citrus. Thus Watermelon Citrus. Sounds summer-y and refreshing, si? We’ll see.

Like Gatorade Limon-Pepino, Gatorade Sandia Citrus promises “rehidrata, repone y reactiva para mantener tu desempeño cuando mas lo necesitas.” (The translation of which can be found in our last Hispanic sports drink review.)

This Perform 02 G Series (or 02 Perform depending where on the bottle you look) has the standard ingredients:

Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus)
Aqua, sacarosa, dextrose, ácido citric, saborizante artificial, sal, citrate de sodio, fostato (phosphate), monopotásico, goma arábiga, goma éster! (mi favorito), rojo 40, amarillo 5, amarillo 6, azul 1

Amazing how even en español you can tell what they are! An 8 oz serving contains 50 calories, 110 mg sodium, 30 mg potassium, 14 g carbs, and 14 g sugars.

The color resembles a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy dissolved in water. And guess what?! The flavor does as well. I am not sure what makes up the “citrus” part of the Sandia Citrus but whatever it is, it is so subtle almost as not to exist. I can’t detect lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, or any other citrus. The only flavor is a weak watermelon.

It really doesn’t have much of a taste, and is in fact is pretty disappointing. It’s like they added the water and forgot the melon. I didn’t find it to be particularly refreshing; it just sort of sat there with no real kick. With the previously-reviewed Cucumber-Lime drink, at least you had a flavor combination that was unique. Sandia Citrus really doesn’t have anything unique going for it other than the name being in a language other than English. Even the scent is like a watermelon hiding in the back of a damp cave – barely a wiff of anything resembling a fruit.

If you like your Gatorades to taste more like water than flavor then by all means purchase Sandia Citrus. Otherwise skip it and just eat a real watermelon instead!