Update: Pepsi Max 16 oz. Bottle

Back in January, Pepsi announced a new 16 oz bottle size for Pepsi Max.

Pepsi Max - 16 oz Bottle

As far as reasoning, none was actually given as to “why” or what purpose it would serve. Via Pepsi Max’s Facebook Page, the new design was introduced with the following message: “Get ready!! We’re excited to unveil our new 16-ounce bottle! Its new shape is bold enough to contain the maximum Pepsi taste of Pepsi MAX. The bottle is available nationwide starting today! What do you guys think??”

The new look resembles a beer bottle in design, complete with use of brown-tinted plastic, which is quite a break from the usual packaging of the 20 oz bottle version of Max. We would assume that the smaller size also allows for sampling of Max at a decreased pricepoint.

Frankly, we think it’s yet another misstep in how the Pepsi Max brand is being handled. Constantly changing names, package designs, flavor extensions, and descriptions for the drink have the marketplace confused as to what Pepsi Max actually is. This different shape would seem to add yet another unnecessary variable into the mix for Max.

What are your thoughts on this alternative design for a smaller Pepsi Max bottle?