Coming Soon: 7Up Mixed Berry, Snapple Tea Will Be Loved; Pomegranate 7Up discontinued

Update 8/23/11: As we first reported on August 2, Dr Pepper Snapple Group has confirmed Snapple Tea Will Be Loved with a press release.

Snapple Tea Will Be Loved - Official

Here’s an excerpt:

Snapple and Grammy award-winning pop-rock band Maroon 5 have partnered to launch ‘Tea Will Be Loved’ – a delicious blend of healthy green tea and tasty black tea with notes of pomegranate and berries. Tea Will Be Loved will benefit Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, by helping to provide 1,750,000 meals to those in need.

Inspired by the unique personalities of the band members and named for their smash-hit “She Will Be Loved, this limited release Snapple tea will be available at participating retailers nationwide beginning on September 1, 2011.

…Tea Will Be Loved is a five-fruit mash-up of the best stuff on Earth, with each band mate choosing their own flavor to add to the tea: pomegranate, orange, blackberry, raspberry and hibiscus. Tea Will Be Loved features 13 specially marked gold Snapple caps with Real Facts about Maroon 5 and Feeding America, such as Real Fact #682: Maroon 5’s former name was “Kara’s Flowers.” The band also contributed to the graphic design of the packaging for the new tea.

Update 8/15/11: A BevReview reader has spotted Snapple Tea Will Be Loved and shared a cameraphone photo of the packaging:

Snapple Tea Will Be Loved

From this photo, we now know that this flavor is “Pomegranate Berry Flavored Tea With Other Natural Flavors.” It’s being branded as a “Maroon 5 Fruit Mash-Up” and a “Limited Release” (using phrasing familiar with the music industry, as noted by the inclusion of… a note. A charity element is also at play given that the product lists that it’s “In Support of Feeding America.”

If you look at that graphical image of fruits in the picture, you’ll see the 5 flavors represented: Orange, Raspberry, Blackberry, Hibiscus, and Pomegranate.

Original Story from 8/2/11: We’ve got confirmation that 7Up Mixed Berry Antioxidant is slated for the holiday season, replacing Pomegranate 7Up, which has been underperforming during its seasonal releases.

7Up Mixed Berry
Coming Soon: 7Up Mixed Berry

Additionally, a new limited edition Snapple flavor, Snapple Tea Will Be Loved, should be coming this fall. Continuing the moves by Dr Pepper Snapple Group to link to pop culture phenomenon, this beverage plays off the name of the Maroon 5 song “She Will Be Loved,” a hit from their 2004 album. The drink itself is slated for feature a combination of 5 flavors.

Pomegranate 7Up
Discontinued: Pomegranate 7Up

If the 7Up Mixed Berry name sounds familiar, it’s because it was used as the launch flavor for 2004′s disastrous 7Up Plus line, which included 7Up Plus Mixed Berry, 7Up Plus Island Fruit, and 7Up Plus Cherry. Those drinks attempted to differentiate themselves by featuring real fruit juice, calcium, Vitamin C, and Splenda. It was a gross combination.

Snapple Tea Will Be Loved
Coming Soon: Snapple Tea Will Be Loved

For this new 7Up Mixed Berry attempt, sources indicate that it will borrow a page from the relaunch of Cherry 7Up, i.e. Cherry 7Up Antioxidant, and throw in some vitamins and stuff.

This seasonal 7Up Mixed Berry drink will be available in both regular and diet versions. Here’s hoping it tastes better than 7Up Plus!