News: PepsiCo's "Sidekick" Bottle for Mountain Dew

Thanks to a tip from reader Dylan Bannister via the BevReview Facebook Page, while I was traveling through North Carolina on vacation recently, I came across a couple examples of PepsiCo's new "Sidekick" bottle, which reminds me a lot of Dr Pepper Snapple Group's "Legacy" bottle.

Mountain Dew - Sidekick Bottle

Mountain Dew - Sidekick Bottle

The folks at provided this description of the bottle during their coverage of the Institute of Packaging Professionals 2011 AmeriStar Package Awards competition, at which the "Sidekick" was honored:

Mountain Dew - Product Lineup - Sidekick Bottle

Dew Product Lineup (Source: Dylan Bannister. Used by Permission.)

In the summer of 2010, PepsiCo launched a new 20-oz. bottle specifically designed for Mountain Dew with the goals of enhancing brand image, improving functionality and gaining better shelf impact. This unique bottle was designed to work within the existing manufacturing and distribution infrastructure while using the same amount of resin as the previous bottle, and achieving material reduction by reducing the size of the label.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black - Sidekick Bottle

Mountain Dew Pitch Black - Sidekick Bottle

Like the "Legacy" bottle, "Sidekick" also uses a very narrow band for the
label, which as noted reduces material cost. Additionally, it puts the brand above any sort of rack/holder that might be found in a convenience store, making it more visible.

Legacy vs. Sidekick Bottles

DPSG's "Legacy" Bottle vs. PepsiCo's "Sidekick" Bottle

In the case of Mountain Dew, I think this actually works quite well, since the brand's logo can be easily condensed for that space. In the case of DPSG's implementation with "Legacy", some of the brands don't translate as well. Long time Dew fans might remember Mountain Dew MDX which had a smaller, 14 oz bottle shape that looked a lot like the Legacy/Sidekick design.

Mountain Dew - Product Lineup - Sidekick Bottle

The Sidekick Family (Source: Dylan Bannister. Used by Permission.)

The "Sidekick" seems to be currently implemented in just a few markets at the moment. Thanks to Dylan, we have a look at all the Mountain Dew flavors in this new bottle design. Note that only the flagship flavor uses a green-tinted bottle, while the other flavors are clear.

Mountain Dew - Sidekick Bottle - Detail

Bottle Detail (Source: PepsiCo)

If you look closely at the bottle itself, you'll note that there is a grip design in use, with triple ridges implemented on opposite sides below the label band. An embossed "MD" logo also appears on sides that don't feature the ridges.

It will be interesting to see if this bottle shows up on a broader basis. It seems like all the big players are reshaping their plastic bottles beyond what we've become accustomed to, all for the sake of being distinctive and more visible. Do you think this strategy will work? Post your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Omg so many Mtn Dew colors, I want to try. Canada sucks, we don't even have DIET mountain dew, let alone the new logo.

  2. I saw this for sale at a restaurant in the lobby of my building and was not even sure if it was regular Mt. Dew. If they are going to go to this, they might want to start an add campaign to avoid confusion like I had.

  3. Ken Roberts says:

    It looks just like a bottle of Mr. Clean or a bottle of pine-sol not very appetizing at all . so I have to look really hard to determine if I am buying Mr. Clean of a dew. go back to what you had before please .

  4. The bottle seems to be a better design for even more reasons as well. Mountain Dew has always been the "extreme" drink for the "X" crowd and this bottle embraces that by making it very much designed to work for drink bottle holders on bicycles. The design is not far off, slightly shorter, but not very different from my water bottle I use while cycling, and the grip seems like it would be a better fit for these bottle holders and a better grip for those on the go and taking a drink.

  5. I do not like the new bottle!!!!!!

  6. Christian says:

    So I just found one of these bottles in a vending machine. It is regular Mt. Dew, but it's in a clear, rather than green, bottle. A factory error? Could this be worth anything?

  7. Personally, I really hate this bottle design. Is this going to be the only design from now on? Cause where I live (Cresco, IA) this is the only design they have at the 3 gas stations in town. However, I drove like 40 miles to Osage, IA and found the old one so, I really confused. I also don't think I'm the only one who is confused by this.

  8. screw black out

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