Review: Big Blue

We recently reviewed Big Red, the flagship red creme soda-like beverage from Big Red, Inc. that first debuted in 1937. 71 years later, a sibling drink, Big Blue, hit the shelves. Let’s take a sip!

Big Blue

The blue-colored take arrived in 2008. Looking at the packaging, you aren’t told what it’s supposed to taste like. Is it berry? Some sort of raspberry? Maybe it tastes like blue ketchup! The packaging design follows the sample simple “splash” motif introduced with Big Red (and no doubt, will be revised to reflect the updated logo/look that arrived in 2011).

Open up the bottle and you are greeted by a sweet smell, like creme soda. We described Big Red as “red creme soda with a strawberry bubble gum flavor.” Taking a sip of Big Blue, it’s probably more like a pure creme soda, minus the bubble gum part. While the drink is still very sweet, it doesn’t taste as syrupy-sweet like Big Red (even though, per the Nutrition Facts, it actually contains more sugars). My wife remarked that it reminded her somewhat of cotton candy. Overall, it would seem that the blue coloring doesn’t really indicate flavor, because there doesn’t appear to be a berry-like essence in this soft drink.

Big Blue Cream Soda - Trademark
(Source: US Patent and Trademark Office)

One indication of this drink’s “description” might be found in the trademark filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Alongside the official trademark for “Big Blue” (#77385043), there is an abandoned filing by Big Red for “Big Blue Cream Soda”. (#77443343). Maybe they didn’t like branding the drink as a “Cream Soda” and wanted to keep the flavor mysterious. (Incidentally, I also found a trademark filing for “Big Red vs. Big Blue” (#77787590). Some sort of contest? A combination drink? Deathmatch?)

In general, I feel that Big Blue is more subdued when compared to Big Red, and in doing so, tastes predictably more like what you’d expect from a cream soda. The blue color is really misleading, as drinking it blindly would not really hint at the color. The drink is substantially sweet, but not substantially special. Try it out of curiosity, but then find something better.

Big Blue
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate (preservative), citric acid, artificial flavor, caffeine, and Blue 1

A 20 oz. bottle contains 325 calories, 75 mg sodium, and 80 carbs (80 sugars). Caffeine content is 3.15 mg/oz, or 63 mg for the entire bottle.