Review: Dr. Enuf

A few weeks ago while riding my bike here in Chicago, I was hit by a car. I needed medical help quick, so I called upon Dr. Enuf. Unfortunately, I learned that a bottle of soda isn’t going to take you to the ER very quickly!

Dr. Enuf

But seriously, thanks to a tip from Jonathan Lee, a BevReview Facebook Fan, I was able to track down Dr. Enuf in Gatlinburg, TN while on a vacation with my wife to the Smoky Mountains. So the other day while I was elevating my injured leg, I gave this lemon lime beverage a try… and it’s quite good!

According to the history posted on the official Dr Enuf website, the drink was created in 1949 by a chemist from Chicago who figured out a way to create a vitamin-fortified drink (see, Diet Coke Plus was just keeping up!) A partnership was formed with Tri-City Beverage of Johnson City, TN, and the drink has been bottled by this northeastern Tennessee company ever since!

The drink line includes the flagship Dr Enuf flavor, as well as a Diet version, along with Cherry and Diet Cherry Herbal products rounding things out. I found a 12 oz. glass bottle with a pretty quirky looking character on the front proclaiming the drink was “Rich in Vitamins!” For some reason, my bottle seems to have a different bottle and shape when compared to others on the official website. (Update: Apparently, the bottle used in this review was part of a special edition vintage packaging release.)

Popping the cap, there’s a slight citrus scent present. The drink is colored like other lemon lime flavors, slightly cloudy. Comparisons with drinks like 7Up, Sprite, and Sierra Mist end, however, when you actually take a sip. You are greeted by a very pleasant, somewhat tart flavor that is quite strong in the lemon category. It’s more bold in pushing the lemon lime experience than the popular competitors.

Because of the use of sugar, the overall flavor is clean and crisp, while at the same time being quite thirst quenching, if you can believe it. Carbonation is a bit strong, giving Dr. Enuf a high “belch factor,” and the aftertaste is crisp to non-existant.

Dr. Enuf is an excellent lemon lime drink, with a strong emphasis on the lemon. It also surprisingly contains caffeine, something not usually found in this genre. The claim of vitamin inclusion includes 246% of your recommended daily values of thiamine (Vitamin B1), 85% of niacin (Vitamin B3), and 75% iodine. I’m not sure if those additives really have any positive effect, but it’s a curious differentiator in the marketplace… that is if you can find Dr. Enuf. It seems to have highly regionalized availability in the South… but you can order it online if you’d like.

Dr. Enuf
Filtered carbonated water, 100% pure sugar, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, potassium benzoate (preserves freshness), caffeine, niacin, thiamine, and potassium iodide

A 12 oz bottle contains 180 calories, 18 mg sodium, and 45 g carbs (45 g sugars).

Overall, Dr. Enuf is a delicious lemon lime soft drink, uniquely featuring caffeine, vitamins, and real sugar-powered lemon flavor! Recommended.