Review: Dr. Enuf Cherry Herbal

After taking a look at a uniquely-caffeinated, vitamin-enriched lemon-lime, Dr. Enuf, we cast our eyes to a sibling drink, Dr. Enuf Cherry Herbal.

Dr. Enuf Cherry Herbal

With a 12 oz. glass bottle that narrows to a pointy tip, the red-highlighted label design accentuates the cherry-flavored beverage inside. Crack open the cap and you are greeted by a strong cherry scent. It’s quite pleasing!

The flavor isn’t as strong as you’d think it would be, but it’s quite sweet! Using pure cane sugar, it’s a clean taste with very little negative aftertaste. The “Herbal” inclusion of this drink adds ginseng and guarana to make this beverage more energy drink-like. Surprisingly, the odd tastes usually associated with those herbs don’t really show up in the flavor.

The overall flavor could be described as slightly syrupy (“cough syrup”), but I like that overwhelming sense of cherry. It’s nothing like the other cherry drinks out there. It doesn’t just taste like cherry; you are rather overcome with cherry boldness!

Dr. Enuf Cherry Herbal
Filtered carbonated water, 100% pure sugar, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, potassium benzoate (preserves freshness), caffeine, guarana, ginseng, FD&C Red 40, niacin, thiamine, FD&C Blue 1, and potassium iodide

A 12 oz bottle contains 180 calories, 11 mg sodium, and 47 g carbs (46 g sugars).

I really like how Dr. Enuf Cherry Herbal provides a wonderful cherry taste, while also packing in bonus vitamins and all that good energy stuff. Something you don’t typically see… and that’s why I give it a thumbs up!