Coming Soon: MiO Energy

Update 11/7/11: Since our original coverage of MiO Energy from the NACS Show, Michael Thompson of Kraft dropped a line to let us know that “Thunder Punch” has been renamed “Green Thunder”. Here’s a look at the updated package art:

MiO Energy - Green Thunder & Black Cherry

The soft launch of MiO Energy takes place December 2011, with a full rollout starting January 2012.

Original Story 10/4/11: I recently attended the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show here in Chicago (though nowadays they prefer to call their organization the Association for Convenience and Fuels Retailing… but you get the idea!)

MiO Energy - Black Cherry & Thunder Punch

From a beverage enthusiast’s perspective, there was some interesting product developments to keep your eye on. One upcoming product is MiO Energy.

BevReview at the NACS Show

We’ve previously reviewed a few versions of this flavor additive from Kraft Foods… and frankly, were a little underwhelmed.

MiO Energy - Black Cherry & Thunder Punch

However, based on the feedback of that review (of which many folks said we were just crazy), as well as what the marketing people at Kraft tell me, things have been going really well for the product line.

MiO Energy - Black Cherry

At the show they were giving a peak at the next line extension, MiO Energy, which takes the original concept and adds caffeine and vitamins.

MiO Energy - Black Cherry

It’s launching in December with 2 flavors, Black Cherry and Thunder Punch.

MiO Energy - Thunder Punch

I was able to try both flavors, which were pre-mixed for sampling at the show, thus I don’t know what sort of water-to-MiO ratio they were using (my gut, however, is far more than the recommended “One squeeze for each 8 fl oz. serving.”

MiO Energy - Thunder Punch

Still, the flavor was very good, with the Thunder Punch option feeling more citrusy, while the Black Cherry might be what you may expect from a cherry-flavored drink.

So for those of you who are MiO fans out there, this might be something to keep your eyes open for, as the product is now jumping into a realm of light energy drinks at this point.