Review: Dr Pepper Snapple Group 2011 Halloween Cans welcomes Mike Burns, Co-Founder of – an archive of over 35,000 cans, as he reviews the packaging and details of beverage cans. If you are interested in can collecting, Mike is the guy to know!

2011 marks the third year in the United States, as far as I know, that Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPSG) has released their limited edition Halloween-themed cans. Up until a few minutes ago, I was happy to know that I had collected the entire 4-can set. Then, while doing some research, I discovered that a 5th can did indeed exist and was not sold in my area. Now I am going to have to trade someone for the last one to complete the set.

All five cans share Halloween spirit by featuring a different cartoonish monster on a solid black background. All are also mini cans that are 8 fl oz (240 mL). Let’s look at each one alphabetically (sort of).


7Up Halloween 2011 Can

The first can we will look at is the 7Up Lemon-Lime soda can. On it, there is a hungry, green sea-serpent-ish monster. It has 3 eyes, 24 pointy teeth and a pointy tongue. Inside its mouth it is biting down on the 7Up logo. The coloring was well thought out as the green of the monster matches the green border around the 7Up logo. Likewise, the monster’s red tongue matches the red of the 7Up logo’s dot between the 7 and the Up. This is the second scariest can in the set.


A&W Halloween 2011 Can

Next, we take a look at the A&W Root Beer can. Here we have a two-horned furry monster with 2 extra-large teeth. It is a brown monster with yellow stripes, which again compliment the A&W Root Beer logo colors. Its left arm is raised as if it is waving to us and it is smiling making it a friendly monster. The A&W logo on this monster looks like it is the monster’s single oval-shaped eye.

Canada Dry

Canada Dry Halloween 2011 Can

The third can in this Halloween set is the Canada Dry Ginger Ale can. On it there is a large green playful-looking monster with the Canada Dry logo in its humongous chin. Again, the green of the monster matches the green of the crown and border of the Canada Dry logo. The monster’s hands seem to be pressed up against a flat surface and he is surrounded by air bubbles. It’s almost as if we are looking at it thorough a large glass window similar to one you would look through at the zoo when observing the seals, the polar bears or fish. Again, the monster is smiling making it a friendly monster and not scary.


Sunkist Halloween 2011 Can

That brings us to what I thought was the final can in the series, the Sunkist Orange soda can. This is the scariest monster of this set. Here we have another furry monster that might be hungry or might just want to scare us. It has one eye wide open and one squinting; with both short arms raised in attack mode and its mouth open wide with glaring sharp point teeth. In the monster’s mouth is the Sunkist logo. They could have done a better job here as the logo is just pasted over the mouth instead of looking like it is being eaten by the monster, which would have made it more dramatic. The monster’s fur is orange with lime green dots. The orange matches the border and “S” background in the Sunkist logo and the green spots match the small leaf.

Sun Drop

SunDrop<br />
<div class='caption center'>Halloween 2011 Can

The fifth can in this set, which I just discovered, is the Sun Drop Citrus soda can. This can is a little different than the other four cans in that the logo does not appear on the monster. Also, it shows more animals than just the monster. The third difference is that it is the only monster wearing clothes (it has pants). This can has a green werewolf howling at the moon, which is the Sun Drop logo… so is he really howling at the sun? Anyway, the additional animals on the can are four white bats. The werewolf is green with a yellow nose, both of which compliment the Sun Drop logo.

Overall, I look forward to these cans each year and now that it seems to be a traditional release for DPSG, I really hope they continue it for many years to come.

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