Review: 2003 Shasta Shortz Cans

Shasta Shortz - Bubble Gum

A review of Shasta Shortz cans from 2003: Cotton Candy, Red Grape Stain, Camo Orange Creme, Chillin’ Cherry Punch, Bubble Gum, & Rah Rah Root Beer

Review: Big Red Zero

Diet Big Red vs. Big Red Zero

Big Red Zero lives up to original’s flavor, however the sucralose, Ace-K, and aspartame provide quite a bit of artificial sweetener aftertaste.

Review: 2004 Miller “50 Years of Rock” Cans

Miller "50 Years of Rock" Cans

A review of Miller’s “50 Years of Rock” can series from 2004, featuring musician profiles on Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft

Review: Jarritos Lime

Jarritos Lime

Sugar-sweetened Mexican soft drink with a lime flavor, complete with a unique zingy sourness and complimentary sweet taste. Thumbs up!

Review: 1991 Snoopy A&W Cans

A&W Root Beer - Snoopy - Baseball

A review of Peanuts A&W soda cans from 1991, featuring Snoopy & Woodstock on A&W Root Beer, Diet A&W Root Beer, A&W Cream Coda, & Diet A&W Cream Soda

Review: Retro Big Red

Retro Big Red

Retro Big Red features a distinctive red creme soda/bubble gum/strawberry flavor, while showcasing a clean finish thanks to cane sugar. Sweet & yummy!

Review: MaryAnna’s Peachy Sweet Tea

MaryAnna's Peachy Sweet Tea

MaryAnna’s Peachy Sweet Tea is robust and authentic, with a nice blend of black tea and peach. It tastes good because it’s made from good stuff!

Review: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Barq’s Root Beer Cans

Barq's Root Beer - Buffy

We take a look at “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” cans from 1999, all of which contained Barq’s Root Beer. Vampires love soft drinks!