Review: MaryAnna’s Peachy Sweet Tea

We’ve previously looked at MaryAnna’s Summer Sweet Tea and MaryAnna’s Berry Sweet Tea, giving both high marks. The latest flavor in Mary Ann Rollano’s product lineup is MaryAnna’s Peachy Sweet Tea.

MaryAnna's Peachy Sweet Tea

As we’ve noted in previous reviews, this brand out of New Jersey features great thematic packaging in 16 oz. glass bottles, harkening back to nostalgia on the beach. Plus, this stuff’s got cane sugar!

Pop the cap and you are greeted with a strong black tea scent, with just a hint of fruitiness. The tea itself is darker in color, with a murky brown shade typically associated with bottled teas. There is some sediment floating around, which is why the label notes to “shake before opening.”

Initial sip is quite sweet, with a hint of the peach flavor. The flavor builds and combines with the black tea flavor, flowing into the aftertaste. The drink itself is both packed with flavor and feels somewhat watery at the same time. Still, there’s a robustness and authenticity to the blend (unlike, say, recent politically-oriented teas that have appeared in the marketplace). Just take a look at the ingredients!

That said, I’m not a huge fan of peach-flavored teas (though I really love MaryAnna’s take on the raspberry flavor), so I can’t say this is my favorite taste. That said, it’s a quality tea blend that feels “premium” in many respects and fits along nicely with the rest of the product line. Good stuff!

MaryAnna’s Peachy Sweet Tea
Filtered water, pure cane sugar, 100% lemon juice, India black tea leaves, peach pieces, marigolds, natural peach flavor

A 16 oz bottle contains 160 calories, 10 mg sodium, and 38 g carbs (38 g sugars).

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Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of MaryAnna’s Tea